sea legs

the deck lurches as does my stomach the ocean doesn’t give a goddamn about unsteady sea legs or green gills it hungers for freedom from the pale orb that controls its every emotion all it can do is lashout at fools with no reason to be plumbing the inky depths except in the hopeful dismay […]


he flops on the shore like a seal slapping sand to prevent the sun from burning delicate skin drowning in his own inability insufferable for the self perceived suffering sending the words into the darkened place in the root of his spine where only fools or monsters dare venture.


she fluttered her long lashes the motion pulling my gaze from the murky waters instinct has me darting forward before rationality could step to the forefront it wasn’t until the hook pierced my lip i was dragged to gasp in the barren sunshine of her false adoration suffocating in her desperate momentary need in the […]

drowning in silence

the bird screams in ignoble disregard for the inherent bullshit that coats the earth in sticky pockets of filth it doesn’t preen it’s feathers just bellows to the void as it grows in dimension until it eventually encompasses all i get it little one i’ve just lost my ability to scream along with your dulcet […]

sundered failings

learning to be satisfied is a foreign concept to me. the turbulent seas keep life exciting even if for all the wrong reasons. i sometimes wonder if it weren’t for the constant feeling of sinking beneath the surface the oceans themselves gently waterboarding the will to live, what would i do in the calm waters […]

of fishermen and fish

he feels less like the wise fisherman than the foolish fish chasing shiny lures through the murky depths of unworldly desire his scarred lips from the barbed hooks of sultry obtuse promises that are less than the accumulation of pain received yet he sits in the seaweed garden of indecisive need watching while telling himself […]


one year gone kept myself locked away hidden from the things i craved a junkie in remission rehab relapse reserved removed reborn reheated recycled realized gone astray in the blinding light of the morning after was it fear punishment self flagellation kneeling at the pulpit of false desires so long that reality and fiction became […]

as the light grows closer

am i drowning is that the surface of the sea or an angler fish in the depths i can’t tell and for some reason call it that fatalistic kill switch in the back of my head i don’t care i’ll continue to swim irregardless of direction until my lungs compress down to the size of […]

curious corpse

she said if you’re playing with me, you’re likely going to drown so i dove in headfirst i let her churning waves and mysterious depths consume me no need for a deep breath not in her oxygenated embrace the farther down i swam, the more i needed to explore all sensation of up and down […]


sinking the world seems made of quicksand and i am slowly drowning not so slowly no way to survive this slow race to inescapable doom sinking so slowly at my first it was barely perceivable the heaviness of the weights around my ankles as i deep dive to marianas trench of depression newtonian liquids that […]