Psyche and Eros, part three

Psyche was aglow with excitement, she sang along with the lyre she could never find, as she waited for her sisters arrival her sisters were exctied as well when word came from the Delphi that they would be able to go and see their beloved sister they stood on the cliff, letting out cries of […]

Psyche and Eros, part two

Psyche sat sobbing, looking back over the kingdom of her birth, afraid and alone, unknowing of what was to come for her far below, the sea sent foamy waves battering the cliff, not for the first time, Psyche dreamt of leaping to her death in the water as she worked up the nerve, inching closer […]

Psyche and Eros, part one

there once was a kingdom, at the edge of a shining sea, where the people grew prosperous, and gave praise and thanks to the gods the king was a kind man, with a strong and loving wife who bore him three perfect daughters, each one more beautiful than the last his third daughter, young Psyche, […]

rainbow dejection

rainbows never smile the prismatic effect pulls the corners down towards the horizon leaving the spectrum bathed in an incomprehensible sadness as the light splits the gray thunderhead errant rays of sun stab at the cityscape as it settles in a fugue of dismally decadent dismay while the banded frown stretches cold fingers in a […]

forgotten in moonbeams

something about the moon rising makes me vanish as it shines above wrapped in vapor i become intangible a forgotten soul of little to no real importance a tangle of sheets on an empty bed waiting sleeplessly for the light of day

grand prairie motel

the sign hanging over the once white building, now more scabs of peeling bubbled paint swaying in the prestorm breeze, proudly festooned with happy palm trees reads in bold blue letters cable television king size beds and slightly larger the star of the show micro fridge available in every room the rooms of the decrepit […]

staring at stairs the lead nowhere

i take the stairs if given a choice i drive all day and the exercise helps keep the dire depression to only barely choking the light from my insolent ocular stare i do like the clear elevators though and today was faced with the choice between health and watching the cables with a heavy heart […]

the clouds suffocate the city

fog drifts obscuring the road as the sky is a yellowish gray somewhere above the clouds have settled far too low wispy condensation grasping at the asphalt scars leaving everything trapped in a haze of vague dreamfuckery suffocating the city with a sense of wild abandon

a thunder of planes threatens

a sterility of silence tends to blanket my bedroom a hushed reverence in this darkened crypt a low rumble perhaps a plane or thunder from the clouds blowing in from the east the rains have been frequent over the last year, give or take but summer turned harsh as the ground thirsts for a much […]


one of my biggest pastimes besides staring at the ceiling is sitting in parking lots between calls watching the birds i am no amateur ornithologist just a fool longing to fly to feel weightless (un)encumbered by this heaviness able to stride adrift on the currents my wings and that compass in my skull guiding me […]

carved from ice, ignored by flame

the fools say the sun always rises to banish the dark burning away the sorrows that linger on the breath of yesterday i sit alone waiting for the light to engulf me in cleansing flame and all i feel is the frigidity bone deep soul stuttering shocks of cold as if it shines everywhere but […]

three o’clock kisses

i amso very tiredbut i knowthroughoutthe span ofan eveningwaking withher nameon my lips staring intothe darknesswishing foranother minutein dreamwhere her lipsare close enoughto taste instead of thehours layingawake tryingto sleepcursing my owninsomnial musings i am justso very tiredof waking tothe mockingceiling above so very tiredyet awarethat tonightwill be theexact same at threei will sendfrantic kissesbegging […]

a fitting end to a fleeting nothing

i don’t want to rot away in a silk lined box buried deep in the ground as chemicals flood my body my guts in a bag my heart weighed and tagged separate from the cave it called home sweet home away from her name as the constant beating engraved it into the bone that once […]

ceiling musing

the weightless weightiness being draped in otherworldly feathery growths a speck of pepper in the drooping eye of divinity rainbows spasm from the prismatic corpse heart encased in amber at the center of universal inequity as acid pours down from the jagged scar torn along the seamless orbital facade corneas float detached jellyfish riding ocular […]

