she still clutches my face grabbing with more ferocity than is necessary in a show of love more a sign of ownership left me shaking sweating through thirteen hours of fitful sleep yet still she clings on in a stranglehold just south of choking just past seeing spots she is fever she is pain she […]


the world seems skewed on it’s axis tilted at an angle just wrong of the normal leaving everything off from where it should be burning up from this fire blazing just beneath the skin this desire reducing my brain to ash a viral infection defying detection a subtle defection from how it should be leaving […]


wrapped myself in a cocoon of pain and misery, the ugliest caterpillar turning into the strangest moth writhing in the blanket chrysalis, begging for an end, a halt, a moments peace from the nails driven into soft flesh in this moment of singular despair even the words left me, my constant companions, they swept from […]

fevered appeals

i cannot see, this fallacy, this faded sea, this infancy sadness, madness, sorrowful morose, singular, modular, scented malaise shake the plastic eight ball and show me my future, all of my answers hidden in the murky blue depths all signs point to the emptiness the uncertain certainty of cerulean cynicism sinking softly into saline daydreams […]