spending so much time in the cold reaches of space lately that the world around me feels foreign the sterility of the words has numbed the discharging life that circles ever so frantic sound travels oddly in the lack of gravity no atmosphere lungs shriveled like prunes i gasp loudly in a panic as if […]


live in a vacuum need to vacuum the crumbs of a better life litter the carpet the lack of ambition of air an embolism of doubt of need the room is cluttered with memories the dirt devil sits listening to the angel on his shoulder but the words come out soundlessly in the space between […]


everything i love is so far removed from my grasp i cling to space like a drunken astronaut untethered from his ship spiralling in the vacuum that surrounds him

spatial relationships

like a static image through an electronic microscope, delving deep into the secrets of the abyss between vibrating forms the view through a telescope, bringing the distant landscape into unsettling real and near focus, shrinking the distances it is possible to be right next to something eons away, yet to be right next to someone […]

round hearts

the feel of low gravity against an earthbound brain is disorienting to say the least everything works the same except that it doesn’t zero gravity is worse and worsening still the crystals suspended in liquid in the inner ear get all kinds of loopy don’t know if you’re coming and going as you spin in […]