she did it again
at least this time
i saw it coming
she vanishes
into the mist
finds the heart
of another
when that insipid soul
tosses her away
it is back
to my sphere
she travels

he did to her
what she knew
he would
yet he wants her
to have no other
she let him do
whatever he wants to do
still she wants
no other

but in the meantime
between time
the sad and lonely time
the broken hearted time
that is my time
the only time
she contacts time
to spill out
her dreams time
to try to snag me
on the line time

but that was
the last time
it didn’t work
but i was too polite
to tell you
when you left before
i was shattered
when you came back
i felt every crack
that had badly set
light leaks through
my new facade
but i am whole
without you

i hope he loves you
this time
i hope it is
your happy ending
you deserve it
but lose
my contact information
i won’t be here
to make you feel better

4 thoughts on “times

  1. There is a Chinese idiom ‘A smart person doe snot dwell on past actions.’ I like the direct translation though ‘ a good horse does not turn back to eat the trampled grass’.

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  2. Unsure if this is poetry or personal, my thoughts are simple “Good for you! Boundaries are worth it.” Hugs. It is an testament to strength and recovery. It hurt to read but the kind of hurt that comes from relating deeply. Well done.

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    1. nearly all of mine is made up of both. river from thestoriesinbetween, a fantastic writer, described what i do as confessional poetry. it was the first time i heard that term and realized it was perfect. the best lies have a measure of truth. the most emotional peotry does as well I guess.

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