the devil on my shoulder got into the adderall he is screaming into my ear the angel gave up sent a postcard from some white sandy beach in the fiji islands leaving me with little choice as to which direction to go six six six carefully carved into the soft flesh between my shoulder blades […]

the devil

had a message from the devil waiting for me to read yes a message from the devil sent to me another message from the devil written for me how the devil tries to plant her wicked seed i thought this devil was far behind me yet there she sat waiting to speak to me i […]

in the details

if you knew the effort it takes to sand down my horns, to hide my blackened wings, to keep my tarnished halo hidden, these cloven hooves require special boots often it is forgotten i can be the lightbringer, the chosen child before my being cast out, my fall more famous than my earlier position as […]

do it

the devil on my shoulder is feeling psychotic this morning jumping up and down he keeps jabbing me in the neck with his pitchfork screaming profanity in my ear little things like wouldn’t that look great on fire hit the gas run the red light plow into the back of that van get a bottle […]


it always comes back to the woman with hair that smells of wildflowers the nymph the siren the enchantress the devil in stockings with that round ass and her nose always in the air some nights i spend cursing the world for daring give birth to the foul demoness all the scary tales whispered around […]