bleeding godlings at the edge of bliss

making sense
of this senselessness
requires either
an extreme
leap of faith
or utter

the difference
between the two
escapes me

moldering under
the weight of
seeking purpose
defiantly decrying
sacrificial lambs
marching forward
to feed the
insatiable bellies
of godlings and liars

lemmings don’t race
off of cliffs
in mass suicidal
lemmings believe
the stories
they are fed
and walk off the edge
of their own accord

i strive to find
the quantum mechanics
behind this facade
of listless existence
crunching numbers
and only coming up
with rows of zeros
as vacant as the gaze
of carved edification
stone monuments
to ego so belligerent
we believe we were
created in the very
image of divinity

incapable of hearing
the plaintive prayers
the gods must have been
deaf mutes
self consumed apparations
indifferent in the face
of stark eternities

while anxiety riddled fools
try and make sense
of the senselessness
without resorting
to leaps of faith
while every one else
mocks the stupidty
of calculating meaning
without the basic grasp
of absurdity bleeding out
the human condition

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