but i can dream

i’ve been trying to figure out how to best introduce myself to you i thought maybe i would slide in, dressed up in a vest and bowtie, shirt tucked in, pocket watch chain hanging casually, my docs all shined up a smooth first impression say my name and assume you would recognize it, maybe go […]


sitting on the summit of a mountain of broken hearts, watching the world burn, roasting marshmallows whistling off key sonotas and warbling dirges, tapping my toes to the beatings below, snapping fingers as they snap a neck weapons of mass distraction, guerrilla daycare, emotional warfare, nuclear lipstick and gentle choking shift the dynamic realtime renderings, […]

american mythos

there isn’t any judgement like old school judgement, the trials and tribulations of gods and man, but this new world has more judgement and less holy myth when i was a kid i would sit on this big rock at five every night, so excited for dad to come home by seven i would be […]


as the bruises faded to shades of green and malignant yellows down the side of her face, the imprint of his wedding band stood out in sharp contrast where it had actually torn the skin it was an island of scab in the sea domestic abuse, a petty reminder of the man he was her […]

rethinking poetry

i got home from work and my headached so i turned off all the lights and laid back on my bed, propped up two pillows and decided to read poetry, maybe find inspiration this is something i don’t ever do i’m always shy around poets and reading their works they are brillaint with pen and […]


i can never go home again not really not ever the first memories went up in smoke along with my red metal firetruck grandma’s house burnt in a failed suicide attempt by an aunt the longest stretch spent now condemned, radioactive, a wasteland there were spots so hot that the winter snow melted away the […]