(un)titled worship

heads bent in benediction at the trough of heavenly delight the sacrament laid out buffet style with hibachi chefs flipping wafers in to the open mouths of silent pennance the neon cross flickers with residual static as the dissonance between god and man broadens like a chasm birds bathe in the holy water font while […]

sermon of sin

she was a vision in revisionist history, hysterically visionary in the way a vice vanquishes virtue, a shimmering sign of holy power and brought the good book to life hard the hairy angles swing, glory to this sweet, sweet thing brothers and blisters, let us bluster and prey upon the deaf, dumb and blind bindings […]


beautiful the face looking back blushes laugh lines crinkle as the word takes full effect a shy smile half forms as she looks at me in the mirror apply the mascara, make it dark, make those eyes pop an angel looks back, cocky smirk on her full lips she is perfection like she was sculpted […]