i woke(a cyclical insanity of loving agony)

i woke stared up at the ceiling listened carefully to the world outside silence except for the occasional coffee can exhaust rumbling in the night i whispered my love into the dark and slept i woke heart hammering stared up at the ceiling breathing to calm the thunder in my chest i whispered my love […]

fool’s gold in silver

the fisherman casts unbaited hooks in hopes of catching supper in the reflection of the moon on the shimmering waves fool’s gold in silvery light while his stomach growls another empty net to sup at the table of scraps alone

three separate ads; one author

help needed: he had become the invisible man. it was gradual at first. but then he looked in the mirror and he was gone. everywhere he went he was like a ghost. his voice the rustle of autumn leaves. lost: childlike wonder and hope. last seen forever ago. i miss you. come home. for sale: […]


she has the eyes of a mother filled with hate and regret the rough hands of a drunken father the sharp cutting tongue of an abusive aunt is it any wonder that i can’t help but love her so i am a stray desperate for a home

chances are both

taking a fine toothed comb and cleaning the crevices of an ever failing whirlwind of monotony scrubbing the tile with bleach hand and knees bleeding on the floor behind me leaving a crime scene for any would be detective to suss out is it suicide if you kill the parts of yourself you hate if […]


dancing from shadow to shadow keeping the time with the music in his head avoiding the stares, the mischevious eyes, the judgemental ones they wouldn’t understand this freeform flow of aquatic limbs on dry land the heaving sighs choking on air it is beyond their capacity for reason his dried up gills and dorsal finite […]

apart a part

the onyx velvet dappled with diamonds above me, the orange of the dashboard lights, the calming sound of hardcore punk followed by japanese synth jazz, cyber punk and serene, methodically mythological missives floating in the air around my head the smell of grease and salt, golden arches a blur as i speed by, the overloud […]