in the muddied grays of overcast happenchance

in the muddied grays of overcast happenchance above the swirling browns of constant motion there was a vascular precision to the chaos incarnate around me from every possible vantage the far bank was slapped rhythmically while our side made a sucking beneath the docks if i closed my eyes as the deck under my nervous […]


depression feels supercilious yet never once does her breathy whisper seem superfluous. it’s quite the feat.


when you realize the dream is just that no matter how hard you pursue or the amount you want it a lack of ability an overabundance of hope and tenacity mean nothing. you’re the one waiting your turn and no one wants to hear you unless it is to mock what you’ve done before. waking […]

morning on the bayou

the deck sits high lilting back and forth above the deceptively deep muddy brown water spanish moss hangs in brown clumps down towards the bobbing heads of turtles i seek the tell tale lumpy log like shape of gators lounging among the currents below a boat comes flying towards my perch sending the entire placid […]

High Fever Books reviews Hunger.

High Fever Books review of Hunger on the Chisholm Trail I am not used to this sort of praise, it is hard to accept they are talking about my book. Wow. Dang. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail is available now from Amazon. I’ll most likely be off the grid all weekend, Books on the Bayou […]

mattress of madness

as i slit the plastic shell holding the tightly bound mattress into compressed hatred, after maneuvering it onto the frame through no small effort a gasping sound as the infernal contraption of netherfoam hissed in loud breaths to flop to writhe before unrolling itself with a cry to r’yleh beneath the oily brine there is […]

no needs

never dreamt of a home a house to store my things a box of possessions possessed by the need to possess. all i need is a roof a charger and a good connection to the aether. the rest is superfluous. i long to paint the sunsets to pretend they are sunrises. lose sense of self […]

dissonance in the structure

i spend so much time alone feeling like an outsider in the skin prison that has kept me chained to the soil implanted with every fear doubts sprout with drooping petals that shed as brightly colored tears to the barren earth that pulls gravitational pulses growing stronger as another rotation leads closer to the inevitability […]

well read (a taste of (un)fettered)

she wore a shirt that said eat me, drink me and i was ravenous dying of thirst willing to go down that rabbit hole a tea service for two smiling when she announced it was off with my head told her i loved her she grimaced said that was seven impossible things she’d heard before […]

Night Worms Book Party

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, my first novel has been out for nearly two months now. I’m still sort of incredulous at how well it has been received. You don’t know when you write a story how others will take it. And I was double out of my element writing this. I’d never considered a […]


there is something about a field reclaimed by prairie grass and flowers a supple beauty unseen in the concrete prison of the city a field of mesquite shrub in a a pool of water after the damn near torrential rains that swept across texas like a wailing banshee driving into a little town half way […]

the world

the world doesn’t owe you a thing it gave you a one in a billion chance at life supplies air water bountiful food. is it easy no it shouldn’t be if everything were handed to you would you understand the feeling of accomplishment. when it weighs heavy on me i think of the ones that […]


it’s in my lack of understanding in which i strive to see beyond the reckoning of implicit lies in hopes of uncovering a hint as to the underlying truth. staring so intently at the bark of the tree that it isn’t until the bird has shit on my head i remember to look up. it’s […]

pink blossoms in the gutters of inconvenient truth

the rains have fallen incessantly over the past four days, the thunder shaking the windows, as forks of lightning stab down at the uncaring ground beneath, a battle with no true victor the trees that line the road have been battered by the winds, the small pinkish blossoms lay scattered in the gutters, left soaked […]


she swore there were maggots burrowed just beneath her skin as she scratched herself raw in the dark of her cluttered home. as i stood in the open doorway shining weak sunlight in i could see them squirming under her parchment like epidermis occasionally peeking out from one of the open sores. it was obvious […]


the rain makes the aching in my shoulder seem to pulsate in spiral agony with the vertical spray against the bedroom window. the world is quiet underneath the buffeting rains still sleeping not tossing and turning trying to find the one position that alleviates the pain.


