perhaps the void is written in braille black on black to hide the bumps i run my lips over the seething emptiness the barbs spelling out the secrets of nonexistence writing with trembling over adrenalized digits in this abstraction of nothing my mind loses coherence thinking at the end of universal bothersomeness

meaningless definitions

fireflies and cigarette embers unable to tell them apart as they float in the dark of summer reveries i can close my eyes and feel them land on my forearms one tickles one sizzles and i could not say which one is which it has become an issue this inability to separate stimuli rewired to […]


at times the pieces of the puzzle swirl into view but for all of this studious obsessing over the most minute of indistinct detail i gain zero insight from the manic design unfurling before my tired animosity unable to slide the pangaean parts into a working model of distressed tectonic wandering i sit with my […]

gravity is a myth

odd gravitational fluctuations have my stomach doing cartwheels laying in the dark waiting for the world to go to sleep so i can have the ceiling all to myself without the reminders even as i lie to myself on a constant repetitive progression from plaintive to pleading to stop picking scabs to play along with […]


when i opened my sleepy eyes as hazel indignation rolled through the shadowy room your name lay softly enveloped by my tongue tapping my teeth a morning declaration determined to spring forth to ride the winds of another stormy gray day a pleasant song whistling amongst the green leaves if i were as talented as […]

he floats

he floats tethered to a chunk of metal in the vastness of space earth spins uncaringly beneath above he is uncertain his bearings lost somewhere as he exited orbit back there he left behind a lifetime of accumulated woes out here there is nothing but a gradual rounding of his heart and sorrow as the […]

static minor

noisy busy this morning slept in or fell asleep too late constant state of waking muttering to the silence that only exists in our hearts and minds for anything to escape the grinding painthistles of time of space of distances between i only dream in technicolor because everything else is a blur of gray malaise […]

summering on the bikini atoll

in a filthy alley or the eye of the storm buried beneath the floorboards or left to flounder on the shore another fish dying far from the waves a part time astronaut dreaming of the moon slowly drinking herself to death in dive bars neon distractions in smoky amber angst condensation running down a dirty […]

reflectionary period

a tangible full bore panic seems to accompany creation fear grinds these new expressions at times i feel most alive in these worlds in my head the storms outside less real than the words on the screen perhaps the insanity of words shelters me from the insipidness of life the gentle embrace in drowning under […]

in one soft moment of light

the breeze carries the feel of microscopic lethargy in macroscopic disdain or maybe that is reversed oscillating unable to decide if laziness or petty indignation hold sway over the gray may day between the roaring black smoke belching hedge clippers clumsily shaping topiary cubes out of the secret lair of the sparrows to the blank […]


feels as if my lungs have been stapled to my spine a band of steel pressed tight around my struggling heart the gravity inside of my skull on par with mercury anxiety crushes my hollow bones to dust on days like today the heaviness of existing weighs down like six feet of soil on a […]

a fistful of middle fingers

each and every sound has become incomprehensible distinct noises blurred a wall of ambient wailing until all i can do is fold myself up reconfigure my shape shrink into the silence inside whisper my love a mantra to keep the tears from etching themselves downdowndown my origami intangibilities i am unyielding unwilling to break call […]


a perpetual notion machine ideas clanging off each other atoms colliding photons emit flashes of lavender fingers scraping the grime accumulated in the crevices of sullen gray gelatin darkening the day with shadows of yesterday’s dreamtensions axial anxieties perpendicular to self inflicted sanguineous sadnesses left to roam the haunted home of broken children crying into […]


there is a subtle genius to inefficiency a spark igniting bursts of creativity in the moments where productivity lapse the mind wanders adjunct art appears scribbling schrödinger’s poetry into the aether unquantified by anything but the cold sterile eye of eternal emptiness forever left unacknowledged flaring before returning to motes of stardust settling at the […]

last act

i imagine one day they will find me dead clutching my phone one last poem to her half finished on the screen and all i ask is that whomever it is that finds me hits publish so i can tell her i love you one last time

after(n)oon reveries(lost)

