(un)titled rhyme

at least at last dreams fly at half mast there is no end to forever but the promise tends to die there is no second chance just memory to deny it’s the fall before the landing it’s the lack of understanding it’s the promise of tomorrow it’s the truth painted with sorrow at least at […]


the dolphin smiles in the moonlight, yet darkness is sheer in it’s mute glare. finally a finale of finite fair for friendly forces find fate folds feeble flair duck and cover in the poignant madness of irreversible tides never once has the void seemed as appealing as when hovering nigh never once has the void […]

(un)titled depression

i had the oil to keep the beast at bay but rent rendered that purchase null and void so welcome back my friend the silence is to your liking yes the emptiness your domain the sweet sorrow falls beneath your dominion swaddle me in your itch hold me with the cold dead truth did you […]


overcast underwhelmed out of range of normal skittish little creature with jittery eyes twitching in the shadows of tomorrow hackles raised in response to yet another whispered chant of mayhem undercast overwhelmed within range of tantrum

a story on repeat

they sit holding hands sharing secret smiles is there anything at all more insipid than young love better have a first aid kit handy young fools the tenuous ache sits ever patient on the flipside of beauty i have to pull over as sobs overtake me it seems i have read this work before

euphoric misery

the weeping eye casts stardust throughout the cosmos in euphoric misery i think the milk has gone bad but i cannot be bothered to go to the store instead i shall lie here with cold silence in the spot you should occupy staring at the ceiling while that weeping orb watches through the clouds

tea and conversation

i had tea with a vampire it was delightful sitting in the study sipping earl gray surrounded by books with yellowed pages the leather spines broken from centuries of reading it was nice to sit in a room with no mirrors as neither of us care for the damnedable things we talked through the night […]