thank you

‘it’s funny how i trusted you thought that you were different but when backs were to the wall you fled how you played at being nervous as an excuse got the attention you craved and then ran away it is my fault for seeing in you something special being drawn into your web for encouraging […]


the ivy coated steps leading up the ziggurat each ten span high marked with etches of An and Ki wading out of the waters of Nammu hanging gardens in the cradle of life blowing in the winds of Enlil masses kneel in supplication to Inanna in veneration to Enki thankful for the sustenance provided by […]


waves of anxiety and sorrow radiate from the core of my very being like a black talon around my heart knowing that the end of the long weekend of kids and life is going to close down and become the solitary existence again in less then three hours that the long drive home alone with […]

loss prevention

so much time spent thinking of what was lost as life keeps moving without you everyone loses someone special the nature of entropy in the machine means everyone dies an accident sickness or just worn out parts it is the reality of this life anything that lives will one day cease functioning wrapping yourself in […]


drunken fingers knock the bottle of wine over onto it’s side a rorschach ink blot in purple on the white linen i refuse to look at it unable to take the disapproving glare of the maternal figure spite and rage written in the brown orbs and inked in reddish violet tones whispered phrases of regret […]


as a kid i thought hamburger and hot dog buns were restaurant things fancy and specially made we used white bread and eat fast before the mustard and pickles make it fall apart to this day i’m indifferent to them seem extraneous with a tall glass of kool aid or tea brewed in a glass […]

sunrise affirmation

the cracking of leather followed by the sting of torn flesh a spray of vermilion across the granite wall low whispered prayers and self flagellation as the moon sinks to the west the black blue over the eastern mountains begins to be flecked with streaks of angry pink a bruise in reverse spreading across the […]

the curtain sways

sometimes i write a poem as the words to another tumble onto the screen forgetting the last line as the next dances seductively in the near future so consumed with gestating the next literary orphan and cultivating a promising career of anonymity leaving behind a treasure trove of gold foil wrapped chocolate gone white with […]

red finch

the red finch circles the hanging tree bloated gray corpses swing from the gnarled black branches scarlet flashes darting among the rotting flesh to peck at the clustered seeds unaware of the unnatural circumstances a feast of life hidden in the fumes of death

dinner for one

standing in the kitchen panfrying breaded pork chops pookie baby blaring through the apartment oil pops in the pan and maybe a shirt was a good idea baggy boxers and pushed down black socks with a hole large enough for an errant big toe to slip out beat an egg with hot sauce and milk […]


at the end of the day at the end of the book we just want that happy ending everything wrapped up with a neat little bow the villian gets their comeuppance and the hero gets true love and saves the day with a glorious sunset we nestle close and bask in the finals rays of […]


he strode down a bamboo lined trail straw hat pulled low to shield his eyes from the rays of the sun that cut like fire forged steel his instincts honed his resolved folded ten thousand times resulting in an edge sharp enough to separate atoms every strike microfracturing the surface leaving a pristine razor for […]

her, again

tell her if i could do anything it would be just to lay there and hold her we would talk about our day and i would just run my fingers over her bare shoulder play connect the dots with her freckles while the sunlight dances on her skin close my eyes as her aura cleanses […]


a great man once said he would feel trapped in this world if he didn’t know he could commit suicide at any moment there is always one last exit on the highway if you feel the need to slam the emergency brake and kick up some black smoke as the tires skid hold your drink […]

darwinian delights

in an effort to increase grain yields in china the government decided the sparrow needed to be eridicated for every million sparrows killed sixty thousand would be fed so the populace set out to exterminate the flying vermin so many lives could be saved mouths fed villages brought back from the brink but it always […]

metaphorical warfare

the shared consciousness of the hive mind tethered thoughts are they all in this much pain or is it just me is this mass communication array set only to receive on my end is this not transmitting it’s a thursday that means the lawn crew begins the marathon session at seven am they swarm en […]

always goes sideways

the sickness burns through parts once soft now hardened with infection covered in sweat yet so cold absolute zero vertigo inducing spirals of bleak hopelessness assault in waves a vortex of sound the urge to drive drive into the distance race the sun to the horizon when the engine eventually sputters and die tires shredded […]


the cyclical nature of heroes and forerunners is a tangled web folk lore idols become messy caricatures and ultimately cast aside in favor of more flattering new age inspirations samuel clemens was the greatest story teller on the planet friends with tesla and reknowned for his wit born in the golden age of true americana […]


dreamt of you again last night woke up sick feeling like i did for weeks on end frantically checking to see if you texted or called or emailed me while my fragile body slept the weakness and necessity pull me from endless stares at a popcorn ceiling with the secrets of the universe and happiness […]

happy mother’s day

she spent an hour picking the perfect blooms delicate lillies and bright orange tulips two roses one pink one red two cards and a bottle of cheap vodka she set the vase by the window so the sun can shower it all day long the first card was lovely teal and purple hearts on thick […]

Isaac and A’an, an intro

“He’s got a gun.” The guy coming towards me most certainly did have a gun. A large one. Big barrel. I’m not a gun guy, but this was most definitely a prime example. Even to a layman. As I watched him draw near, a dirty nondescript middle aged white guy. But something was happening in […]

birth of a functional addict

it was a formerly red seventy two chevy nova the driver side floorboard had rusted hole that showed a dizzying view of the pavement flying by a byproduct of salty ice prevention also got the exhaust so in the middle of the winter you needed a window cracked to pull the ever present combination of […]


realized the old name didn’t suit the new frame the dystopian adventures in dating long dead and buried settled into a solitary lifestyle just a couple hundred acres of imaginary flatland and free range philosophy none of that preconceived nonsense they sell in the stores a land of perpetual dusk just the hint of the […]


sitting silently staring at the window hoping to see her smiling face azure eyes my phone rang i answered stock elevator music in the background a female voice spoke to me in mandarin of which i am less than fluent but as she spoke i began to understand the initial urge to hang up vanished […]


there’s nematodes in fresh fish parasites worms the good news is they die at one hundred forty degrees the bad news is properly cooked fish hits no higher than one thirty one twenty for the more succulent types freezing works but you lose the freshness and no matter what eating dead worms worms in everything […]

another poem about feelings

my fingertips are calloused a combination of deadened nerves from frying chicken and cranking a wrench and soldering iron this thick build up of ritual scarring my hands have endured may be my down fall the sacrifices to the gods of groceries and electricity rent to the auspicious host sixty plus hours of devotion in […]

today was a thursday, words

my friend called it isn’t often that happens so i actually answer he is lost needs to figure out which path in life to take the safe and simple two and a half white picket fence or take a little chance get himself a mcmansion and a trophy wife in yoga pants on one hand […]

housework, words

her lips were thick and pink except the left of her lower lip where she kept involuntarily biting it her pupils dialated from the flood of chemicals in her brain the steel gray specked blue nearly devoured her head thrown back against my shoulder her entire body leaning into me leaning down to taste her […]