hollow earth theory

the earth is as hollow as every half whispered prayer to the emptiness above. the earth is as flat as every half returned affection from the nothing inside. the earth simply wobbles in the wake of missed connections static in the malaise. each morning i seek to reconfigure the globe in a way that brings […]


i was knight on a quest for the holy grail but i got sidetracked watching her as she told me about her life it was then i realized maybe i had found exactly what i had been searching for after all that maybe holy like beauty is in the eye of the beholder it only […]

lamentation of a restless soul

need me a dusty trail the stars above guide me to a new tomorrow far from home out on this plain away from pain and sorrow all alone is where i’ll roam to find my heart’s desire at night i’ll sit rest a bit beside the cozy fire the wind she sings that gentle breeze […]

archeological losings

minor league archeologist combing through the strata of pain hoping for the find of the century the root of all self hatred he excavated layer after layer with cramped hands bleeding and blistered it bubbles to the surface in waves of radiating sorrow it all seems so abundant, he’s become redundant, just another case of […]

muted afternoon wandering

it’s deathly silent the only sound as i lay back on the picnic table is my fingers tapping the screen my heart beating in my head beating me into civility how the mind slips and slides down muddy paths next to the creek of slow moving emotional sludge a reservoir of unrequited wonder the tall […]

mass ex-diction

can’t shake it all the time herded to the inevitable cliff through complex machinations destined to plummet endlessly metaphorically metaphysically metabolically a hyper state of metastasis methodically driven down the branching paths crooked streams subtle innuendo miniturized and magnified an extended departure to mythocracy mantled, manhandled, management, manic, maniac, mana misdiagnosed malignancy emancipate emissaries effegies […]

hoping for an errant spark

if you think i post a lot of useless poetry you should see the aborted lines that clutter my mind the forty stanza odes, the contrite shite that makes my teeth hurt and head spin sometimes i gleam a nugget here and there or try and figure out what state of mind forced that bitter […]