when i am lost it is in you i can be found and these shadowed trails leading off into sunlight dappled reveries of self inflicted tremorous shocks dissipate into the sanctuary inherent in your perfect smile when i am lost the silence knows i am frequently unfound inside my cavernous skull but always no matter […]

so close to nowhere

hovering at the cusp but of what? a sense of possibility tantalizing nearly palpable. in a constant state of creation, never slowing never ceasing an endless stream of scenes strung together with rusted hooks. one of them has to find purchase. right? an infinite loopdeloop of submission rejection rinse and repeat all in the hope […]

mosquitoes sup from the corpse of creativity

i watch as they skate the line between inspiration and outright plagiarism the only thing separating the two is the lack of natural talent to make the words their own but blinded to this basic fact collecting words phrases mimicking style emulating cadence missing metaphors and the heart that makes emotion flow leaving a turgid […]

sad and aching

incessantly they buzz drilling through striatic dishevelment tectonic in duration grinding any expectation into wispy dreamslivers my eyes become snow globes my soul shaken until only the ashes of childhood homes obscures vision this staggering stack of poetic cataract reactions contractually obligated strips of laconic heartspasms the dying spark of a fire never quite incited […]


incapable of humaning today irritable at the verge of another breakdown stomping like an irradiated komodo dragon destroying downtown tokyo i apologize if the aether is rambunctious i am pouring all of my ample distortion in the form of love letters but there is a perversion to the flow the world can just politely mute […]


spotted carpmouth agape atthe water’s edge/gluttonousunthinkingunknowing/:granulardefiance:orange glintingpale white underthe raving sun there was a placehiddena waterfall carvedthrough the rockcalcium bubblessolidifiedthe streams ofburnt umbradrizzle instagnant solidity a lone crya mockingbirdalonein the light the mindlesscarpmouths agape/a blur ofmovement atthe water’s edge/:deificationby deicide:blackorangewhiteroiling at the surfacea dragonflyin the summer air


the words areobstinatetoday slipslidingsidewaysto fall betweenthe barsof the sewer gratetrapped ina subterraneanwarren of hastilycarved tunnelsleading deeperdowndowndowninto the bowelsof hell itself chasinga flashingglimmerof spun silverthrough thislabyrinthi hear the screamspunctuatedby the crackingwhipsunable to tellif it ismy own screamsdeafening me deafened byobstinancein the fleetingpromiseof intangibilitiesas the wordsthemselvesdo not listen


the sounds are different waking in a strange place sneaking through gathering up my things trying my hardest not to disturb the snoring chorus the sounds of the city a blanket of white noise absent leaves rustle no planes no trains only the occasionaly splash as a truck drives past i like the solitude but […]

mor(n)ing coffee

i dreamt in that dream i was a turtle on the beach sea foam condensed in my negative spaces i was an albatross watching down over a rocky beach with a turtle slowly dissipating back to the salt i was the wind underneath the great wings a thermal keeping the albatross afloat for months at […]


flush with pinpricks of negative lights flashing behind my eyelids too many thoughts not enough outlets lost in the spirals gravitational discrepancies distortions a message hidden in the white noise of a too loud existence a testament to insanity a swollen river washing away the footsteps of a fool’s solitary sojourn searching for meaning in […]

skin of my teeth

hanging on by the skin of my teeth the last threads unwinding in a display of technicolor dreamspatter soaking against bare skin goose pimpled from the howls of winter’s kiss clinging to the sheer cliff poised to tumble always falling downdowndown a long smear a lone tear sliding towards the hell hungering in my soul […]


so muchemphasisput onarbitrarytickinga franticneedto quantifyall ofexistencein secondsputtingtime firstinsteadof livingrushingnowhereto donothingin atimelymanner i measurethe passage oftimeini love yousand babyi willlive foreverloving you

a caterpillar leaving the cocoon the same

i never did become the person i had planned on turning into left a string of cadavers in culdesacs across the divided states hollowed out vaguely human pinatas hung from every lantern hook in crawling distance from a home that was another rusted cage all in hopes once i finally finished shedding my scales a […]