turbulent complaints

the road has too much fucking turbulence today for my liking the cars are all too close drifting over the dotted lines i want to go too fast the windows are down and the stereo is too loud but i don’t have it in me to care the turbulence that fucking shaking the wobble of […]

berated internally

as i sit here ignoring the voice of anxiety as it tries to talk me out of going to the laundromat drumming my fingers on the coffeeless table trying to convince myself that it is only forty five measly minutes sitting in the car as the clothes spin forty five minutes i put off until […]

self helpless

someone needs to write a self help book for those of us that can’t seem to help ourselves one that tells us it is perfectly okay to not be anywhere close to okay that it is alright to be locked up with anxiety and sorrow because sometimes we are going to be incapable of anything […]


only those that imitate consider it The highest form of flattery those that actually create are too busy making something new

baker’s dozen

my friend and author, Candace Nola did a dark dozen interview with me yesterday and included a very nice review of my first collection of short stories, Notches as well. her website is fantastic as are her books. which leads to the next pitch. Candace has invited myself and twelve other authors to be part […]


i try not to think about the fine grit blowing as if a kiss sent by autumnal zephyrs just to relish the touch upon my deformed face eyes closed pretending that this vacancy is affection sent to soothe my tattered soul the particulates sting my cheeks my eyes water as tears stream unchecked over these […]

hot pins and lavender flashes

history always repeats itself and no matter how deep the scars the lessons learned evaporate as we spin again and again and again ad nauseam if i have learned anything from my past it is that it feels just as bad in the present we are moths watching as our brethren burn to cinders thinking […]

anxious again

i keep starting then stopping things nothing can keep my interest anxious mind racing a hundred million ideas flowing none of them tangible just my heartbeat three inches from my chest a series of started books shows movies half listened to albums and a pervasive sense of dread rotating through the same circular obsessions all […]

puckered scar

his mouth a scar splitting beneath empty eyes thickly mustached a bear headed towards hibernation broken teeth rocks jutting sharply to tear the hull from nighttime cruises there is a fragility to the pitted iron keeping his frail form neatly erect yet at the same instant on the verge of collapse the scar puckers drools […]

coffee with a friend

death stopped by to have coffee with me this morning we sat silently the steam coalesced in his empty sockets as we waited for the sun to rise and the sparrows to playfully hop while chirping a sweet morning affirmation death isn’t a big talker his billowing robes flow around his skeletal frame a thundercloud […]

mossy rocks and needed naps

walking along the water’s edge barefeet sliding on moss covered rocks as the waves rhythmically lap sending a spray of warm water onto my legs i am still apart of the land around me the breeze in my veins the salt from my soul crusts onto the sunbaked stones the waves glint a thousand gems […]

reflectionary period

i stared at the person walking towards me not realizing it was my reflection on the windows of the bland building on the corner of nowhere and here i get confused because the person is not the same person i see my dysmorphic perceptions at odds with the image strolling i need to try and […]

another sleepless regurgitant

this is no life just a sundry collection of sanguine sorrows blowing as leaves shed after summer’s disinterest barbs that catch tearing graying flesh spraying poisonous fumes slowly killing off the best of the worst until the shambling corpse of future aspirations aspirates into the fugue leaving intangible trails muddy footprints of disambiguous ambulation trod […]

too much kafka leaves a rancid film on the souless poet

through fits of broken sleep as blood rained down hard thick scabs falling coagulated hail wetly thudding off the cars triggering the wailing alarms theft deterrents in a world of coveted dreamshit i snatch moments of silence between thunderclaps the storm raging between my ears as the ceiling appears indifferent to my state of destitute […]

bleeding godlings at the edge of bliss

making sense of this senselessness requires either an extreme leap of faith or utter stupidity the difference between the two escapes me moldering under the weight of seeking purpose defiantly decrying sacrificial lambs marching forward to feed the insatiable bellies of godlings and liars lemmings don’t race off of cliffs in mass suicidal benedictions no […]

