die young

there is an indignity in realizing you are now too old to die young. but there is a measure of comfort in knowing there is still time to leave as much wreckage as possible. what do you say? hold hands while we burn as much of this place to the ground as we can manage […]


her spirit always carried the faintest whiff of gasoline from fires she had not gotten around to set her eyes gave off flashes like struck matches sparks igniting dry kindling when she thought i wasn’t paying attention


the flares are bright red stars fallen to earth, they send strange prickling sensations across my skin if i look too long, i feel uncomfortable staring it reminds me of when we pulled up to the house as a child and the red and orange flames licked the sky in a sexual way i was […]


accelerants bead across the walls like morning dew, soaking into the tattered wallpaper, the faded flowers begin to drip to the floor a spark, a flash, suddenly the room is on fire as the world, his world, burns to the ground around him he sits and writes of days gone by timbers fall, crash through […]

(un)titled plea

my blood is on fire my love, it sets the oceans aflame as i let it fall into the water, an open vein sparks the inferno as i seek to summon you back for one more night of feverish need help me make it all go away or burn it to the ground around us […]

slow dance

the room was on fire the flames consumed all racing up the curtains embers blew in the smokey haze on now visible currents yet in the center of the room immune to the heat and falling rafters we danced cheek to cheek to the crackling timbers as the blaze took the piano in the corner, […]

shine so brightly

you shine so brightly, a flickering flame in the darkness of the world i dance in shadow, drawn to the fires that will surely burn me to ash a moth to your flame, a human projectile destined to explode with your touch can’t you hear my begging, open a window and let me dart about […]


she moaned and shook on the bed of flames, lost in orgasmic shudders in the overwhelming heat, her flicking fingers fanning the fires of her ultimate desires in full fire retardant suit i watch and wish I could fall into the fire myself but this is hers, the blue flames flowing in waves off of […]