As I stood there watching them, horror etched onto my face and silence stitched across my tongue, I knew that this was no dream. I do not know how I knew this spectacle unfolding before me was no mere fantasy, more of a vision given for no reason known to me except as willful torture. […]


old spice the white bottle with the ship on it a carton of reds a case of lite every year it was the same he didn’t ask for anything if he wanted it then he got it but every year he smiled hugged me in that back breaking rib creaking embrace of his kissed me […]

naps and splinters

some days are meant for lounging among the roots of the great world tree with nothing but thoughts of naps as dandelion fluff circles lazily in the hot summer breeze. other days are like a splinter just under the skin. i’ve had too many of the latter not nearly enough of the former and a […]


i can still recall the feel of the satin lining in the coffin as he lay in a suit and heavy makeup as if asleep i never did figure out if he was at peace or just painted to appear that way to put everyone else as ease in the end it didn’t matter at […]


a swirl of conjoining colors an array of shades of crimson dancing with black. there was nothing in the world in that singular instance but two pairs of eyes locked in misty understanding that forever was no longer an uncertainty but a gift. love struck by the simple snapping together of two seemingly indifferent pieces […]

and the sky opened above

and the sky opened above great gouts of pitch rained down upon the houses the streets the happy little people in happy little cars on asphalt gashes rendered into the flesh of the earth itself an umbilically umbraged biblical battering to cast the slate as wiped from incidental understanding and the sky opened up above

vellum prayers

the ravenous raven aflight on ebony wing to perch precariously upon the shoulder of sweet sorrow the darkness harkens to serene motion in faded sepia languish laid out like a flayed offering to bored gods the waves batter the unseemly seawall in decadent need for sluice to fill the ever empty belly of dreamhate solemnly […]

dine alone

i am well aware that on a list of dream men to sweep you off your feet carry you away to a land of dreams come true fulfill your wildest fantasies that i am most likely going to fail at every turn but if hearing rambling odes to birds trilling of where they store the […]

dastardly intent

a silhouette in the tree sits staring into the lone lit window a shadow among the dappled branches swaying gently in the early morning breeze. she undresses slowly in the full length mirror watching the reflection running hands slowly down the supple flesh a lesson on self love desire happily given. the silent watcher cares […]

< ~

i just don’t know anymore but every moment feels like i know less have you ever had a headache last nine years dreamt of getting sideswiped so someone else would pay the tab of fixing the things wrong with you stared inwardly into the unblinking emptiness that fills your pathetic meanderings and just wondered why? […]

sisyphean flashback

her kiss lingered upon my parched lips like a sisyphean flashback to a time when hope wasn’t just another four letter dagger between the third and fourth ribs when love wasn’t a synonym for a shortness of breath as blood fills vacuous innocence if only i had the foresight to blind myself as she walked […]


unvisible to any spectrum except one of spectral delights candy coated horror with gore filled pinatas hanging noisily in the haunted forest of childhood whimsy the reticence of those that despoil upon entering the magma core of ethereal agonies they sing a nonsense muttering of sinful dissonance to shatter the stalagmite of unshed tears that […]

roaming eye

she asked me for a picture to prove i was who i said i was so i sent her x-rays of the skeletal deficiency that creaks inside the flesh of tender lies she said i was beautiful stripped bare of gradual atrophy laid out in calcified remnants of pre-evolutionary denials a missing link between the […]

drowning in silence

the bird screams in ignoble disregard for the inherent bullshit that coats the earth in sticky pockets of filth it doesn’t preen it’s feathers just bellows to the void as it grows in dimension until it eventually encompasses all i get it little one i’ve just lost my ability to scream along with your dulcet […]

Shameless Self Promotion and Dust

Good Shameless Self Promotion Sunday, dear readers, I hope the day finds you well. Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have a collection or book to shill. My western horror novel, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, has been out a month and a half and the reviews have been pouring […]

36 insignifiers

so hyperfocused yet the edges blur until the definitive answer is to question imperial evidence without a hint as to the meaning of circumstantial suspecting the essential vitamins and nutrients until all becomes the same bland fibrous blend forcing the tongue to retreat in shame yet the truth is as simple as licking nine volt […]

a vision of you (a taste of (un)fettered, coming soon)

drops of blood in the clear glass of water cloudy swirls your fingerprints greasy reminders along every surface of my soul unpoetic unapologetic odes of once nevermore ash and dust little gray snowflakes caught upon the tongue all that remains cardiac discontent water turned scarlet ebbs and flows small tendrils still clear this open wound […]


i had mud on my face ashes on my jeans tears in my eyes blisters on my palms from gripping tight to moral insecurity as i buried my heroes in the cold high ground. climbing out from the footsteps of giants is a great way to work your core decimating values in the rains of […]

toothpaste and oranges

she inoculated my blank slate against ever pursuing one half as perfect unable to muster the necessary chemicals to ever give a fraction of my dream to another in any way but temporary her every kiss erased the memory of any that came before tainted the ideal of any to come after leaving my mouth […]

ode to manic dismay.

