but i can dream

i’ve been trying to figure out how to best introduce myself to you i thought maybe i would slide in, dressed up in a vest and bowtie, shirt tucked in, pocket watch chain hanging casually, my docs all shined up a smooth first impression say my name and assume you would recognize it, maybe go […]


sitting on the summit of a mountain of broken hearts, watching the world burn, roasting marshmallows whistling off key sonotas and warbling dirges, tapping my toes to the beatings below, snapping fingers as they snap a neck weapons of mass distraction, guerrilla daycare, emotional warfare, nuclear lipstick and gentle choking shift the dynamic realtime renderings, […]

american mythos

there isn’t any judgement like old school judgement, the trials and tribulations of gods and man, but this new world has more judgement and less holy myth when i was a kid i would sit on this big rock at five every night, so excited for dad to come home by seven i would be […]


as the bruises faded to shades of green and malignant yellows down the side of her face, the imprint of his wedding band stood out in sharp contrast where it had actually torn the skin it was an island of scab in the sea domestic abuse, a petty reminder of the man he was her […]

quam minimum credula postero

as a kid they taught us carpe diem seize the day did you shout it in your head i do when i read it a simple phrase, but one of empowerment as i grew up i saw it used all over reach for your dreams, grab the bull by the horns seize the day ever […]

rethinking poetry

i got home from work and my headached so i turned off all the lights and laid back on my bed, propped up two pillows and decided to read poetry, maybe find inspiration this is something i don’t ever do i’m always shy around poets and reading their works they are brillaint with pen and […]


i can never go home again not really not ever the first memories went up in smoke along with my red metal firetruck grandma’s house burnt in a failed suicide attempt by an aunt the longest stretch spent now condemned, radioactive, a wasteland there were spots so hot that the winter snow melted away the […]


we live in an era of de-evolution for every great stride forward with technology our dependency upon it grows,without even noticing we are losing basic functions need directions, use your phone, need instructions, internet, feeling sick it’s cancer, it’s always cancer using a map, the dewey decimal system, experiencing life there is an app for […]


with the rapidly depleting ice caps, my mental state has shifted to bi-solar i’d hoped it would melt away as well, as the final starving polar bears cling to shrinking icebergs maybe there would be a shift in me as well, no more polar ice caps, no more wild swings the longer days, the lingering […]

dear in headlights

like a car crash in slow motion every shard of glass a diamond suspended around us, i could pluck them individually from the air, fashion them into a necklace for your elegant neck the buckling of metal, screeching of frame, the dashboard flying towards my chest, airbags disabled, sparks like fireworks around our heads the […]


two weeks with my only tethers to this mortal coil, my progeny, my shattered soul made whole managed to make it home, the roiling mass of tentacles, the curling ball of sorrow like acid etching the back of my throat before collapsing in a heap it is quiet now no noise to muffle the frantic […]

between w and y

i miss you miss your smile and your laugh, the way you smell and dance when you think no one is looking in another life maybe we will find each other again i will see you across the room and something will click, we won’t have the same baggage, the same hang ups our eyes […]


potential the sums of so many thoughts of words and whimsy the small cubby in the bed my resting place fan blowing the frigid wind, so much wasted potential, so many fluid forgotten phrases, a life unlived, a song unsung dreaming of another place, where fear and foreboding didn’t win the day, where words spoken, […]

apart meant

the silence of the place rings out, echoing the hope, mocking the feeling of despair triumphant tragedy the feeling of being a ghost in your feeble existence, haunting laughter, daydreaming the static of another life cryptic sadomasochistic, reciprocating, undulating, oscillating head cradled in numb hands the migraine ingrained until all else is false, triple spiked, […]

Nut Job, a Gear Dreary tale redux, Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Adrift My eyes snapped open and tried to take a giant heaving breath. Pain shot through my entire body in lightning arcs from head to toe. I could not pinpoint one area that hurt worse than any other as every synapse sent pulses of wicked fire through me. A red tinge overlaid […]

eight ball

common courtesy, like common sense is not that common any more in this day and age of dying by inches and social media likes, of followers and following but going nowhere instead of trying our best to be better people we try our best at trying to appear our best when that is smoke and […]


crying into my shoulder as i attempt to make coffee, wanting to be alert for the misery that will keep sleep at bay the put me down of this everlasting misery more than the pick me up of this dark brown sludge, the black taint on my mind, this stabbing pain in my chest, this […]


outside the hut, the storms have come, the fury of nature outside, the force of man resides within the furnace fills the room with waves of heat, the iron sits within heating to white hot thunder cracks sending shockwaves through the trees as the rain pounds the roof driving the hammer over and over, sweat […]


they came in the night and replaced my left eye with a recording device they thought it would go unnoticed but the resolution is slightly higher and it shows a status bar that seems to indicate the power is at fifty percent i can scan things and know what they cost and see a person […]

Nut Job, a Gear Dreary tale redux Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Setting Expectations Rachael Faust. Why would the group that kidnapped her need me to help find her? Her father said he spoke with a man with yellow eyes and the only two I know of that fit that bill and one of them just asked me to find her as well. Silence. […]

