thank you

‘it’s funny how i trusted you thought that you were different but when backs were to the wall you fled how you played at being nervous as an excuse got the attention you craved and then ran away it is my fault for seeing in you something special being drawn into your web for encouraging […]


the ivy coated steps leading up the ziggurat each ten span high marked with etches of An and Ki wading out of the waters of Nammu hanging gardens in the cradle of life blowing in the winds of Enlil masses kneel in supplication to Inanna in veneration to Enki thankful for the sustenance provided by […]


waves of anxiety and sorrow radiate from the core of my very being like a black talon around my heart knowing that the end of the long weekend of kids and life is going to close down and become the solitary existence again in less then three hours that the long drive home alone with […]

loss prevention

so much time spent thinking of what was lost as life keeps moving without you everyone loses someone special the nature of entropy in the machine means everyone dies an accident sickness or just worn out parts it is the reality of this life anything that lives will one day cease functioning wrapping yourself in […]


drunken fingers knock the bottle of wine over onto it’s side a rorschach ink blot in purple on the white linen i refuse to look at it unable to take the disapproving glare of the maternal figure spite and rage written in the brown orbs and inked in reddish violet tones whispered phrases of regret […]


as a kid i thought hamburger and hot dog buns were restaurant things fancy and specially made we used white bread and eat fast before the mustard and pickles make it fall apart to this day i’m indifferent to them seem extraneous with a tall glass of kool aid or tea brewed in a glass […]

sunrise affirmation

the cracking of leather followed by the sting of torn flesh a spray of vermilion across the granite wall low whispered prayers and self flagellation as the moon sinks to the west the black blue over the eastern mountains begins to be flecked with streaks of angry pink a bruise in reverse spreading across the […]