Hello my sweet. So, how was your weekend? Good, serves that cocksucker for daring to step to you. Way to show your inner badass on the outside for once. Fuck him and I hope his dog gets AIDS from a stray that sold itself to get more heroin. He needed that slap. Proud of you […]


Good day. Kids this weekend so rambling diatribes on art and kisses will have to pass for the next 2 days. Imagine this is how the weekend will go.  I am gonna meal prep the week with honey siracha chicken and veggies. Play a shit ton of Mario Kart with the two coolest people on […]

Modern Art is Mostly Shit

Miss me? That fucking headache nearly killed me dear reader. It was fucking close. I drank far too much Nyquil and slept for 14 hours. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. But you do not give two tugs of a dead dog’s cock about my head. No. You want to know how the date […]


Hi there schmoopy. Missed me? Missed you too. Bunches. You are my first thought in the morning and last before bed. Muah. So I tend to title before I wrote to give me some focus on a topic. If you have not noticed I am all over the place. It must be exhausting to be […]

Too Much Caffeine

Will wonders never cease? Been running fast and furious lately. I seen some shit man. Been there done that. Non sequitur. Random words. You feel what I am putting out here?  Motivational! Old Spanky is losing his shit here people. The lights seems dark and the dark feels dank. I saw the eclipse today Dear […]

Music and Words

You ever drive around with the music way too loud, no destination in mind, dear reader? I did that yesterday. Convinced myself I needed to commune with nature. Blah blah healthy. Blah blah spiritual. And I had an epiphany. of sorts. Epiphany means all the pollen crushed my fucking sinus cavity and made me it’s […]


Hey there buckaroos. Old Uncle Spanky has been a bit obsessed lately. Sorry if I have been distant and distracted.  See. there is this story I have had brewing for literally years. And the end came to me yesterday. I never knew the end. and it was so simple. not elegant but exactly what it […]