Humdinger with Mona

“Good morning.” “Hey Mona.” “Hey? Have we gone past the proper etiquette of good mornings?” “Huh?” “What’s wrong Mikey?” “Ummm. Nothing.” “Mikey.” “It’s just…” “Oh fuck me. Did someone touch your no no spot?” “If only.” “You seem really shaken.” “Ever have an orgasm that made you question if you’re living your best possible life?” […]


the echos of ache and desire transcend time and space waves of reckless abandon floating across the aether in sync sinking in, the depths of agonizing space between two souls vibrating at the same frequency call out to one another

fifty percent chance of sorrow

the rain threatens the day with it’s acidic promise of grinding the city to a stop, precipitous falling drops of pollution the gray skies reflect the emptiness in his eyes as he wonders if they stare at him or he stares at them the polluted flecks of misery dance along his corneas, elemental reflections of […]

teach me to fly

kiss me, for i’ll never fly, place your lips upon mine and take me to the heights i will never reach on my own let me fall into your embrace, experience the things poets have waxed upon since crawling from the caves into light look at me now, soaring above the world, speeding through clouds […]


april sounds it’s final cry the heat returns to texas. yet i am checked out. longing for new horizons different sounds than the mockingbirds and ravens. yet here i sit with coffee dreading the commute to another day in the same congestion. another nameless white blood cell traveling to the spleen. back to writing this […]

self portrait

i am poison a plague given human form anger and rage distilled into pure villification i touch no one no one touches me for fear of black death i am bubonic carried by rats made from the depths of hell tortured and tormented until all that remains is a vaguely human stain of no consequence […]


a chapter is closing what lies on the next page what new adventure lies ready to be scrawled in the shaky handwriting of fate does the fool finally find the new dawn he has searched for frantically as the road in front of him proved to be filled with tiger traps as he sits watching […]


i let it worm it’s way into my soul like a blow fly into the tangential corpse of battered ramshackle loss can’t believe my heart sputters on like a wind up toy that refuses to let go of kinetic belief in the face of acutality possession is nine tenths of the law of absolute surrender, […]


it all slips away from me when i slip into the mindset of you the world fades and all there is is you these are my favorite moments of the day

of fishermen and fish

he feels less like the wise fisherman than the foolish fish chasing shiny lures through the murky depths of unworldly desire his scarred lips from the barbed hooks of sultry obtuse promises that are less than the accumulation of pain received yet he sits in the seaweed garden of indecisive need watching while telling himself […]

crawling across the lava yet freezing

carrion crawl the clarion call strongly suggested need boils into the lava field of unkempt irrationality lost in the space of compact thought bouncing across the headstones of every daydreaming ape acting as if the banana of wonderment is really a knife in it’s sheathe cannot complain when the blade slices deep enough to draw […]


tonight is the final recital this poor fool has steeled himself for the voice of his no longer baby girl to serenade one last time he has not in fact this is the one he has dreaded since he saw the first last choir recital two years ago he envisioned her picture as a baby […]

she (is)

across the foamy waves on a continental divide of it’s own lies the one in which i dream as close as a whisper she coils herself within my chest within my mind speaks words of love that sends chills rippling along my being she is persephone she is aphrodite she is my goddess my every […]

mid lie crisis

…as if an abyss opened beneath my feet this goddamn silence is the most painful grating if rusted nails across an already anemic soul left in tatters tetanus shots by the thousands like shotgun shells to the sternum this ache is why i have adopted the weeping willow stance as the ground quakes around me […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt VI

she stumbled onto his words quite by accident he read her’s as a courtesy in return what are the odds, the chance, in a million writers, from just as many walks of life, spread among the farthest reaches of the globe he would see her writing the words resonating in his mind she is brilliant […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt V

she makes the best of life it’s what she does ignoring the ache that has become just another part of the daily routine another symptom she finds religion it is enough to fill the void in it’s own way she is able to give her trust into a higher power that things will be what […]

