sitting alone as the sun shines benediction onto the flowers, the light flickers through the trees, dances on my face whispering poetry to the world around me, words falling as they will from thick lips and heavy tongue to the breeze did the real poets do nonsense like this, sing song lyrics, meaningless and mumbled […]

ever flowing

though the rivers constantly run into the sea the sea never gets full just takes and takes all that the rivers can give as yet the mighty river has not gone dry though many a tributary has vanished within the ravages of time there is something to this about the nature of never giving up […]

as she saw fit

she mounted my head above her fireplace she ran her fingers across my skin and removed it with the razor blade she keeps in her mouth stretched it across the plywood beams and let it season in the sun before making lampshades bottled my blood in homespun glass with a sprig of mint and a […]

hard to complain

she came into the room wearing nothing but a bloodstained apron and a smile her eyes gleaming with passion i could nothing but stare at her in love and appreciation ready i can only nod not daring to speak to break the moment she smiles sadly a hint of bittersweet to the pure sugar of […]