the sun was yellow; like the lemons on the tree; like her hair whipping in the breeze; like the finch on the branch, singing an insipid song of hope the grass was brown; like the barren earth beneath; like the rough scaled bark of the tree; like the squirrel chittering, at the bereftness of will […]

random panties

there was this woman i dated once upon a time a real wild one that could drink ten men under the table she was something to look at with a foul mouth and big blue eyes that could should lightning bolts while she smiled every time we went out together it was a night of […]

an ode to futility. 2.

he stood grinning like a goddamned fool bareass pointed towards the open door all while he pissed into the fan. the sorry son of a bitch would either be a statistic or president. i just sat with my hand over my wineglass feeling the mist across my leathery cheeks. god help us all.

ode to futility

that goddamned werewolf has been shitting in the petunias again. with silver the price of gold and my plasma flakier than a call girl’s panties at the end of shift, i may as well burn the whole fucking place to the ground.


there are times when the words come in short bursts the inside of my head is covered with lipstick kisses over cancerous growths. as painted by jackson pollock with hunter’s shotgun. a roadside attraction filled with pt barnum’s scraps. times like this i miss drinking.

under the stars

under the stars in front of the fancy houses of the rich long fallen asleep on mattresses stuffed with money i had your perfume in my nostrils the strands of your hair wrapped tight around my fingers your lips pressed hard filled with desire as our tongues did an intricate dance of need in a […]


with deadened digits of inarticulate aspiration threatening to scrawl an ode to the winsome smell of decay floating on the breezes of yesterday’s lovely memory rose petals lay piled across the broken mattress of matrimonial dissent to putrefy amongst the bloated black flies that swarm across silken lies sworn under the deadlight of sorrowful reminisce

making it up as we destroy

we met under the cover of night under the covers of desire under the understanding that what was uncovered could never be covered again she gave willingly of the flesh but i sought the rotten core inside of bruised ill intentions of battered hearts of self facing hate we smashed the facades of intermingled dismay […]

la brea

i lit my next cigarette off of the dying butt of my last every one is the last one i tell the ladies whereing too much made up i chase my shadow in a loop a gerbil on a wheel about to be stuffed into the ass end of a bitterly dejected universe it’s just […]

woke up

my bed is set on an inward spiral so every side is the wrong one woke up with a case of the burn the entire globe to cinders woke up with a blaze of agony lancing across acrimonious reality woke up with a headache a lighter and a case of molotovs dizzy from the infernal […]


when she smiled at me across the too long couch i cannot help but wonder at the subtle differences between need, desire and obsession she is a summer storm that runs across my every thought, my every dream, my every waking moment of exquisite shattered loneliness she reassembles me, only to break me apart in […]


they planted their rifles into the virgin soil; letting bullet trees sprout to rain death from the canopy of iridescent reverie behold the instance of secular grandeur; befallen from the heavenly bosom of dismay tinted lenses; begat by shameful pride far from fatalistic whims; cast aside by the fervent failings to drift as leaves upon […]

the podcast thingie

me on Deadmans Tome In case you missed it, here is my hour or so talking about my books, my friends, tigers and Cerberus. I am not as dour as my poetry might suggest. as always, thank you dear readers for your support. it is humbling to find one’s tribe after so long alone. hugs […]

podcast late notice

the Fool is going to be on Deadmans Tome this evening at 9:30 CST. gonna talk about Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, cancel culture on social media and why the left is just as rabid as the right and insane. I always have fun talking with Jesse, so I expect nothing less this evening. Deadmans […]


they pile on more and more then wonder why the bones snap from the weight while they sit on ivory thrones watching as the kingdom burns. it isn’t an uprising it is finally taking more than any one broken spirit can handle. i don’t drink much but a molotov sounds like it would hit the […]


it was a simple case of cause and affection, disaffecting the causal state of emotive nuance, wrangling all of the detritus that swims in the deep end of post evolutionary lacking. allegedly. the idea being that i willingly gave up a tail retractable claws spikey growths along the spine for nothing more than egregious soft […]


the first thing i noticed as i got out of the car was the unusual crackle of broken glass under foot then the flapping caution tape all around me alerted me that unusual was more usual than expected as i saw all the broken windows dotting the landscape of downtown. one day will people understand […]

synaptical misgivings

i just needed five minutes to stop running to stop being chased a soft chair a cup of coffee free internet the basic necessities as promised by the constitution most likely as i collapse on the chair waiting for the bean slinger to milk those browned berries for maximum caffeinated returns i notice the slack […]


she grabbed my wrists turned my palms up towards the ceiling i didn’t struggle didn’t see the point she ran her pointer finger down the creases over callus while muttering to herself i held in the sigh of dismissal not wanting to break the spell of her delicate fingers brushing little arcs of electricity on […]