Humdinger with Mona

“Good morning.” “Hey Mona.” “Hey? Have we gone past the proper etiquette of good mornings?” “Huh?” “What’s wrong Mikey?” “Ummm. Nothing.” “Mikey.” “It’s just…” “Oh fuck me. Did someone touch your no no spot?” “If only.” “You seem really shaken.” “Ever have an orgasm that made you question if you’re living your best possible life?” […]


the echos of ache and desire transcend time and space waves of reckless abandon floating across the aether in sync sinking in, the depths of agonizing space between two souls vibrating at the same frequency call out to one another

fifty percent chance of sorrow

the rain threatens the day with it’s acidic promise of grinding the city to a stop, precipitous falling drops of pollution the gray skies reflect the emptiness in his eyes as he wonders if they stare at him or he stares at them the polluted flecks of misery dance along his corneas, elemental reflections of […]

teach me to fly

kiss me, for i’ll never fly, place your lips upon mine and take me to the heights i will never reach on my own let me fall into your embrace, experience the things poets have waxed upon since crawling from the caves into light look at me now, soaring above the world, speeding through clouds […]


april sounds it’s final cry the heat returns to texas. yet i am checked out. longing for new horizons different sounds than the mockingbirds and ravens. yet here i sit with coffee dreading the commute to another day in the same congestion. another nameless white blood cell traveling to the spleen. back to writing this […]

self portrait

i am poison a plague given human form anger and rage distilled into pure villification i touch no one no one touches me for fear of black death i am bubonic carried by rats made from the depths of hell tortured and tormented until all that remains is a vaguely human stain of no consequence […]