in increments

if i don’t wake from slumber know you were the last thing to sit happily in my mind before i drifted on it’s safe to say before whatever end i face i will close my eyes see your face and smile that’s enough for this fool because every time i open them and you are […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt IV

he found things to fill his time leaving dream to night time flights of fancy instead of consuming his day turned to poetry to give the longing an outlet perhaps in a half hearted hope that the one with the key would find stumble upon him in giving up he threw out one last lifeline […]


most meals are simply consumed in the foolish need to remain among the living basic things of necessity there is nothing as sad as a bachelor meal of bland robotic repetition some nights i would prefer to be dead than rattle my chains as a shade of someone real existing is a poor showing of […]

ghost in the folder

i was going through the computer searching for something when i stumbled upon something else a folder entitled to mike it struck me as odd that a folder would be presented as a gift since said computer is mine already not that it is much use as anything but a seed box for ill gotten […]

she controls the spiders

she controls the spiders by mutual understanding the same as how she controls the beating of my heart by putting herself into my skin finding the right rhythm and dancing with my skeleton in perfect time she sleeps with spiders in the corners spinning silk in which to entangle the flies her love the softest […]


the light pours itself through a pinprick in the sky even with my shoulder flaring in pain there is something soothing about the indirect light of a billion miles away twinkling upon me puts it all in perspective i am angry and miserable but the star doesn’t give a fuck at all so what does […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt III

she always had a knack at opening doors into the unseen intuition into the hidden matters of others but she was unable to find the one door that opened into happiness for her so she did what she knew best she helped others instead of herself even as the callus formed around her own heart […]

a pox

so tired but sleeplessness is a side effect of hopelessly ensnared in you if you were here sleep would be a relief to fall into with you but without you it is moments of relentless separation the sandman creeps around my head with whispers of restless tossing and turning a phantom projection of unconscious interjection, […]

no returns

one day long after i am dead and gone someone will say i am their favorite poet even if no one ever will while i am steadily spitting into the wind everyday or so i tell myself as the constant introspection reflection and diction of spilling into nothing unsurprisingly yields no returns


rarified air this clarified glare left terrified and bare, tripping over shoelace retention, detentionary practices of self punishment fundamentally unscarred, unmarred, cast aside for the disbarred disenfranchised youth of scholarly disdain left to wallow in the unfurled brow of happiness in broken glass car accident of home without the familiar scent of then youthful indiscretion, […]


tchotchkes litter his mind vanity plates for the broken psyche meaningless unreminders of events that eventually decayed porcelain statues ground to ivory dust take em or talcum residual residues biohazard stamp of disapproval brandished like a brand new brand branded and bandied like yesterday’s new tattoo


every ode to Her is yours every line of longing every quiet moan in the middle of dream yours my mind my body my soul given freely with no hesitation and when the sun flares and consumes the earth, all that shall remain is my odes to you, even then, the heat of a supernova […]


i let go of my inhibitions felt the music course through me though not a classically trained dancer i felt like fred astaire tapping without abandon a fierce grin upon my face as i grabbed the music by the throat made it my own a crowd gathered to watch my tour de force gasps and […]

under the rainbow

i may be lost, somewhere under this rainbow of technicolor stains, drowning in the shallow puddles of tomorrow spinning in a crocodile death thrash, teeth on my throat as the daily rigors become more authentic than possibility the sky is clear, the vision muddy, the insanity on display is like that of the drowning, a […]

FNN update

Do to a scheduling change (which works out perfectly for me) I’m on at 11CST/12EST this evening on Deadmans Tome. Be there or bees squared will sting you. I didn’t think that through.. It’s early. I’m sleepy and have a headache. Insert your own clever whatever. Hugs and sloppy wet kisses to all of you. […]

