murder on the side of the road

as i drove down the empty highway i witnessed a murder hovering over the barren fields circling in preparation of a meal or so i assume the quiet drive filled with sudden apprehension as the black eyes stared with menace at something on the cold ground far below then en masse they swooped a small […]

natural order in chaotic bloom

the trees grow in perfect lines the birds fly in impossible formation the fibonacci sequence seems vivid in the least likely spaces between thoughts as the world consumes my vision the stump struck by lightning bears warning for the forest the green of the leaves become fiery flashes red gold to brown on the shadowed […]


one day i won’t find myself watching squirrels run around doing squirrelly things today is not that day thank god for that when i was kid my grandma had a squirrel in the front yard with a deformed front paw we named him rocky excuse the lack of originality and possible copywrite infringement he would […]

(un)titled thought LXII

her words shot from her tongue like comets across the early morning sky her eyes flashed in anger meteors fell obscuring the normally crystal clear iris for all that she is paradise she is destruction when the mood falls badly

don’t speak bird

they come in pick up trucks with rattling trailers swoop in unannounced and spread their implements over the cracked concrete ball caps pulled low, handkerchiefs over their mouths and noses i’m sitting here in my chair staring outside at the damned birds chirping in the bush they are so happy and content to sing their […]


i’m leaving she said, bright eyes suckered by the greener grass of new sides pulled in by white lies and brighter dyes, the facade of what she hoped would be true i let her go, knowing that once she traipsed barefoot through the fresh manure coating everything she would come running back while what i […]


outside the hut, the storms have come, the fury of nature outside, the force of man resides within the furnace fills the room with waves of heat, the iron sits within heating to white hot thunder cracks sending shockwaves through the trees as the rain pounds the roof driving the hammer over and over, sweat […]