lonesome ball of ambiguous dismay

the cold like pins and needles along my shivering legs even under the blanket in hoodie curled in a lonesome ball of ambiguous dismay somewhat requiring some vapid facsimile of mother’s milk or winsome female camaraderie in which to stoke the fires of heartwood stirring the embers huddled on the couch buried deep down it […]

fairy tale dismay

she cast a gaze of typical ridicule enhanced with notes of cyclical circumstance leaving the softer parts of living to fall with the shed scales of loneliness. it was a movement arranged across the subdermal spectrum of childlike wonder misplayed by shaking unpracticed hands across the ivory keys upon ebon fallen tears. there was a […]

ode to manic dismay.

the sun was yellow; like the lemons on the tree; like her hair whipping in the breeze; like the finch on the branch, singing an insipid song of hope the grass was brown; like the barren earth beneath; like the rough scaled bark of the tree; like the squirrel chittering, at the bereftness of will […]


they planted their rifles into the virgin soil; letting bullet trees sprout to rain death from the canopy of iridescent reverie behold the instance of secular grandeur; befallen from the heavenly bosom of dismay tinted lenses; begat by shameful pride far from fatalistic whims; cast aside by the fervent failings to drift as leaves upon […]


it’s cold in this land of codependence home of the pharma deadened media controlled rancid melting pot of a fatal traffic accident on public dismay the roads covered in black ice hazardous to unseeing eyes unfocused by the steady drip of narco supplements in the water supply the dotted white line becomes a deafening blur […]

finding yourself

standing in the rain with permanent keys to variable locks on a door that hums at a frequency reminiscent of the last spiralling arm of the universe in entropic dismay

deal me in

the security guards play penny poker in the shack i walk through every morning asking me to stay in town instead of heading out next week funny how the ladies get so talkative in the morning and ask a million questions from a face they see for thirty seconds a day incrementally staving off the […]