rainy days like these remind me of when i fought in the secret war to liberate canada from their beaver overlords the battlefields smelled of maple syrup bullets and bodies were strewn aboot we fought hard across the frozen tundra against the furry bastards on top of their moose mounts war is hell, eh the […]

this cold war we fight

she sees me from across the room not a flicker on her face of recognition as if i’m a stranger not the man that held her as she slept for five years of fitfull dreams any hope in my heart died at that moment not that there was much we had been in this cold […]

don’t speak bird

they come in pick up trucks with rattling trailers swoop in unannounced and spread their implements over the cracked concrete ball caps pulled low, handkerchiefs over their mouths and noses i’m sitting here in my chair staring outside at the damned birds chirping in the bush they are so happy and content to sing their […]


outside the hut, the storms have come, the fury of nature outside, the force of man resides within the furnace fills the room with waves of heat, the iron sits within heating to white hot thunder cracks sending shockwaves through the trees as the rain pounds the roof driving the hammer over and over, sweat […]

metaphorical warfare

the shared consciousness of the hive mind tethered thoughts are they all in this much pain or is it just me is this mass communication array set only to receive on my end is this not transmitting it’s a thursday that means the lawn crew begins the marathon session at seven am they swarm en […]