Hercules and Prometheus, myth

The man atop the mountain however did sense the figure slowly making its way to the summit where he stood, chained to his boulder for all eternity. And in this figure he could feel the warm buzzing of salvation creep through his bones. So filled with relief at the thought of freedom when the rays […]


flying down the sidewalk, see the line, live the line, olly into a kickflip to catch the crooked grind down the twelve set, varial heelflip and pray for no traffic the board goes its own way halfway through the kickflip, my trajectory is straight for the rail, feet flailing, the ting of metal and feet […]


pitiless stares from silent watchers, hidden in plain sight, hunters hunted by forces inexplicable rest is for the dying, the reminder of sleep eternal, for now we dance under the stormy skies in hopes of rains filled with glorious cleansing the thunder cracks the hymns of forefathers, each lightning strike another reliquary of ancestral pride […]

pick up line

any port in the storm any snort in a porn any hope is all worn every loss is still warm the ratatatat of a snare drum the crackle of burning tobacco no matter how intricately the mirrors are set up are you listening? no matter how intricate the mirrors are set up never look the […]

an ode to chris burden, mARTyr

he stood still as his friend lifted the rifle he stood still as his wife refused to hammer the nails he lay still, naked and alone as the flames surrounded him a massive ball of entwined train tracks and desolate environmental hell he sat still and confessed his affair, love in ohio, his wife unaware […]

matter of time

the light turned on but her pupil never shifted the light turned on and flooded the room with incandescent brilliance, illuminating all, casting shadows in the corners in her eyes the light has gone off flickering fluorescents cast a yellow pall upon her body, the lack of chest movement indicating what was gone from the […]


decided to stay in bed today, take comfort in this comforter but it may be defective, a perpetual state of good morning but with out u it feels hollow some bored games to pass the time but I have to play solitare, uno, no matter how the cards are shuffled it is at best one […]


the darting black shadow upon the battlefield, a fearsome caw as it flies down to feast upon the souls of the dead, the crow pecking the eyes of the fallen soldiers a flash of red in the darkness, an old hag hunched over by age washing bloody armor in the stream, the rattle of wands […]


this flow of unfavorable words will not cease, not give some feeling of triumph over tragedy, not give a sense of relief or release, not stop whispering evil things if the silence lasts more than a second i miss the one that got away, the ones that got away, the almost, the might have been, […]


three years ago today i earned a new set of scars third day on a new job unfamiliar with the dangers five hundred degree plastic with too much back pressure exploded out of the nozzle unfortunately i was in the path blinked just in time to save my right eye this morning after a shower […]


flashes of metal, again and again, arterial spray, vivid and robust across everything crimson jets, mist and plumes, hot and fresh from the teat as these things go over and again, in brutal machine like efficiency that blade kept raining down longing for the days of the air hammer and rustic thump hiss thud of […]

for edgar

stumbling alone on this muddy path, the pregnant moon the only light, heart racing and labored burning breath i saw something i should not have, a creature feasting, bloody mouth and ragged claws, the personification of death my gasp have me away, those dread black eyes met mine, the tearing of teeth and the jutting […]

amatuer self saboteur

made an appointment to see a doctor about my issues skipped it then thought about how a trip to a doctor could help my increasingly unstable state of mind what would i say if i actually went, that i am lonely, that it feels like the walls are closing in but it is even scarier […]

to mr bourdain

one last time the music echoed down the hallway hey ho, let’s go the four raven dyed heads banging to the simple chord progression and basic odes to life and sniffing glue i fell into your words saw a kindred spirit a rebel with sharpened blade and middling by his own admission, culinary skills reinvented […]


as the mushroom cloud erupts in the not so distance, the first shockwave sending the ground in front of me into ripples, the first wave of fatal radiation a heat flash making all who stand against into shadows falling to my knees and accepting the cleansing bath, the last full body orgasm before nothingness, sweet […]

a sensual autopsy

my beautiful insanity on pubic display, my heart turned circular from all the time my mind spent in space my misfired synaptical responses from concussions and spinal infractions, the scar where my appendix once lived all marrow and sinew, detached retinas and cavernous sinus cavities in the now vacant skull, finally emptied of the words […]

mojave stare

they look at me with concern are you okay you seem down lately is something the matter your writings have been… well, it seems like something has been bothering you you write about your depression a lot why don’t you go out and do something, take your mind off of it stop thinking about it, […]


i sat on the bench, eyes closed, head facing up into the warmth of the sun a red dot on my forehead shaky moving slightly up and down with the slow rhythmic breathing of the sniper a block away not that i could see it i was in dreamland, contemplating lunch or what book to […]


as told to me by Orpheus after a night of wine and song all praise be to almighty Nyx, for she is the beautiful goddess of night, one of the first of the many gods to take form from the fabric of being listen to her augeries, chanted and sprung to life in her adyton […]

not from around here

in my frustration and impotent rage it dawned on me maybe i am not of this world it makes the almost herculean effort required to fit in come into frame am i a demon sent from the bowels of hell itself given form as that of mortal man but with a more nefarious purpose did […]

lovecraftian tanka

the surface ripples tentacles search for fresh prey hungrily seeking the promise of a slow death beneath the inky black waves — sitting on the dock unaware of the danger dark ones awaken of ancient rage incarnate from beyond the stars themselves — nyarlathotep cthulhu and azathoth lords of destruction crawling out of the abyss […]


sorrow bitter pain a soft lament tears falling sorrow — dreams fitful abstract running laughing falling a brief respite from doldrums fantasy — head stones carved reminders granite sculptures of death a life rendered into etchings of loss

acrostic agnostic

i need proof anything metaphysical disharmonics solemn vows unspoken hymnals fanatical leaps of logic faith and whimsy erroneous resurrection and remorse immaculate contraception neurologically speaking grimoires and black rites agnostic infidelity nature versus fable drained of virtue washed of sense agitated by dismissal narratives and parables turn a blind eye persecuted for lack of faith […]


is the moon blood red or did i cut myself again hard to tell as i float down the stream on a lazily deflating inner tube but the inner tube is out and i am in it crystalline juxtaposition i am inner it is outer and space is calling me with the voice of a […]

witless witness

have a q-tip in my hand and the thought of just jamming it in as hard as possible keeps flashing through my mind was chopping vegetables for dinner and had to throw the knife across the room all i wanted was to drag it across my throat, down my forearms, carve your initials deep into […]