remember the alamo

remember that time i packed up my shit and raced to texas with no thought as to the future just a burning need to be elsewhere before the somewhere i was burned me to a cinder keep it fresh in your head because i am shedding the things i don’t need and going even farther […]

yesterday’s remains

it’s been two years and still the occasional long hair peeks it’s way off the collar of a shirt trapped in the depths of the closet the same hair that tickled my nose when she leaned in for a kiss the same hair in a ponytail she would ask to be pulled it’s odd how […]


the man in the mirror made a face at me today a face i didn’t make from the face i have as well then he mouthed words at me enod ma i then he was gone from view just walked out of the frame i looked around in the reflection that suddenly didn’t reflect the […]