spun around

help is never as abundant as when you don’t need it but i will be damned if the second you do there isn’t just tumbleweeds rolling across the barren land

worry comes in the quiet moments between crisis when everything seems to be okay for the first time in a long time to piss on your parade of general joy

i have been anxious for the last couple days as the story slips out of me like it always does when i find myself in the skin of another character spilling across the page

as i write one tale another grows in my head but i curse those times between when it feels as if every good story has already been told by someone much better

instead of seeking help to vanquish the worry to ease the anxiety i trim my eyebrows and pluck the hair from ears and nostrils while putting off shaving

it is human instinct to put off the important things while wiling away the day in the midst of one inconsequential activity and wondering where the time went

uncertain if i am a lost cause or it is because i am lost that leads me to wander in circles trying to figure out why i feel dizzy as the world spins the opposite direction


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