blues and grays

the world outside is an ever shifting pattern of blues and grays touching down upon the gentle frowns and smiles of the misty malaise that coats his ever tapping fingers

barbed wire kisses coat the rusty vision of visionary nothingness enveloping the soft edges of another salty crustacean daydream of mucking about in the mud

reassess the assessment testing of trials and tributaries that branch down the ever winding rapids of rapid degenerative neurosis encapsulated by the barest hint of the morose moaning

he sits staring into the coffee that ripples with every halted sobs to try and find the secret beneath the dark brown surface all while unaware if the reflection is his or another sullen morning

yet outside the birds sing as the kamikaze squirrels dart between rumbling machines that know only how to destroy or convey all while not conveying the simple niceties of a modern age

the world is dappled in shades of blue and gray with hints of lavender that tease at the edge of the blinded eye of happiness in the center of this world of rapid decaying by minutes

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