seems best forgotten

my smile slid off i sat relatively dumbfounded as it slipped from my cheeks i watched as it just blew away i sat there watching it flop about in the breeze but i couldn’t summon the energy to go and chase after the foolish thing it will come back it always does eventually until then […]


i have been craving ice cream for the last two weeks i won’t get any my brain is well aware that frivolous purchases are illegal but that doesn’t stop the goddamned electrified gelatin from constantly reminding me how good it would be to have ice cream soon it will infect my poetry these thoughts of […]

the bearing screams while i sit silent

the car outside has a terrible squeak a bearing likely screaming out orangish red from a lack of grease causing dissent in the other tightly packed bearings slowly degrading the immaculate silence of a thursday morn i look out onto a world of static gray an immense heaviness draping the houses the incessant whine from […]

we can do better

the sun is nothing more than an incandescent paperweight and the wind that blows is a scourge against sensible values in this modern age the grass has the gumption to wither when there are perfectly good weeds willing to grow in concrete and that says just about enough regarding politicians in expensive suits playing ukuleles […]


wasps covered the screenas i opened the blindsto welcome the sunrisea mass of twitching wingsand segmented eyes glaringperhaps seeking the warmthpermeating the glass doorto escape the chill morningas autumn embraces the land i watchedhthe writhing swarmas it blocked outthe lightjaw agapewondering ifthis was a nightmareand i still sleptperhaps the nightspent staringat the ceilingwas a dreamor […]

mapping emptiness

i have been stumbling through a maze of unmarked one way corridors for as long as i can remember dutifully chasing treasure but only ever finding enough to barely survive following the dangling carrot on the bouncing stick that draws no closer as the whip strikes thick scars driving me onward until i am so […]

a gray blur

the scenery flashes trees lose singularity becoming solid waves of gray speeding past me the world is a blur as i sit still contemplating the next nove as i dart in and out of the mass of traffic i lose track of time as the miles tick on entire swaths of land blink past and […]

no solidity

i am done with social media it lends an air of false importance and life has shown me again and again when it comes to importance i have none i am barely a wisp with no solidity a third rate ghost haunting negative space scribbling poems choking on words best left unsaid

eyelashes in the corner of the vacant gaze of sorrow

woke up findsorrows sewn ontomy eyelidsthe city is trappedin raging seaof unshed tearsgrasping and tearingat the lingeringashes of dreamas the floods racedown the filthy streetsor down my faceimpossible to tellthe differenceas this fogbank ofsultry dismaychokes the lifefrom the sparrowscircling my impending doomthis parking lotturned swamplandlooks exactly the sameas every otherdespair filled pitlighting oars on fireto […]

all the creatures hunting

tiny creatures dart across my peripheral ephemeral things i cannot quite force my eyes to focus on are they faeries or simply motes of dead skin drifting angels skimming the miseries off my pounding skull or demons seeking soft bits to poke i sit perfectly still watching without seeing patiently hoping to catch a glimpse […]

shy moon, empty night

the moon is shy tonight tucked away in a blanket of clouds i understand how it feels embarrassed at only reflecting the sun’s glow cold and void pulling at the waves with an invisible longing i lay in bed tucked away beneath a thin sheet lackluster with nothing to reflect but these thoughts the ceiling […]

dad’s last joke

my dad owned a bar back in illinois which was apropos because of the sheer amount of time he had spent in bars for work and for pleasure there wasn’t a small tavern that didn’t know him and have a beer ready as soon as he stepped into the neon lit room there was a […]

the crow is pondering life

outside a bird is stuck one note rings loudly over and again a cry a whistle or a squawk i cannot tell i dressed and crept along the buildings seeking the source of the awful commotion fearing it was badly injured then i saw it sitting on a branch so small yet so very loud […]

an old orange rolls into nevermore

peel me like an old orange dessicated in its rind tear me apart to solemnly suckle the last drops of acidic tang the sweetness long since gone rancid before the maggots consume my heart misshapen beneath the leathery flesh left forgotten on the sill the last listless kiss of summer before the fall swallows me […]

