daffodil smile

there is a sublime mystery in your daffodil smile an electrifying tingle as my fingers trail along your sinuous petals the scent of your perfume blurs the line between sin and divine if you let me i would kiss your every scar in alternating currents savage and sweet i bite but only as hard as […]

her smile II

her smile is kept behind glass an inch thick on the far wall of the art museum there is promise hidden within a worn bench to sit and stare at the glory of it while hope blossoms inside it is for you

her smile

her smile is like the hollywood sign bathed in starlight on the hills there is promise hidden within of happiness sheer and free in the loving embrace of fondest wishes granted

you’d understand

to be honest she never asked to be the woman of my dreams but if you could have seen the smile on her face when i told her she was you’d understand exactly why it is true

(list of)smiles

1) it started with a smile. that’s all. a simple smile across the crowded room. like a neutron bomb rippling across my consciousness. 2) it ended with a smile. that’s all. a simple smile across an empty room. like a shattering of glass that was my entire being. 3) how many smiles between? how many […]

(un)titled loss II

my sinus on the right side is in the wrong way today pressure ear canal feels like venice in an earthquake i cannot find my smile have you seen it put it on a carton of milk crooked little thing enjoys dark humor slow walks along a murder scene and the sight of her


she stared into my eyes and smiled it was a smile that all smiles strive to attain it was a sliver of sunshine it curved like the pommel of a throwing axe it curved in a way that fit perfectly into the gaps of me it curved with a promise of blue skies of forever […]


and i heard hear say crying from the wooded path you can’t help me no one can and i lifted the branches from under which she hid and told her i can’t help anyone she looked at me and i looked back both of us lost falling apart and she smiled well that’s a start […]