sixth state

in my scientific endeavors to help propel mankind into the 20th century (look around and really tell yourself this is the 21st, i will wait) i have discovered a new sixth state of matter a shade off of antimatter yet flavored with the same essential spices and oils to give it a flavor that has […]


her ivory teeth gnawed the bones of past heartshatter with a ferocity that blurred insanity and obsession hollow crunches with marrow flavored lies filled the dingy room with the pungent odor of bitter lovespurs like a thick malaise


the cyclical cycle of madness has taken the plunge from manic mayhem to insatiable sorrow fixated on the ugliness time to take a siesta unplug cannot tell if this is the post creative refractory period or if this is the entering of my blue period keep your hands and legs inside the car prepare for […]

until all that is left is all that is left behind

and the room feels familiar, a certain sense of two pieces clicking together the ghosts that linger, wispy forms that flutter and stare, they don’t attack but just hover and stare in a disappointment here the creeks and rattling of chains, muted screams of past lies relived, they missed having a sad soul to torture […]


she asked for a face to face to face the face i face when i close my eyes and the faceless faces of past pain stares into my eyes through tears and barely restrained restraint i strained to face disdain and stain evaluating the reevaluation of revelation and evangelical restitution she, a different she than […]

eight ball

common courtesy, like common sense is not that common any more in this day and age of dying by inches and social media likes, of followers and following but going nowhere instead of trying our best to be better people we try our best at trying to appear our best when that is smoke and […]