it is hot today but i can’t stop shivering running through every single thing i have ever done looking for where i went wrong unable to pinpoint my mistake but certain it exists i will tear myself into pieces looking for this latest fatal flaw disassemble every word until each syllable feels faulty sorry for […]


my future is so clouded like the l ron hubble telescope introverted with an as yet uncorrected lens. some days feel exactly like what i assume being caught in a whirlwind of angry owls whilst naked trying to figure out what delicate bits to cover knowing eight arms is never enough. i dream i am […]


there are days where the need to crawl deeper inward to force the entirety of my wayward third eye to ignore the world of rabid regurgitation is the only emotion to pierce the veil of my insipid ignorance today is one of those the only comforting thought is to lock myself in the bare comfort […]