FNN – Fool News Network

Tomorrow night, Deadmans Tome is doing the 24 hour broadcast and kicking it off is yours truly. We are playing the Did You Ever game. My only issue is that I most likely have. Get to know the Fool in ways you most likely never wanted to. Luckily you cannot see me as I blush […]


she said perfection is an illusion i answered back it was all an illusion a delusion a misguided attempt to make sense of senseless shapes light bouncing off rods and cones projected into a chemical spill housed in a dome of bone and blunt force traumas perhaps she was right perhaps perfection is an illusion […]

for Her

there is nothing i wouldn’t give for you nothing that matters half as much as your love i just need to know that somewhere you are smiling when you look at me and ask if i ever regret a single thing on this long road to each other the miles between the time it took […]


if i stop moving sit perfectly still the only sounds are the raven and the ceiling fan sputtering futilely there should be peace in this then tell my why the loneliness is so thick so pervasive so persuasive so my heart is fortunato this emptiness my wine cellar slowly brick by brick i erect a […]


fingers trailing across hot skin like the gentlest of rain running with no clear path dancing in chaos with hidden order to caress every hidden secret flicking tip of hungry tongue and lips like a bee, circling the bloom so intoxicatingly full of pollen spreading the petals of the flower with burning need to find […]

it was(darkness)

it was(darkness) the unbearable act of being, the unenviable task of breathing, the uncompromising struggle of seeing it was waking up day after day after day after day after day after day it was the incomprehensible burden of living in the skin that carried the brunt of too many after school special come true with […]

mything in today’s world

he was a satyr unbound to anything but the bacchanalia. she was a dryad bound to her tree alone in the woods. he made it a game sneaking up on her as she sat in the branches. she gave quite the scream when he reached up to tickle her feet. he would stalk about the […]

ten scenes; five – in bed

she lays draped across me her head on my chest breathing deeply and evenly her legs across mine as i gently run my fingers across her back and shoulders there is no separation between us our hearts seem to beat in time i stare at the ceiling wondering if there could be any better feeling […]


he lay silent for a long moment, staring at the ceiling, like he does every night, has done since he was a child it’s calming, the same but different every night, new vistas to explore, new faces hidden in the shadows tonight is different he lays with a notebook and knife, staring pensively between the […]


he carefully constructed a faraday cage around his brain to prevent the intrusion of any thoughts not concurrent to his own soon he dwelled across the world in insular idiocy as the lessons of others were no more than gnats to his peripheral content with the genius of one whose only understanding of genius is […]

blues and grays

the world outside is an ever shifting pattern of blues and grays touching down upon the gentle frowns and smiles of the misty malaise that coats his ever tapping fingers barbed wire kisses coat the rusty vision of visionary nothingness enveloping the soft edges of another salty crustacean daydream of mucking about in the mud […]

ten scenes; four – the city

concrete and steel ordered disorder in rows of jutting teeth that pierce the sky in defiance glass reflects the world like the shell of a mechanical tortoise the corpse of a giant left to rot that blights the land below asphalt arteries clogged with plastic shelled carbon spewing blood clots and cholesterolic vitriol nothing natural […]

welcome home

hello darkness my old friend come in, it’s been a while, make yourself at home wine? hungry? no of course not was i flying too close to the sun could you sense that i was not under your control the last couple weeks you need me miss me if i didn’t know better i would […]

A flower for Mona

“Good morning.” “Thank God you’re here.” “Who?” “You.” “No.” “No what?” “We cannot start the day on desperation. What’s wrong?” “Nothing. I’m just glad to see you.” “No you most certainly are not.” “I am.” “What’s the angle?” “The angle?” “Hidden camera? Spider in my coffee mug? Itching powder in my boxers?” “I’m lost.” “Uh […]

she is, while i madly am XIV

she is tested by crucible bathed in healing rain cast from amethyst in the form of delight she is crystalline divinty illuminating the darkness of another fear induced fugue is it any wonder i love her in supplication to the awe of her sublimation


you are my lilith born from the same clay as i sculpted into the blissful wonder only one of the first could assume whereas my clay stood too close to flame the hardening caused microfractures to race down the soft tissue of insular self awareness you were forged at just the right distance a rosy […]