forty five minutes

it has been forty five minutes since i dropped the kids off and i can feel the steel bands tightening again there is something unsettling about legitimate depressionary response i cannot tell myself that it isn’t real this mudslide sopping up huge swaths of land from beneath each tentative step after so long tapdancing through […]


if i could kiss you at the southpole with one embrace i could show you my love in all twenty four time zones one kiss that takes us from yesterday to tomorrow and all points in between a single kiss infused with each whispered ode every longing glance out the window all the desire that […]

forget me knots

i long to drape myself in the robes of forgetfulness to sip from a chalice of sparkling lethe and let the past fade from the hollow honeycomb of my mind oh to see these puckered scars with no memory of how they formed the tectonic shift of innocence taken too soon the rusted hooks paining […]

with fevered lips kissing the razored edge of tired remorse

my forearms strain as i navigate the loops of this insomnial chain pulling myself ever closer to madness one sleepless night after another cycling the trash from my cluttered brain in manic prayers frantically whispered to the shapes coalescing on the shadowed ceiling long past the need for dreamfilled sleep falling between thoughts to hover […]

just deserts

the desert shines in my eyes like the vacant gaze of a godling unfazed by the myriad of miseries consumed by the perdition burning deep inside harsh yellow light the glaring eye of a merciless star as close to divinity that a cosmic mistake a symphony of insidious self indulgences that know only how to […]

present tense

i scatter the remains of dreams held tightly across the ground in shards of colored gravel to remind me nothing is ever truly lost even as the memory of hopeful intent lingers the future dies in each furtive breath exhaled in past tense so i give every beat of my emaciated heart to you in […]

an avant gardener with wings of pitch

i am a lost soul an avant gardener sowing seeds of succulent depression blossoms of vibrant purples and grays that drip milk like poppies with an extra kick of madness i am a protector an avant gardian angel shielding my loved ones behind tar black wings a briar thorn crown of cluster headaches keeping happy […]

perfectly defective

it was the perfect storm except that it was in my chest anxiety turned into panic and as i lay trying to breathe my heart beat me on repeat through the thin sheet i went through every interaction i had with anyone trying to find the source pushing my heart to attack me sleeplessly laying […]

elliptical solipsism

i feel elliptical in solipsistic waves there is no truth except in knowing ourselves all else is potentially a construct created to explain the chaos inherent we are birthed from a fast sperm and a receptive egg hoisted from the embrace of nonexistence screaming and red faced and from then on crawl inexplicably back to […]


i keep drawing spirals anxiety channeling my inner junji ito my manic madness spinning sketching spirals inside of spirals growing dizzy yet unable to stop like my thoughts blazing across the tinder of my rain starved mind waiting for the next disaster to pummel this fragile house of cards the scratching of pencil against the […]

dreaming of Stanislaw Lem

Today marked my two thousandth day in orbit around Circe VIII and I celebrated the milestone with a bowl of rehydrated eggs while staring out the portcullis at the small green orb wobbling slightly beneath me. The government had sent me out here on a recon mission to monitor the artificial intelligence that had integrated […]

devoid of stars, resplendent in desire

i connect the stars with fishing line creating a net to elucidate this feral longing clawing at the back of my throat carefully knitting a tapestry from the open mouths of dying poets screaming hoarse curses into the setting sun grasping at the bars of enforced solitude while salvation stays just out of reach behind […]

dissecting emptiness

in a fit of sleeplessness i slowly began a dissection of every scrap every morsel of this charade the neighbor revs the engine loudly greeting the sun a cockless rooster mechanically crowing shaking the walls sending ripples on the ebon percolation i stir the coffee mindlessly tired tiredly mindless pointedly circular with poor circulation unoxygenated […]

the dead art of writing letters

hello (insert name here) i have been writing slowly, in fits and starts after having been nigh worthless due to illness. a mild case of the plague that has afflicted the ruddy blue marble, a sickness that was all but impossible to avoid due to my job. yes, i still toil at the same job. […]

