reverse prismatic stare

her fingers bleed from bending raw emotions into a seamless beam of concentrated light that pierces the veil of darkness that consumes my viridescent dismay a goddess with dirty soles tiptoeing through splintered thoughts finding the individual threads weaving wonder into the heart of pained abscess her reverse prismatic stare making whole the holy emptiness […]

witchy woman

i find myself consumed by her silence those moments between falling into her thoughtfulness before her sultry voice begins spilling her secrets i find myself starving for both in equal measure bewitching is this witchy woman unafraid to open herself not understanding the allure which in itself is alluring curiouser and curiouser as her silence […]

statistically average

had i been born ten years later there is a better than average chance i would have never been born at all just relegated to an another anonymous abortion but as luck would have it that wasn’t truly an option then for two stupid teens that let hormones dictate the next eighteen years of miserable […]

acid rain

the rain sizzles as it falls from the sunny sky tendrils of smoke rise with every significant spatter on the dusty gravel parking lot my skin has raised blisters my umbrella reduced to a metal skeleton hanging forlornly as the world burns pain erupts on raw skin yet still i stand spinning in the acid […]


how many bucketfuls of words can be pulled from the well of sorrow can you keep mining through the layers to find fresh ore in an effort to keep the water flowing to keep the art going in an oversaturated world of wordsmiths how many bucketfuls of loss exist in the fathomless depths i don’t […]


every car and truck on the highway today has had a brake light out a series of random events that seem to be interconnected it feels as if the universal current is aligned with my own my ear is out of commission on the same side as all these lights as if the left half […]

pencil sketchings of the ocean

i am just animated carbon and water an ocean given human shape an unsharpened pencil incapable of making beauty you on the other hand are the most spectacularly beautiful thing i have ever seen in hindsight i am the dead sea and you are the bountiful ocean if i ever find a way to sharpen […]

(un)titled dreamscape III

i awoke from the darkness into a barren red land, the yellow brown skies like butterscotch each step like a leap of pure joy in the lesser gravity of this foreign landscape red clouds erupt from each bounding step and form dust devils into the emptiness it is freeing, this lack of tether and alien […]


she sat pensively, i knew the moment i saw her that i would do anything for her if she would ask it, the sun didn’t shine upon her but framed her exquisiteness, and all the words in my head fell onto the floor with my jaw, my heart skipped three of four beats when she […]

hate poems as lists

1 depression is like clinging to nothing 2 falling into the void with willing abandon, swimming in the cold comfort of her vacant 3 her eyes on me from across the room, burning into me, pulling me into her orbit where i am hopeless, only able to gaze in adoration before feeling the flames of […]

waiting for her call

it was the scent of freshly fallen rain on a field of tulips she danced among the open blooms with no sense of time or place lost in the heady clouds of pollen weighed down by moisture sending swirls of the yellow dust into the sodden air with every intricate movement somehow avoiding the flowers […]