decided to stay in bed today, take comfort in this comforter but it may be defective, a perpetual state of good morning but with out u it feels hollow

some bored games to pass the time but I have to play solitare, uno, no matter how the cards are shuffled it is at best one of a kind, never a full house, never a pair, sadness in spades and told to go fish when asked if she had any hearts
scrabbling to find the rules but this sorrow holds a monopoly and there is no reason to connect for, it boggles the mind, the anticipation, the risk, the way my mind jumps in pieces in hopes someone will king me

i mistook a rook for a queen and that mate checked out, a series of shoots and latters, sorry, that was an apples to apples way to say she sunk my battleship as we tried to get to candyland

can’t seem to break the ice, checking again but the rules are in chinese, a conspiracy without a clue, no way to guess who is who in these endless mazes of dungeons and dragons

nowhere to go, this trivial pursuit ends with snakes and ladders leading nowhere, a twister of emotional distress, cornholed by a teetering tower of blocks, a jumble of words

morally bankrupt in a wheel of fortune, the jeopardy of falling into another family feud, the hangman and the old maid bickering in the form of a question

there are always more fish in the sea, but sometimes the games of war leave the players in limbo, mouths full of marbles as the dominoes fall, until all is left of axis and allies is the stubbornly cross words they shared

searching for words in this balderdash, this empty land of candy crushes and pictograms, speaking in charades for charlatans and all so many duck ducks and not enough geese

hoping to tag someone in, to take my place in this mouse trap, to find meaning in this rhyming pictionary of misguided poker faces and drowning in the river, flush with another stunning defeat, a fifty two card pile up on the highway of life

maybe i should just read instead, take solace in another’s word play, leave the games to those that know how to win, the rules are too complicated for one stuck in a rut, rudderless on an ocean of complex currents and topographical waves, stay in bed under this blanket of thoughts

good knight

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