i come from along line ofstubborn suicidalsmiserable bastardsthat drowntheir depressionsin drugsor boozea long line ofbroad shoulderedsilent sufferersthat would ratherchoke on the wordsthan askanyone everfor helptheir brilliancesquandered bya sea ofintoxicantslost in a hazeof blue smokeone foottiredly placedin front ofthe otherwhile softlylamentinga life of lies i come froma long line ofstubborn suicidalsbroad shoulderedbrilliant disastersthat never quitelived up […]

he could fix anything

my father could fix any machine set in front of him his mind was made for disassambly able to keep all the pieces in order seeking the flaw when he was done it worked better than it had originally he got his start through necessity repairing the old washing machines at the laundromat his mother […]

i woke(a cyclical insanity of loving agony)

i woke stared up at the ceiling listened carefully to the world outside silence except for the occasional coffee can exhaust rumbling in the night i whispered my love into the dark and slept i woke heart hammering stared up at the ceiling breathing to calm the thunder in my chest i whispered my love […]

casual disdain for affected disillusionment

lost track of miles ticked the odometer in my chest rolled over long ago i can remember every cemetery but the towns blur into a pastiche of rockwell on bad acid with hunter s gruesome parodies that only exist in the locked chambers in my skull hidden secret doors behind candlelit paintings of my favorite […]

(un)titled declaration 3

today i feel quite small surrounded by giants i stand in their footprints large enough to contain my entire world my voice a simple squeaking in the cacophony of voices yelling to be heard my mouth is wired shut but my eyes say everything fluttering lashes loving you as the clambering hoardes swallow my unspoken […]

shilling new stuff

Dark Carnival is out now. I got to work side by side with my good friend Eleanor Merry at Macabre Ladies. We started with 120 stories and managed to whittle it down to the 13 amazing tales included. This collection of dark tales is not exactly what you may suspect, it goes different places than […]

i avoid eye contact because if you saw my soul you would have a new defintion of ugly

the miles tick offas the trees becomea blur on the side ofthe same highway thatbisects my longingand my sorrowfulfeeling of never beingenough the record skipsthe repeated refrainscreamsthere’s no big bangjust a big mess i used to dreamwhen i was littleand lifeheld the promises ofunexplored ruinsbut you never trulyleave your homeno matter whereyou end upthe scars […]


the screenpixelatesfaces are transposeddialogue stuttersas canned laughterwarblesi sittransfixedas this glimpseinto hellis unfoldingexerting itselfinto realitythe windacting as adivinationof distorteddreamterrorsvoices rageon multipleregisterssanity beginsto fracturei seek thehidden meaningthe unholytreatisein the scrambledscenes thatdraw howlsfrom the freshlycaptured audiencedamned soulsbegging for releasetormented byreruns thatnever rannot in thisbiting satireof demonicpossessionthe sheerabsurdity ofrandom tortureas projectedthrough electric eyes

mechanics and cartographers waiting to drown

the rivers arefloodingthe roads aresubmergedi sitmy car upon the racknew tiresnew brakesthe clang ofdropped toolsthe rumbleof thunderdark skiesover the well litgaragei sittalking tosome guywho works fora company namedafter a fruitthat drivesoperating acamera rigto better mapthe cityhis thickaccentmakes me smileas the rainstreams downthe windowthe city isdrowningtoo darkto properly mapso we sitexchangingsmall talkreally notsaying anythingat allwaiting foreither […]

high heels

i saw a pair of high heels on the side of the road as i drove this morning remembering the night downtown where we stopped every couple blocks to kiss on darkened side streets it took an hour and a half to go twenty miles you smelled like citrus your lips tasted like candy with […]

between storms

this moment between storms where the air is thick with unshed tears a pressure squeezing tightly a world on the verge of deflation a sense of elation that this mockery is teetering i long to collapse fall into you forget the languishing dismay that circles a swarm of tiny flies biting the soft underside of […]

