she saw the white picket fence as another set of bars but she played along for the sake of appearances long sleeves to cover scars self perceived flaws cracked while desperately trying to stay unbroken she is the brightest soul that blinds you with a single smile. she doesn’t see it that way. he sees […]


the difference between accident and miracle is the same slight thread between prayer and pleading the raven watches uncaring from it’s roost in the roots of rancorous ridicule i listen to sylvia plath read her poetry the oven light left on in an absurdist bit of hope to gather her spirit to bless my quill […]


derelict memories, rusted variables of venomous vestiges, skimming across the manic landscapes of the myriad liveries hoarse cries reverberating through unconscious lips her tongue slashed across the final semblance of sanity like knife with tetanus carving her every desire into muscle memories of disharmonic hymnals

dear me

dear five year old me i know it hurts, shhh, it’s okay to cry, let it out, trust me i’m you no the other kids don’t wear long sleeves to cover up the bruises they don’t grimace when they sit back against the hard wooden chairs or feel the wetness on their back from a […]