the crows grow fat

the crows outside the in-and-out have grown fat ignoring the berries on the branches turning their beaks up at the scattered seeds they sit watching every transaction waiting for the fleshies to drop a fry sipping water from the cracked concrete preparing their palate for deep fried joy and i sit at the gas station […]

amber globs of misplaced hope

on those rare occasions when the coffee is just cool enough to sip the sparrows flit out on the porch and the storms seem a million miles away i seek to encase the soft moments of peace in amber as reminders that not everything is a precursor to the end of existence. little do i […]

the dragon and the queen of his coal powered heart

she has this ability when she tells me that she loves me it always comes out in cursive i am strapped in to ride the loops and swirls of that phrase that fills my emptiness with little flashes of electrical bliss as i force my eyes to stay open so every second is burnt along […]

an infusion of hank

when i read too muchbukowskii find myselfgrowing surlyas if infectedby his grumpiness. he painted the worldin red wine strokesthat bled anypreconceptionsfrom the tatteredfabric of reality. he never sugar coatedthe hell of livingfocusing insteadon the hairy moleon the chinsof the whores thatdrank his beerand stole his heart. chain smokingwhile banging the keyshalf cockedand over fullof persnickety […]

silent but deadly

i dislike the silence it is cloying sucking the life from my soul the only thing i dislike more is the incessant chatter of other people like me that cannot stand the silence so maybe it isn’t the quiet so much that i really dislike just the lack actual conversation that is grinding my patience […]

a reading of dreams and failings

i sat alone in a dimly lit lecture hall indistinct faces watching as i nervously leafed through pages covered in scribbles i couldn’t quite translate to words the faceless ones murmured discontent as i tried to read the words that swam in front of my disbelieving confusional gaze shadows stood barking angry questions demanding answers […]

eight or so mi(n)utes

if the sun exploded it would take about eight minutes before we knew that it happened i would imagine in that brief period i would have sent all my love to you at least one time just an absent look out the window your smile locked in the errant thought and a soft contented smile […]


i am the cause of my miseries and there is something indefinable knowing this simple truth a sorrow that wells blood from an open wound to slowly drown the last vestiges of happiness from this raisin soul. i am negativity in a photo surrealist piece of avant garde suicideaology. spitting curses in self directed malaise […]

a yearning for sleep, a need to dream

i yearn to sleep in not because the five restless hours leaves me in a fog where the simplest ideas take too long to percolate down from cobwebbed brain to unmoving fingers but to wait for the sun to break forth and remove the distillate of night from the unbroken sky the thought of waking […]

a month

it took a month before they found brautigan’s body he killed himself in september but wasn’t discovered until late october he had grown depressed reclusive despondent still writing but unwilling or unable to escape the dark i wonder how long it will take them to find mine if brautigan was a well known writer and […]

schrodinger’s fool

my emotions are off kilter happiness feels foreign while bouts of wracking sobs pass through without warning i knew as i spun around the bed schrodinger’s fool consistently getting up on the wrong side today would be trying there is a deficit of happy chemicals leaving a haze of sorrowful anger that seasons every stray […]

skin tags of perturbation

an affluence of perturbations keeps my flesh vessel carefully taut with the random enumerations of uncontrolled anxiety vile thoughts orbit my satellite skull eclipsing the sun in regular intervals sluicing shadows where once there were none carefully combing through my inadequacies with oversized tweezers to pluck hearty lies from glimmers of truth leaving swollen pores […]

the ugliness of recognition

haunted by mannequins dream marionettes that chatter in heartspun dessications as marble eyes blankly reflect the desert of misplaced emotional investments drooling ashen remorse over quivering lips a mudslide of lovelorn letters unrealized as culpable disinterest is lavished in the emptiness of a fleeting lover’s gaze a faulty valve leaking pulmonary misbelief dripping blackened sludge […]

