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My little blog has lost the horrid name it has been saddled with since it’s inception. Welcome to, same manic words, new shiny label. My best friend in the world has been coaching me and helping me to try and extend my reach as a real poet/writer. I don’t have the words to show my appreciation correctly, but i’ll keep trying.

As always, my debut collection is available on Amazon.

Notches: A Collection

In July, my short story Movie Night will be out in Death’s Head Press’s new anthology Dig 2 Graves vol 2. I’ll link it for preorder when it is available.

There are also two more short stories coming by the end of the year as well. More info when it becomes available. Possibly a third as well. Then early next year I will have at least one novella released which may be my best work to date. A second novella has been submitted and I am waiting on word back.

My debut novel, Hardly Fair is being shipped around. I’m very excited for it to be released. And as always, I am constantly writing new stories and poetry.

This is an exciting time for me, the culmination of a lot of hard work beginning to pay off. I’m even more excited to share it all with you, my dear readers. World Domination is at hand. One story at a time.


8 thoughts on “Site News

  1. My sincere congratulations to you my friend. I can not deny feeling a little envy to your newly found success, which I hope continues to thrive. It’s for these reasons I hold on to the hope that it’s never to late to try. I shake your hand and smile.

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