when you realize
the dream
is just that
no matter how hard
you pursue
the amount you want it
a lack of ability
an overabundance of hope
and tenacity
mean nothing.

you’re the one
waiting your turn
and no one
wants to hear you
it is to mock
what you’ve done

waking up to realize
that you are no closer
if you’re lucky
you are still
in the same ocean
the chosen ones
have no interest
as you sink.

is it giving up
as the tattered memories
of dream
from your half asleep brain
or just allowing
reality to wash
over your unimportant soul?

for all the scenic beauty
the waking up
was the hardest part
of the weekend
when it felt like
there was never
any real sleep.

the dreamwisps hover
just out of focus
little reminders
that when no one
takes you seriously
your words
are merely
grunted sounds
into the void.

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