of weeds dreaming they are flowers

the days grow shorter as the reciprocation of sunshine grows faint i am no flower carefully tended to kissed by the light in a bed of softly whispered fevered passions just another weed given the same curt attention desperate to stand out but left wilted as the effusion is diluted among the parasitic growths sitting […]

occasionally (to other mes)

occasionally when i write it is warnings to a potential me one unburdened by the rusted chains of depression i send missives into the chaos as warnings to these cast off other versions that read them in fevered dreams from which they wake covered in sweat panic racing as they reach over to feel the […]


a rancid stench fluctuating this effluvium of the corpse of childhood abandon the last wafting notes motes of spore from youth gone sour sweat streaked instabilities a haze of degrading hormonal rescindency bleaching promises shells long discarded in cardboard boxes far from the kiss of the turbulent seas a pollution of greasy rancidness effluvium dripping […]

a cosmic laceration

as i stared up fingers interlaced behind my head at the infinity of lights flickering through the evening sky i saw a great rent a tear across the ebon eternity and felt a chill in the face of this cosmic laceration an undulation of murky darkness that slithered with a strange serpentine pungency and i […]

dappled in gray sunlight

the aether shakes as a wellspring of irradiated insolence erupts into being as these thoughts of self insignificance flood the banks with the silence of thought i exhale sorrows as every inhalation levies an iruption of anxieties and loathing shimmering the webs crisscrossing my mind there is a spider sitting perched in the dark of […]

kite strings and keys

my errant thoughts keys tied haphazardly to kite strings sent afloat among the thunderclouds always brewing within the hollow bone confines of my skull each strike sending joules coarsing igniting a whirling dervish of lavender sparks and sometimes when my balance is just right i ride along the discharge tracing stories from the chaos of […]


in this heliocentric stasis of wonder she is the sun in which my entirety revolves a lone bastion of beauty in a galaxy of utter hopelessness magnified devoid of dream she is a steady reminder an arrow always pointed at the dessicated echo of my heartbeat as it wheezes across the darkened skies of night […]

an incessant buzzing

an incessant buzzing a mask of angry tarantula wasps stinging an endless assault of anxiety screaming i have lost track in the needles which is happening which is metaphorical i wonder draped in miseries a whore in my finest rags is this hell this incessant throb a dull ache that has only truly dulled my […]

hollow cast

the moon has a hollow cast as it stares down morosely at the sea pockmarked sorrow in wan yellow dismay over churning ebon desperate to reflect the shimmering orb unaware of sullen lunar malaise knowing only the tug of gravitational haze a puppet with gossamer strings flailing spasmodically on melancholic currents

tracing scars of puckered truth

i pen these thoughts to make them real enough to be ignored much the same as how the world turns its blind eye towards the heartmash of agonies that scar my face and body i cannot taste nor smell yet i unwittingly find i am forced to endure the nagging stings of my own neverending […]

surpression in the key of depression

reality is known for its rampant intrusion disrupting the insular delusions cast by my own imbalanced perch at the precipice of hell as etched into my soul lady depression loves to run her fingers down my aching tender in these moments of my own desperate sorrows making painblossoms bloom over every suicidal daydream she whispers […]

full force nothing

inside out speeding full force into a wall a ragged smear of regurgitated bile dripping on the freshly scrubbed linoleum of a hellish restroom at the ass end of this disambiguously disingenuous life every word uttered swallowed by silence my depression a constant reminder of the lives ruined for having crossed my black cat path […]


no matter how deep emotions may surge my countenance only tends to inspire the briefest cardial impermanence forever as counted in moments rather than years or months or days my taste carries the faintest hint of lethe so every passionate kiss is one more towards the eventual forgetting pulling me in ever father as they […]


i have tried picking at the rust colored scabs that dryly cling to my vacant soul but all that remains are flecks of dust veins gone empty brittle tubes with nothing more to drain a miscalculation of tepid coagulation leaving a statue to failure frozen in place. there is nothing of beauty nor of hope […]

