stained innocence

the sublime suicide in slow emotion every crack in the fabric of less than earnest smiles defies the atonal arrangement of subtle surprise a tear in the hivemind of superfluous intersection an intervention in intention the invention of release a reprieve in the remorse laden survivor guilt of stained innocence

obsidian gaze

in the congealing bloodblack of evening the wretched roost in rapture a squawk of pain erupts like a geyser of flame from the slit throat of the rooster day is not certain in the spiralling maw of hunger beset by the gaping orb of madness a fox in the henhouse of idiosyncratic indecency mislabled joy […]

pleading (petrachan sonnet)

can you hear me calling out your sweet name the desperate pleas of a man insane standing alone face upturned in the rain cheeks flushed crimson, a curtain of pure shame just a shell of a man taking the blame do you look out your window in disdain ignoring the soft cries choking with pain […]

filled with

rancorous regret take your bitter seed and plant it in your bosom you radiate remorse yet no one seems to take the time to stop and see if they can help as you waste away the cancer of loss multiplying in your worried mind fading from sight as if a cataract has fallen over the […]