she doesn’t understand the eroticism inherent in wearing a long t-shirt to bed for all the longing lace and satin evoke the idea of running my hands beneath that soft cotton across hot skin teasing those hard nipples with rough fingertips knowing the only thing between my lips and her eager frame is just that […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt II

the lock weighs heavy some days an anchor draped in ink across my heart numbing the world like a heavy metal antiseptic preventing the overflow a dam erected at the source of confusion so many ran their fingers across the lock only to roll over and face the wall rather than the indifference

ten scenes; three – the plain

nothing but mesquite shrubs for miles thorns three inches long the occasional tuft of grass like razor wire whipping in the hot breeze dust devils spin across the cracked dirt demons at play in the sullen sun the shadow of circling hawks the only break from the pummeling rays of light a lone flower forces […]

a dream of locks and keys, pt I

i dreamt in this dream i sat in the leather chair listening to bill evans trio play lightly as the hum of the tattoo gun fired throughout my synapses i watched as the pulsating needles dipped into the little plastic cup of ink a spray of droplets danced across the metal tray covered in saran […]


she stood bare in front meher arms outstretcheda lookof raw vulnerabilityetched into her eyes my hands dripped with painther supple skinthe canvasin whichmy senses feast simplicity bornof desperate needa deft weavingthe weft deceivingpainting with fire AmberAngst taught me a new word, so I tried to thank her with a companion piece. her’s is amazing. mine […]

ten scenes; two – cemetery

autumn wind with the promise of winter whips the leaves about the brown grass pinning them like butterflies in a scrapbook to the wrought iron fence. the concrete slabs of the masoleum seem to suck the remaining heat from out of the dying afternoon sun emanating cold in waves to further wilt the bouquets left […]

ten scenes; one – the bog

the bubbles of methane form in the fetid bog like the bulbous mouths of frogs. skeletal branches like the hands of the dead reaching for the warmth of human flesh. the silvery light of the moon against the cold air dancing in the bare treetops.

regularly scheduled

i spoke with the regularly scheduled poet the one that shuffles in around this time bags under his eyes looking angry in need of coffee he snarled at me nearly bit my hand told me he is finished i tried to convince him he had a contract in which he laughed a gentleman’s agreement he […]

An Evening Out, Maybe, With Mona

“Good morning.” “Good morning, Mike.” “Last day before the big weekend. Got plans?” “Not anymore.” “What happened?” “We were going to pack a lunch and head to the lake.” “Sounds lovely.” “It did.” “Did?” “Yes. Trudy got called out for work early this morning.” “At the long weekend. Bullshit.” “It is.” “You can hang out […]

between the drops

the blood in my eye is the same as the blood in the water it doesn’t matter at all if one is thicker than the other it’s the silence between the drops that speaks volumes the ripples that dance across the placid surface paints the picture no words ever could

(un)titled surrender III

the peace of world piece is piecing the peaces of this illusionary misconception into a tapestry of truth the wool pulled over the eyes of sheep misheard this herd this hard packed clay molded into ear plugs to stop the misguided guidings of shepherds stumbling down sheepish roads of folly i find peace in the […]


sunrise affirmation as the sky gradually stretches from fitful fading star to hopeful calming blue transitioning across the mind like an eraser to the chalkboard of the soul the bench is damp thick beads of dew cling to the verdant foliage laden with sticky pollen no cars or planes just the sparrows calling back and […]

she is, while i madly am XII

she is a natural wonder like the aurora borealis or a rainbow on a sunny day she is the moment of calm before the storm crashes down over the land is it any wonder i love her with the intensity of sunlight on a field of freshly fallen snow

head aches with rampant stupidity around me

hey you yeah you the sun is setting like a corpse pregnant with blowflies behind the cityscape of nightmares that lives in my mind traffic has slowed to a crawl as the idiots stare at the flashing lights of the cop car on the side of the road the poor hapless bastard pulled over for […]


