aerosol solutions to microscopic myopics the hiss of pressurized spray dissipating in the murky sunlight filtered through the fingerprint smudged windows offering a view to a world apart skin particulates dust motes on the stale air hanging serenity suspended in the invisible threads woven by eighth dimensional spiders irradiated blights with unblinking eyes above serrated […]

ebon eyes vixen

just wasting your time in these circular discussions of pre-revolutionary war statuettes of dominatrix spinning about among the branches of the canopy that shields us from the blank stare of god herself rationality is fleeting like pre-orgasm promises whispered in the sweaty sheets of adolescent radiance in shades of need begone begone frail vixen with […]

off balance

the night is quiet besides the planes overheard there is no noise whatsoever just the sound of his heart as he sits lost in thought his mind races from extreme to extreme a barrage of images that have been carved deep into his mind he is off balance nearly dizzy how many times did he […]