a perpetual
notion machine
ideas clanging
off each other
atoms colliding
photons emit
flashes of
lavender fingers
scraping the grime
accumulated in
the crevices of
sullen gray gelatin
darkening the day
with shadows of
axial anxieties
perpendicular to
self inflicted
sanguineous sadnesses
left to roam
the haunted home
of broken children
crying into the
void alone
yet another
machine defecating
poetic insolence
on a sleepy
world of uninspired
slicing the healthy
flesh off with
the putrefied
trying to save
the entire
ignoble organism
still the words
scream in falling
scattered letters
regardless of
on the consonantal
irrevocably adrift
a perpetual
notion machine
somewhere between
virtuous and obscene
seeking silence
in the space
our bated breaths
and hungry lips

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