time can be a penitentiary depending on who sets the clock mine has been flashing 12:00 for weeks since the power went out my skin is flushed from the walk and my scars show the map of life criss crossed reminders of beatings, external and internal some still weep as the lonesome afternoon drifts by […]

she is, while i madly am XI

she is a lightning rod that pulls my thoughts standing alone in my head she is the coral that forms the biosphere of joy inside me is it any wonder i love her like the canvas loves the paint that unlocks it’s inner beauty

got a light

the wind suddenly died down it had been a howling hell beast for the last couple hours now that it stopped it was eerie how quiet everything went silent i have seen enough horror movies to know this is probably a portent of something horrible so i casually got up and reached to lock the […]

Un-nunlike Mona

It’s starts with… “I think I finally did it Mona!” “Good Morning.” “I am serious. I think I finally did it. I am so fucked.” “Nothing much really. We just sat and watched a movie.” “Mona. I have no time for pleasantries. I’m going to Hell!” “Clearly.” “What?” “Clearly, you are going to hell.” “You […]

let me

let me run my fingers my lips my tongue my eyes over every delicious inch of your body let me kiss you in ways you only fantasized in dreams half remembered by sweat slicked skin and a damp spot on the sheet let me make love to you truly making love the line vanishing between […]

she is, while i madly am X

she is the sum of an equation so complex yet simple making pure happiness she is fresh baked cookies with a hint of cinnamon scent as you open the door is it any wonder i love her the home i have yearned for made so perfectly real


he is blind but knows every inch of her face like the sunrise kisses the land intimately each morning he is deaf but knows the lilting sound of her voice like a siren song across the waves he is mute but his tongue forms her name like a baby sparrow sings to the world by […]

why not both

she asked for my greatest hits i gave her my gradients instead the gradually depriciating deprecating pieces of the swollen tide within my mind she asked why i write poetry i said look around everyone does now whether they have anything to say or not suddenly it is en vogue to pretend to be a […]


phantasmal parasites, this pair of eyes, a pair of dice, a paradise by the palisades falling falling falling determined to be a deterrent, detergents on the defective detective calling calling calling reiterate, integrate, irritant, irrigate, reiterate, reiterate reiterate the crimson berry burst between her sharpened fangs, dripping down her chin, candle wax pooling on the […]

she is, while madly am IX

she is that moment of waking from a dream to curl up closer to her better than dreaming she is the warm fingers grazing against need the feel of her soft hair against a freshly shaven cheek is it any wonder i love her like the tides love the moon above

purgatorical musing

in every smile, in every whispered longing she dances across his mind the rain fell, alternating between fierce and fleeting, as the winds turned the mist vertical all around the lone figure standing huddled by the wall thunder rumbled across the empty cityscape of pure imagination surreal in the quiet fury of nothing, a black […]


i was solipsistic convinced in my own existence alone until you. now i am convinced my existence is tied directly to you alone. am i a construct in your mind’s eye just a whirl of ones and zeros made for you? i don’t know don’t care as finding a purpose so purposefully hidden. is enough […]

she is, while i madly am VII

she is the joy in exploration of finding that which had always been sought but hid from the eye she is xmas morning as a child looking in anticipation barely able to sleep the night before is it any wonder i love her with the pure excitement of the fondest wish come true


been in a windowless room all morning, stepped out to a suddenly gray rain flecked landscape it is lovely the gentle falling drops a lone bird perched on a wire sings to me as i let the rain run across my head thanks for the company little one and the song neither of us smart […]

she is, while i madly am VI

she is the first cup of coffee after fitful sleep filling every pore with life to face the day she is the cool side of the pillow after a hard day in which all the stress melts away is it any wonder i love her when she makes each day a wonder i long to […]


tonight i sleep with the eyes of a shark, the smile of a crocodile, and the tongue of a viper tomorrow i rise with the strength of a lion, the grace of a puma, and the speed of a cheetah not always though i dream with the self worth of a battered child, the eyes […]