handful of maggots in lieu of a receipt

i feel disconnected dismissed dismissive disenfranchised disingenuous disliked disliked disliked . hated . the ceiling holds no answers anxiety has me by the balls squeezing whispering naughty thoughts it isn’t paranoia if you are out to get youself . dissolved in my own discourse discussing disparities distinterested in donning disambiguous distresses . i feel disembodied […]


i am a dam at the verge of collapse creaking timbers unable to hold back frigid sorrow a dam damned by his own lack of significance waiting for the tears to drown him


the gray skies a reflection of my own dead eyes i am nothing an umbrella upside down floating as it fills up with rainwater in the overflowing trash lined gutters of home town daydreams turned haunted sepulchre

empty verses

i collect the husks of my own dead dreams spread them across the floor so every step is a reminder of how i will never see them come to fruition. i have tried so hard every day yet all there is surrounding me is the nothing i deserve screaming unheard into the echo chamber cultivated […]


there is a bitter pill lodged in the back of my throat thunder woke me shaking the room every hour on the hour brainquakes shiver a nine point eight on the please just fucking end it scale wishing for the sleep that never blankets me wishing for a change in my status woe begging the […]


on dew dappled moonbeams i write in a shirt with sylvia smiling the rusted clang of once singing golden bells hangs a funeral pall clinging to the abstract obscurities wrapped around my deadened limbs i cry softly into the sparrow wings to soar from tree to tree an emu emulating the rancorous remembrance of the […]

simple joy

the olive oil bubbles the onions grow translucent the garlic dissolves the sofrito suffused in liquid amber tomatoes both chopped and pasted salt to cut the acidity pepper to awaken the tongue water bubbles salty as the mediterranean the noodles dance spasmodically a slightly uncooked core to finish in the collandee freshly grated parmesan drifting […]

mantras of pointed pointlessness (coping)

a chemical taste acrid and aloof of ozone and cyanide dripping down insipid incisors mauling molars is this anxiety plucking at the painstrings carefully wound around my tender inescapable mind a lyre played by a liar lying down on the job letting down everyone that ever loved a sentient sack of agonies better people have […]


draped in gossamer filaments (a scent of citrus tickles the scurvy in threadworn ideations) tangled in dreadful damnation (staring directly into the eclipse shadows in duality waver daintily in combustible optic disaster) as i fall tumbling ever faster no heaven above no hell below. somedays i forget how to breathe choking on my intimate dismalities.


i am the drip never the elegant ripple a spot on the face of the sun my flame a cool cast of soulscatter burning up upon re-entry no i am the drip disrupting the placid surface never the ripple in elegant waves

category 13

it began last night a wave of dissonance i tried to ignore a flutter rushing along my brittle surrender a warping swept along my tired the iron bands tightening now the world exists in static bursts nettles flaring from stem to stern and all i want is to lay my head on your lap and […]

sullenly starving while cooking a bountiful feast

helioscopic rays sizzling across the petulant ache as miniscule miseries ride shotgun on the schismatics in the deepest of sublevels buried beneath layers of rambunctious denials my tongue is numbed incapable of tasting deafened blinded a senseless waste with the ambivalent stare of a discarded sex doll collecting dust in the back of a skeleton […]

the wind carries my every frantic whisper of love

i wokeyour name onmy tongueyour voicelovinglywhisperingthrough thehaze of sleepclinging tomy fog filledmind*driftingon a cloudunable tofully shakethe dreamlikecoating ofetherealwonder makingmy heart swellat your mereexistence*somewherebetween thebirdsongand splatterhiss of thecoffee brewingi existlost in thisdreamhazewhere thewaking worldand thoughtsof youwar inpredawn promises

it begins with

an ache a subtle swirling discomfort crossing my jaw tracing tentative painblossoms to arc throughout my ugliness lavender stars incidental supernovas lashing waves of lethargic expostulation in grimaced refractions on these days the hollowness is filled with echoed cries lost in the nooks and crannies of a singularly lost lamentation evoking agonized loneliness as the […]


