the ivy coated steps leading up the ziggurat each ten span high

marked with etches of An and Ki wading out of the waters of Nammu

hanging gardens in the cradle of life blowing in the winds of Enlil

masses kneel in supplication to Inanna

in veneration to Enki

thankful for the sustenance provided by Ninhursag

across great Sumer to Babylon and Assyria their stories were recited

everywhere the light of Utu blessed the day

and Nanna his other side ruled the night

in Uruk they worshipped Inanna under the guise of Ishtar

her festival of fertility celebrated to this day though most of the original meaning was misappropriated through time

as the winds howl through the deserts and storms rage these deities waged wars across the planes

and as man returned to dust and went to Kur, the cold cavern of Ereshkigal deeply buried in the earth

for Heaven was meant only for the gods as was carved in cuneiform

these tablets were taken and translated and used as the basis for most modern religions even as the gods and goddesses themselves were forgotten

seven gods for seven days and thus the week was born

seven gods for seven celestial bodies in the skies above

but if you climb the hidden ziggarut in Abu Salabikh under the gaze of Nanna

careful to avoid notice by Ilu Limnu the evil one

you may part the waters Nammu and see beyond creation itself

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