the needle just pops and hisses at the end of the record stuck in the dusty groove unhappy with the last song played but stuck with the memory of it into perpetuity the curtain hangs heavy in front of the stage with no one left to pull the rope no more crowds waiting in gleeful […]

father(s day)

the world shreds the weak grinds bone into dust leaving sinewy strands scattered across the pavement it takes and takes without ever giving back forcing us to forge through move forward push on when giving up giving in is the only acceptable alternative then something happens changes the entire game shifts the paradigm that first […]

aproprose III

Two slices of toast. Lightly buttered. A steaming cup of coffee. A small glass of juice. He keeps eyeing his phone. Fingers twitch with need. His face emotionless. He sits rigidly in the chair. The birds still trill a song of life and light. Another car starts. Another. He sits with trembling fingers. He swipes […]

aproprose II

The birds sang a sunrise affirmation from the trees and bushes. An engine roared to life with a sputter. He lay, staring at the ceiling as the world awakened around him. He closed his eyes and waited for the alarm to go off. This was his new normal. The birds, the cars, the alarm and […]


The sky was gray in ambivalence to the procession beneath. Fat drops of rain fell with abandon as the coffin was slowly lowered in the six foot hole. The world was dreary, unwelcoming to light or to color. Even the single rose, crimson petals on the dark wood, was faded in the down pour. Long […]


before i saw you you made my heart skip beats when i finally gazed upon you i developed arhythmia it is your heart beat that fills the spaces your inhale that allowed me to exhale at long last how long had i held my breath while searching it was worth every jagged ache of pain […]


sunlight filtered through coffee sorrow tinged by joy day turns into long night spent staring at the ceiling aches course like acid spikes driven deeply the dull throb of another tormented soul where does it go this endless misery when it evaporates from a host does it find another to take root within or spin […]