twelve tolls

it was near midnight the chill of winter’s breath was beginning to take hold a small howl came from the west distant lonely the scent of diesel filled the air the only other sound was that of my heels hitting the gravel down this road i knew led to redemption but it also led to […]


i found a sea shell in a store in iowa i held it up to my ear and heard nothing instead of the sea the shell had been gone from the water so long it had forgotten what home was i could relate i could see home smell it but i have forgotten the sound […]

I am in trouble

My GoFundMe So this is a link to a GoFundMe. Things have gotten pretty bad. I lost my job at the end of September. It has gone downhill from there. My car was repossessed last week. My phone has been off for two months. I am barely making it. Tuesday my power was shut off […]


she did it again at least this time i saw it coming she vanishes into the mist finds the heart of another when that insipid soul tosses her away it is back to my sphere she travels he did to her what she knew he would yet he wants her to have no other she […]

dance lesson

i was trying to teach my friend to dance again this morning she has two left feet though also two right feet well, technically they are hooves as she is a centaur hard to pirouette i can never dip her correctly sometimes i felt like i could lead her to the dance floor but could […]