copious morsels

i like the way copious morsels roll around in my mouth it isn’t so much the words themselves but the feel not all poetry is life altering intensities sometimes it just feels good to say like copious morsels. and for a moment the sun peeks out because everything is simply happenstance it’s what we do […]


she sat on the stepsa dour expressionon such a little facethat it stopped medead in my trackscocked my head at herand asked what was wrong she sighedlooked at me for a second.then shrugged“boys” i nodded wiselyhaving been one once“boys are gross” she smiled wanlya sad little thingthat quivered my dead heart“not all boys” i gave […]


i mistook the call for self motivation for one of self immolation as i stood in a pyre of my own devising the subtle differences between the two modes of living became less than obvious i watched motivation dance like fireflies around my smoldering form six of one, half dozen of another i suppose the […]


it was a storm of razors and rapture, raptors and rainbows, ribbons and rivulets of rancor, it was a hurricane of ichor and intensity, idiocy and ignorance, insidious in ignoble intent, irradiated with rancid rot have you ever stopped to read between the lines, the words unspoken, the rhymes that inhabit the negative space between […]


my sternum has the words in case of emotion break stenciled upon it inside you’ll find a dusty note with the sloppy misspelled writing of a younger me abndon all hope ye who entr hre in hindsight it seems the safest thing to have done


out of sorts out of shorts short changed changed my mind minding the store storing away the insolence of another new day fumbling for the words science diction webster’s fictionary a tome of subtle lies lying here creating worlds of words as the knot in my throat the slipknot around my trachea traces subdermal hemotoma […]


she whispers to me in poetry without end a precipitous tumbling of words that spill perfectly formed from her sensual lips to my heart down my spine in a thousand chills that flare in a nimbus to raise me high into the sky


she spoke a language i had never heard not one of words but of kindness not one of taking yet one of need when she spoke i listened with all of my senses there was an understanding a heat that went from her eyes into mine from her tongue directly to my spine from her […]


i will never be a famous poet spinning words into silken delight there will never be a bronze statue in a park of my likeness for birds to shit upon or children to ignore i am no one always have been always will be but i keep writing anyway

(un)titled message

she told me with a whispered voice that barely carried across the infinitesimal distance between her lips and my ear my life is like a picture frame that has been shattered my face scrunched up in confusion at the words feeling i must have misheard her somehow she frowned sadly at me and shook her […]


the skin suit is weak failing every second he hopes maybe the words will live on all the greats died at least they will have that in common

just words

i write about the things that don’t exist, the things i wish existed, the thoughts i never share of love and she and gods and dreams and life to be lived and words meant to be given but they are not love poems they are missives sent to the vacant sky above in hopes when […]


il n’a pas la volonté de parler, alors il regarde la fenêtre seul en silence son âme fait mal pour elle, elle es son tout, mais il ne peut pas lui dire ce qu’il ressent perhaps a different tongue, another language will allow the words to spill fully formed from his mouth je taime mon […]

seraphic serenade

shifts in time zones and early morning flights a full body sense of discombobulation i meant to read but woke three hours later as the tablet fell with a surprisingly jarring impact against my face panic set in where am i, whose bed is this, why is it so cold in here eyes refusing to […]


i try and make love to words because of all the lovers i have ever had the words were always the best and no matter how they cut they never actually tried to kill me i worry one day that they will leave me as well, like every other lover who has seen the real […]

mass ex-diction

can’t shake it all the time herded to the inevitable cliff through complex machinations destined to plummet endlessly metaphorically metaphysically metabolically a hyper state of metastasis methodically driven down the branching paths crooked streams subtle innuendo miniturized and magnified an extended departure to mythocracy mantled, manhandled, management, manic, maniac, mana misdiagnosed malignancy emancipate emissaries effegies […]


the words these goddamned odes to the only lady that sees me for me the grand dame depression every morning my eyes open and she whispers hello and holds me close and i hate her so much but she’s all i have the world is so empty and every time i see a light it […]

disharmonic wailing

everytime i close my eyes i see the words take shape i’m exhausted but as i lay here contemplating a nap to be somewhat more functional all i can think is write write write and i don’t know why it isn’t like this puts food on the table there’s no measure of satisfaction in a […]