saint vitus

they dance up and down the street in twitching shudders bare skulls in the pale light of just before dawn saint vitus smiling through gap toothed longing unkempt the witches cackle as they tug the strings of winsome marionettes

she dances (darkness as a lover II)

she dances in front of the window a lone candle flickers behind her the light sends shadows across the lot to my apartment draws my eyes she dances unaware of my eyes upon her the way she sways as sinuous as the flickering light itself an intense eroticism i strain to hear the music that […]

the dance

she and i skirted around the edges of love like two well trained ballerinas on stage both knowing a single misstep and we would fall madly and irrevocably into the throes of passion i stumbled once or twice but her gaze locked on mine gave me the strength to dance on and as she was […]


i danced with a ghost tonight she had a famliar smile sad eyes that spoke volumes she stood awkwardly with a silent question on her face i stared back confused she nodded to my phone more, i guessed to the music it was playing hesitantly i turned it up she stared expectantly i bowed to […]

dance lesson

i was trying to teach my friend to dance again this morning she has two left feet though also two right feet well, technically they are hooves as she is a centaur hard to pirouette i can never dip her correctly sometimes i felt like i could lead her to the dance floor but could […]

one dance

the music plays as i stand to the side and watch as the couples smile and twirl to the beat one day i shall hold you close stare into your beautiful eyes and the room will stare at us though i won’t know it blissfully unaware i only have eyes for you