drag the waters of my tepid insignificance cast your nets along with your petty dispersions to tredge the depths of sorrowful indignation for i am nothing but a dark speck on the unblinking eye of eternity a spectre where once a man stood beaten down by his own scattered dreamashes colored in shades of tortured […]


i dip my toesinto the surfaceof the sun(moltenmiseries meltingthe flesh frombone)the speakersare blowntinny distortionas the worldis filled withslivers ofpain(shootingstars race acrossthe negativespacebetween dazzlingdisplaysof absences)ensconced insilencethe vacuum ofspace between(irrationalheartsputters)razor lineseradicate theignobleindifferenceshown from thecelestialmisnomers/i am the ghostof the oak treeleft to hauntthe seeds thatlitter the forestfloor/(untouchedby the callousnessof the pulsatingstarshines) i dipmy body of sininto the milky […]

podcast tonight, chapbooks available now

Panic Room Radio will have the Fool on to discuss poetry, something he clearly has no grasp on and the new chapbooks available on Potter’s Grove Press store which reminds me i have two new chapbooks available on Potter’s Grove Press store. (un)collected vol 1 and 2. the exclusives page has them both and one […]


it is nearly summer but the touch of winter clings to my woe encrusted emptiness too much rain blotting out the needed rays drenching my hollowboned laissez faire with hints of cloven despair the beavers in my cavernous skull have dammed the streaming weapons of vernacular warfare techniques leaving a fool sputtering as he drowns […]

worn from too much self abuse

the teeth of the gears dreary rusted shark toothed in dire need of replacement the chain slips as i fall back into the cicadian rhythms of fourteen years in solitude an overhaul clean regrease release back into a constant state of bewildered misunderstanding beneath the ice there is gravel but the lack of traction makes […]

coffee flavored kisses

i lay waiting for the birds to wake up a signal of sorts that i have stared up into nothingness for the human alotted time the first three notes trumpeted on repeat tell me it is nearly six how many times have i frantically sent my love waiting for the birds to release me from […]

mockingbirds cry false

they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery which is honestly absolutely bullshit with imitation you have two clear paths you embarrass yourself by showing off your own shortcomings or you create a work that transcends whatever was your inspiration while i have not been all around the world i have been around […]


the cars sit an angry centipede trapped in fury along the gigantic concrete over pass moving incrementally forward by inches stuck in the rain watching a city caught in the storm ever creeping closer i can’t see the accident that dreadfully impedes the gray afternoon just the tailights in front and the headlights behind me […]


i crackle swaying in the errant breeze cellophane left ignored to fade away stamped with a dire warning left unread woe to thee that seeks salvation for only the damned may truly know the joy in roaming free i crackle the rain beats along my cellophane soulstutter collecting in my many wrinkles left stagnant by […]


the rain drips plunk plunk plunk a rhythmic slapping on the metal dome of the grill i sit staring out as the storm rumbles arcs of light in the haze of neon darkness wrapped tight around the city plunk plunk plunk my heart slaps my ribcage as the storm leaves a longing to pull you […]


if anyone sees that snot nosed brat that sat crying alone on mother’s day tapping out the digits to someone twelve years in the past looking for the reason he was never enough just a bag of trash on the side of life’s highway tangled in the concrete separating the fast lane from whatever congestion […]


verily the words seem coated in slime slipping through clumsy lips to tumble to the ground with a wet splat slugs with razor sharp coils of teeth leaving nothing but a fair trail of innocuous snot dripping off of every failed line it is cool today with a threat of rain the buildings sway as […]

suffer beautifully

writing poetry is easy a razor dragged down soft flesh cutting through emotional tissue seperating meat from bone don’t let anyone tell you different just carve your own roadmap of agonies pick off any scabs that may carelessly form and when you’ve got nothing left in the tank that’s when you have to find new […]


my hands graspthe swollen moonclutching tighta cratered balloonwhite knuckledgripping the stringas it desperatelytries to take wingscattered acrosscalligraphy dreamsdevoid of hopeseffused by moonbeams home is wherei hang myselfa scratchy ropeat the end ofa dark hallwaycomfort in theeternal embracegravedirt undermy fingernailsa wilted rosesadly facingdown towardsthe eagerly opengates to hellhome is wherethe heart isa place ofsafety froma world […]


