80s Synth

I feel like I am trapped in a Depeche Mode album. Everything is dreary and intentionally shitty for no reason. A week and a half and quite a few messages but no real leads. I have cone to the conclusion that I suck at this. 

The idea that based on five pics and a page of putting on airs will bring love is fucking silly. Silly with the nine milly, what the dealie yo? Yes.
And still I try. It is all for you dear reader. My friend. I think I am content to just die alone. It is better than endless swiping and repeating myself. 

Is this rock bottom? And is really lonely at the top? If so how do you differentiate the two? Is this why we settle for middle ground? My head hurts. I am tired. 

Turns out sex is easy. Love is the fucking challenge. Maybe the Dom will smack some sense in to me.

Hugs and kisses


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