cricket chorus

they race down the street with coffee can mufflers drowning out the music the equalizer lights bounce in time with the rpms all the while the cricket chorus goes ignored in the bushes outside the window


tattered soulwisps flutter on tangential worries across the aether of summer’s sultry kisses floating gloating corroding down the corridors of coriander promises spent brass spirals bending moonbeams into geometric dreamspit like so many discarded anemic anthems shimmering beetle wings catch the starlight decay cascaded over eons only to be ignored


sometimes the writing on the wall is illegible from where you are standing. sometimes it is in plain sight but you refuse to read it or purposefully misread it. but when it suddenly springs into focus you are nearly blinded by it. suddenly it is all you can see. the letters that had been scattered […]

(un)requited IV

she thought of herself as just a normal woman i couldn’t think of her as anything less than a goddess maybe she mistook my love and worship as a case of mistaken identity either way i was hooked and she was unaware

twnty tw

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