hemlock and cyanide

her lips taste of hemlock her eyes flash cyanide semaphore and i cannot imagine any better way to die her hand promise pain in equal amount to pleasure i am willing to take either or to be with her for she is every single thing i desire

off balance

the night is quiet besides the planes overheard there is no noise whatsoever just the sound of his heart as he sits lost in thought his mind races from extreme to extreme a barrage of images that have been carved deep into his mind he is off balance nearly dizzy how many times did he […]

she is, while i madly am V

she is a dainty queen filled with poise yet an undercurrent of silliness lightens her royal beauty she is as perfect laughing with no make up as when she gets ready for a night out is it any wonder i love her when she sends joy intense enough to brighten the world

she is, while i madly am IV

she is the lone lily in a field of brown grass unfazed by the drought she is the song that calls through the darkness of another night of misery is it any wonder i love her as she shields me from nightmares with her light


i get stuck like a needle in a worn out groove like a plastic bag in a tree my brain spins like a hamster on a wheel or a tire on the ice the same words no matter how written do not capture the scene in my mind i try to lay them across the […]


she awakes scoots closer until the distance between them is imaginary the feeling of flowing between one another united one mass of legs and arms tangled beneath the sheets breathing in unison contented in their own private world one heartbeat in the still morning air

she is, while i madly am III

she is the one i have written about for so long in vain given form she is a dream made real yet somehow even better than any dream could be is it any wonder her name is the last i speak before sleep the first i utter upon waking

she is, while i madly am II

she is the first ray of sun after the storm had thundered for days upon days she is the first arc of lightning dancing across the sky after days of brutal heat is it any wonder i love her like the first gasp of air after swimming towards the light for eons

she is, while i madly am

she is a ghost like the shadow of the hollywood sign over a los angeles on fire she is the first wind of spring with a hint of summer to come is it any wonder that i love her like a million matches igniting all at once


her gaze cut like a guillotine dropping my mind into the wicker basket beneath her voice was a life sentence in my ear no wish for parole her touch sent voltage coursing through eager nerves convulsing in ecstacy her scent a lethal injection of bliss coming intoxicatingly from her every pore the taste of her […]


this feeling twists and turns through my mind like rope burns on the neck of the man hanging three feet off the ground not far enough a drop to snap the neck no humanity in swaying as the world slowly dissolves into nothing before blood filled orbs a game of hangman for one played before […]


she whispers to me in poetry without end a precipitous tumbling of words that spill perfectly formed from her sensual lips to my heart down my spine in a thousand chills that flare in a nimbus to raise me high into the sky

one at a time

all he has to do is hold on keep on moving head up there is a finish line ahead so many years of moving towards what felt like emptiness farther into the void into the ever expanding maw of eternally ever after the end of the rainbow another fickle lie told by those with the […]

play with me

come closer let’s play a game you and i it doesn’t matter if you know the rules or not low stakes no pressure how about your heart as a starting ante i’ll be gentle if i win here are the rules sit there stare into my eyes watch the fire of passion burn that’s all […]


she blazed across the darkness in my mind like a comet a falling star i threw myself under to catch unwilling to let her crash into the unforgiving earth just on the hope that light could flare once again keep my demons at bay

desert lily

her gaze across the lilac scented room pierced the haze of sorrow that once lay like mist over every part of his world she is magnificent the type of beauty that once seen cannot be forgotten burnt onto his optic nerve etched across his mind he felt as if dying of thirst lost in the […]

derail me

i need you to lay across the tracks in my mind and derail this train of thought, this locomotion belching a black cloud of despair across the scenic landscapes in my mind maybe i am too in touch with my feelings, feeling this never ending feeling of sorrow as this emptiness crashes like an invisible […]


it’s spring outside but it is autumn on her skin there is something comforting in knowing while the ground is reborn under my foot where she glides across the earth it is my favorite season autumn wind blows through her hair as spring blooms in my heart