fallen into a loop a cycle of repeated transitional disaster not sleeping unable to think burning myself out by pushing myself too far past the brink of my home made self-extinction fantasy is it suicide working yourself to death yet never having anything to show but a sore back bloody knuckles when the only external […]


at night when the stars first begin to twinkle in the ebon skies i whisper of your beauty to watch them fall one by one in jealousy hidden in the pulsating lights an ode to my love for you flashes throughout space and time in these vespers i declare my intent to the universe in […]


cooking in the morning as the sparrows flutter on the porch and in my chest the quiet hopes of a new day blossom the reality not yet quite settled in i have a cup of steaming coffee a head full of your radiant wonder as the vegetables slowly cook the potatoes get chopped and nothing […]


halfway between equinox and solstice the deep throes of springtime delusion soon to be smelted in the strangling grasp of sultry summertime regrets beltane above equitorial division samhain below wintry dismays teasing multicolored autumnal losses lost somewhere halfway between equinox and solstice deep in the throes of lingering seasonal malaise