she was a collection of sharp angles a hidden image in the freckles i longed to connect with my shaking lips her smile crackled through every single prepubescent fantasy the first time my lips pressed tightly to her mouth was a comedy of foolish error where she waited for me to make my move before […]

second sunday in may

you taught me how to shoplift to hold my tongue or feel the sting hospital corners to fake a grin mash the pain deep down to let it fester poison the nearly shattered sense of self you left stabbing out of paperthin skin you were copernicus the world circling around you alone an infinite cosmos […]

carnivorous expectations

the trees lean together conspiratorially branches scraping scabrous digits clawing through the fetid air left a trail of breadcrumbs yet only managed a flock of sparrows that peck as the trunks slowly swallow any sight of potential freedom the north star spins around the bored face of lunar boredoms drawn in cratered sorrows impacted by […]

somewhat diminshed

so many lines that mean something different when i go back through them the visceral reaction remains unchanged but the wording feels foreign off a degree the person that scribbled them long deceased standing on a different vertical axis existing in another time screaming out in a different tense or maybe an old tension i […]

hydroplanes of existence

a loss of control dry pavement a case of hydroplaning spinning concentric circles tighter tighter being pulled directly into the clogged drain of eternal torments distorted in a dishonest display of photonic disassembly stretched taffy in the arms of robotic insolence the sky is blood red the sun a ruby of unrestrained hatred obliterating the […]

anxiety says hello

my saliva tastes like batteries a sort of charged copper numbing my mouth my heart hammers a bird in a cage by an open window as a tornado begins swirling above the same as the bird a change in atmospheric pressure in grinding my hollowbones to diamond anxiety criscrosses my innocent soulshatter razorwire for the […]


an umbrella rests next to the door for as long as i can remember i have left an umbrella resting next to the door i never use it when it is raining i just duck my head low and scurry like a rat to the car there is another in the door of the car […]


the fascination in taking things apart putting them back together understanding how the gears interlock the direction they spin tracing wires figuring out what made them function i have pulled myself into pieces a kaleidoscopic cellular breakdown to figure out what is wrong with me in the hopes of magically putting myself back together functional […]


it is hot today but i can’t stop shivering running through every single thing i have ever done looking for where i went wrong unable to pinpoint my mistake but certain it exists i will tear myself into pieces looking for this latest fatal flaw disassemble every word until each syllable feels faulty sorry for […]

the world screams as i seek solace

yesterday the world was silent this morning it refuses to shut the fuck up something out there has the birds in a tizzy the sun already seems too high and if i could close the blinds find a way to catch all the sleep that ignored my silent pleas and wake up in a land […]

warning: choking hazard

i choke gagging hands clutched to my throat finally the obstruction breaks free i begin vomiting flower petals onto the rainswept sidewalk a cacophony of hues puffs of airy pollen fairydashes of sweet scents a coagulation of efflorescence a symphonic swarming in blossomed decay spewed to deface the faceless face of reckless consumerism as presented […]

empty streets, empty mind

the highways are empty the city seems devoid of life no movement the windows all gone dark as i drive these winding one way corridors no longer seeking my destination just driving enjoying the solitude surrounded by concrete and glass monoliths dedications to a dead race on nine eleven i was sent home early because […]

sea legs

the deck lurches as does my stomach the ocean doesn’t give a goddamn about unsteady sea legs or green gills it hungers for freedom from the pale orb that controls its every emotion all it can do is lashout at fools with no reason to be plumbing the inky depths except in the hopeful dismay […]

true north

i have no intention of lassoing the moon nor pulling the stars down from the sky one by one to slide them on your fingers all i can give you is my heart and promise that i will love you with every bit of me until the sun burns out and darkness reigns even then […]

alternating sparks

electricity has always called to me something in the alternating currents reflected something broken inside of me i fluctuate some days all i see is beauty some days all that exists is ugly dour disenfranchised disavowed disassociated disemboweled by these thoughts errant sparks a recurring theme like electricity or my broken the pattern calls to […]


