(i am)

i am near insufferable mostly lost in the images that flow through my mind even when not writing i am writing along the silent screen in my mind it isn’t that i put the words first it is that it takes being shaken to snap from their call i hide i am quiet i am […]


i shed my skin like a snake, leaving man sized balloons in my wake, faces left in mid scream from the pain of forced molting my muscles contort as bones shatter and joints pop from sockets, my mouth cracks wide as the muzzle if the beast comes forth i am no longer the man you […]

i am

was it a dream this acrimonious excuse tantrums in tandem i am the eye of the storm no more shall feeble hands grasp at sullen whispers i am daybreak these haunting glimpses into eternity’s dead eyed stare come hither and taste the blood from thine own copious lies for i am your end for i […]