a less effective haunting

the morning breeze sweeps through this incorporeality a soft reminder that spirits have no real significance to the world of the living as a long day begins rattling rusted chains leaving cupboards ajar planting painted stones in the foolish hope a kernel of subtle interest is enough to resurrect a damned soul long enough to […]

septic daydream

bound nude in chains to the splintered mast as the ship rocks forced near to tipping by the ice cold waves watching in fury as the crew gives final fearful looks as they slink off in the last of the leaky wooden lifeboats my every exhalation of agonized anger draws emerald strikes from the roiling […]

anxietal pressure

my every cell began vibrating the moment my eyes opened and it has been a constant state of agitation filling the abject misery with these electrifed hornets of sheer anxiety. i cannot choke down the worry nor can i pinpoint the cause as every thought is dipped in panicked toxins. even the sparrows shriek a […]

manic book review – a trio of modern classics

for the last week, the insipid Fool has been under the weather. when not asleep or writing my signature shitty poetry©, i have been doing as much reading as possible and decided maybe i should do the occasional book review. this comes with its own set of anxieties because the bulk of what i read […]

an internment of mortality

centipedes scratching crawling down this blood flecked esophageal distress winding down along the bands of steel restricting oxygen to starving lungs subverting sanguine suffering on this sanity stricken sunday of miseries interjected with rabid self-inflicted sadism insects claw just beneath the sandpaper skin inflamed with sicknesses alternating from arabesque to regressed a culmination of mental […]

melenacholy matter of factness

she sometimes finds it difficult to try and navigate the currents of my melancholy matter of factness as every word i manage to flatly mutter gets caught like dust in the back of my throat i am a series of catastrophic misunderstandings made all the more unmanageable through my tangle of unruly threads scattered about […]

a mouth of blood and silence

these mornings when the illness clings fifteen hours of sleep seeking god’s reflection in the silverware demanding answers to questions uniformly unformed sick with a mouth coated in coagulated heart blood unable or unwilling to wake drowning in silence as every dream lacquered wish falls flaccid a fish suffocating mere inches from the sea laying […]


lately there seems to be this undercurrent of the world ending in every shuddered breath an anxious indecision rusted blades piercing tetanus seeps deeply coating every errant whim yet still i seek to wrap moonbeams into a tiara to place upon your most perfect brow trying to decipher the pulses of the stars into another […]

ravaged by dream

i woke before the sunand spat all of my sadlittle lost boy dreamsinto the insipid aethercrushed my hopes upwith every unanswered prayerand tossed them alldirectly into the lake i watched them poisonthe waters as the fishfloated to the toppale bellies reflectingthe light of anall too indifferent sun i am so goddamned tiredof always being sogoddamned […]

playing with knives

the edge of the blade traces tight upon skin gently slicing patterns carving ever deeper into musculature down to ivory bone to before the wounds have time to well with thick gouts of pulsing blackened blood which he catches carefully in bottles and jars into which he will dip the feathered quill deeply only to […]

i sing joyless into the abyss

draped in dire depressioninfinite in weighty sighsthe wind howling throughthis labyrinth of hollow bonepummeled by the grit ofeverything i will never becinders of dreamspite terrorburning gray skin fromthe emaciated frame of hopefalling ever farther fromthe misrecollection of lighttrace your fingers alongthe sigils carved into theeffervescent painthistleswhere the darkness burrowsinto heartspasm melancholiafracturing the catastrophicmeaninglessness of existenceinto […]


for everyone that says misery loves company i seem to be miserable just fine on my own maybe it means we seek to bring others down to suffer along with us but that is awfully shitty and i can handle all the misery the world can muster silently suffering alone

the moon at noon

her smile lingers across my mind like the moon in the afternoon sky yet the distance makes this sorrow hasten through my tender as rain on a sunny day

ground down by the daily grind

each morning i wake more tired than the day before angry hornets buzz in my skull shaking my every thought until all i can think is how i long for eight more hours of simulated death driving to the the first call which is a never ending series of stupidities lazy people unwilling to work […]