scattereddust motesacrossthe anus of timeunable tograspsubstantialitylostin a turbulencerestlessindifference thewordsrefusetospeaktheyscreaminchoaterage insputteringgasps incapabilityin culpabilityincandescentin indecentdescents a hushed crygoes unheard

float on

i float on the songs the chirping little balls of fluff whistle as they stare at me staring into the brightening eastern sky seeing only a new day dawn floating on steaming coffee and the promise today will be another day the planes fly in a static pattern above a glitch in the programming or […]

here at all

in a world of echoes i lose track of if i am real or just a tinny reverberation off the cave walls i am a distortion a mirage a shapeless shadow in the steam dripping down the mirror if i was ever truly here at all.

lingering side effects of existing

we are transient balls of energy suffused through meat golems passing from one instance to another no direction no goal just moving from one state of being to another there is a magic hidden there beneath the rot and the agonies in the search for the right chemicals to be dumped in electrified gelatin that […]


interlocking rows of teeth fed reams of paper hardened steel rollers chews and spits a basket of shredded financial confetti but no more matter the design and care it is paoer that will eventually destroy the paper shredder much the same way as life is the number one leading cause of death the things we […]

spinning plates

an amateur plate spinner moving on intuition between the poles sensing a wobble before the dishware plummets a chain reaction leading only to calamity like a sparrow feeling the atmospheric pressure dip a sign of a storm early warning letting them take wing letting him move from pole to pole seeking to keep the entire […]


in the silence between the clanging chimes my breath on the small of your back hands running up your inner thighs as my lips trace the curve of your spine writing poetry across hot flesh with ravenous need in the silence between heart beats

bleak. bloated.

bleak. bloated. a cascading waterfall of hellblight thunderkisses. ranting ever screaming streaming curses to the empty sky. a smattering of pretense. a caustic haze of ever firing relays a maze a blaze malaise. bleakly bloated insidiously corroded weakly exploited. a sand dune in the shape of surrender one last drink at the molotov cocktail happy […]


the vampire lies awake through the day longing to feel the sun’s gentle kiss i lie awake through the night longing for you tightly wrapped in my embrace i worry in the quiet before sunrise that monsters like me are destined to pine away for the light that never shines on their rancid souls

too many eyes make for insomnial mornings

spent three hours trying to find the sleep that came so easily at the beginning of the night tossing and turning spiralling downward through the things i yearn to simply forget the three am fugue of sins that now drape themselves over my innocuous hell i told the ceiling every secret the hidden truth others […]

Blue read for you

chilling tales for dark nights has a new episode up and my story, Blue, is the second of two. i am blown away at the reading and hope you’ll enjoy it as well. this story was written in two hours, as i shivered in a hotel room in Louisville Kentucky. the air condition was broken […]

interpretive stigmata

spent so long trying to be different to be better than i was but this leper cannot change his weeping wounds always a photo negative representation of what is reflected back from the clear waters that only show me the parts that will never be right about the aching fool drowning in three inches of […]

bad time at the fun house

in a bathysphere headed deep down fathoms beneath the jagged sawtooths cutting the surface needing the sanctity of the metal walls to keep me safe from this impending breakdown a flower pulling its petals closed reacting to barometric inconsistencies a late frost impending doom impeding rational thoughts until all there is is sheer panic a […]


sorting through these rusted rotting remnants of a life slowly pulled across razor blades hidden in the carpeted filth in a baselessly improbably petulant existence left distinctly wanting

six feet deep

too long spent wishing upon the scattered dust of dreams best left unfulfilled carrying a shovel only meant for digging my own grave as the ladies dance flowing skirts rising higher and higher until all that is left to the imagination is another set of night tremors that vanish in the early face of the […]


fallen into a loop a cycle of repeated transitional disaster not sleeping unable to think burning myself out by pushing myself too far past the brink of my home made self-extinction fantasy is it suicide working yourself to death yet never having anything to show but a sore back bloody knuckles when the only external […]