carapace of fate

she wafts an aroma of reticent remorse in a cloud like buzzing gnats circling around greasy hair the dark circles beneath her rheumy eyes like the shadows of monolithic disinterest yet something about her lack of care self or for the world around her is alluring in a tepid way she skirts around the truth […]

asked for a sign, got a broken bottle of hot sauce instead

feverish need for coffee, freezing and desperate for relief stumble half drunken sober steps shaking from waves of sickness fresh filter, run water, got grounds, doing fine sprinkle cinnamon, hint of vanilla, dash of salt, let’s percolate clumsy elbow, paying no attention, hear the shatter dismay bottle of hot sauce across linoleum, an ocean of […]


I saw her as I was waiting in line at Target. I don’t know what made me look up from my phone. Yes I was staring at my phone. I don’t do the self check out bullshit. The last time I was standing there screaming at the machine that the fucking bread was in the […]