dropping pennies

he lives by the airport he likes the noise having grown up by the train tracks making a gentle rumble was more comforting than distracting some days he would sit constipated by the words that taunted his every day with their incessant murmuring then running away on those days he would sit at the window […]

polka dotted daydreams

he carved little dragonflies into his thigh with rusty fishhooks while the wind sang in coffee cans by the rocky shore she danced on one foot while vipers hissed and struck at her when the swelling got too bad she switched feet they sell drugs out of metal lunchboxes to the men with no eyes […]

for sale or rent

i bet your lips taste like summertime your embrace feels like coming home i sit up and imagine how your lips would feel on my clavicle, your teeth on my skin it’s all i can do to not call you not beg for the chance to be yours and yours alone pent up, messed up, […]

don’t speak bird

they come in pick up trucks with rattling trailers swoop in unannounced and spread their implements over the cracked concrete ball caps pulled low, handkerchiefs over their mouths and noses i’m sitting here in my chair staring outside at the damned birds chirping in the bush they are so happy and content to sing their […]