chromium tinted soulshatter

the rain falls in silver daggers cutting through the detritus of a fractured sphere neon dreamshivers cascade through mercury chemtrails illuminating the tumored expanse between rhythmic heartthunders in her chromium tinted soulshatter i scream your name in the midst of dream, seeking the salvation in your arms, falling falling falling, ever into you, the world […]


i am brittle at the edges fragile this morning feeling like any sudden move will make me fall apart in this quiet apartment understanding what exactly apart means in dire need of you, my love

cuckoo is finally done

hey dear readers, been a bit since i checked in. i have been writing a novel, Cuckoo, since November. last night i finished it, finally. typing the end and closing that tale is a pretty big step for me. i am used to expressing emotion in around 100 words. quick tears, move on to the […]

what is

what is a man but a collection of jagged bits rusted screws angry hornets with cured leather draped over distempered bones what is a woman but an unwritten ode of soft spoken truths in a hurricane icy daggers half dreamt scenes overlaid upon ambiguous sunsets

thirty three in the key of lonely

empty eyes stare creepily from the shadows static images pulled into distortion minor hellscapes wrapped in still frame disillusion random bells chime as the world totters on axial disinterest magnetic polecats prance along frozen sine waves shivering down faux marbled reticent refrains no matter how loudly i scream the emptiness swallows my voice until i […]


this morning is the first i can remember in weeks where the wind isn’t an icy dagger down the back of my neck so the universe mixes it up with a sullen drizzle reminding me life is not to be enjoyed without consequence early morning post office trip as an old man talked for the […]


he has been folded so many times umwanted hands taking my words then twisting them into the shape they long to see trying to turn the fool into something he never was ignoring the creases already deeply set seeking the form most adjacent to their dream when that doesnt work when he doesnt follow the […]


he wasa peculiar mana known liarperpetually betweenjobsrelationshipsdreamsa part timekleptomaniac full timelosertrying to findthat last scorethe big haulto put alifetime of bad luckto bedat long last she wasa lovely soulscarred by lifea pyromaniacflames wrappedaround her ribsprotecting herfaberge hearta hidden treasure forgottenby the betrayalsthe gamesthe agendasshe had nointerestin participating inuntilthe fateful dayshe stumbled on him he pickedher […]

lost to ghosts

some streets have too many ghosts in these small towns that are nothing more than graveyards home is a place of loss my first tooth ny virginity my innocence all those firsts to never be regained scars kisses broken hearts just another anthropomorphic ouija board running from the dead dying in small cuts mostly self […]

riverside drive

we snuck out the middle of the night unable to take another moment apart we didnt have a destination just a need so we went to a park and let our mouths our hands say the things words failed how long did we sit steamed up windows our fever spreading by the contact until we […]

morning haze

the back hoe engine revs in the silent morning the treads seeking purchse to climb the curb to desecrate the brown grass beeping incessantly as the men stand sipping cups of steaming coffee in the too cold texas morning as i stare out the window over an empty highway daydreamilng about bed about her about […]

looking for meaning in shadowplay

i dont say anything not really but i do it in a way that gives false depth use of shadow illusionary meanings left to the reader upon closer expectation a mirage always just over the next hill but truly a blank expanse asphalt illusions of brittle hope i know my limitations one track mind on […]

broken sword

he brandishes a broken sword sure it is allegorical but unwilling to fall into that rabbit hole of every misspoken sentiment since the first basic moment of sentience stumbling over sensory delusion in a life sentence of broken sentences he cannot help but pick at the scabs delighted at the crimson droplets along the refrain […]

lazy sundays

we were spending a lazy sunday lounging in bed when the call came that he was dead it’s funny knowing someone is dying yet how shocked the news of their passing still manages to be i wish i had started spilling my guts to this uncaring world that morning when i found out he died […]

cesspool of empty words

art is a cesspool filled with empty words a quagmire of screaming voices begging for attention quality secondary didactically driven in false sanctimony a constant need for stranger’s validation at the expense of accidentally saying anything of value art is an open sewer filled to the brim with predatory gators always smiling as they lazily […]


one of the many lieslearned the hard waywas that lightningdoesn’t strike twiceif you were to run your handsacross the lichtenberg scarsthat trail down my chestan array of fern leavesin puckered flesheach leaf engravedwith the ghost of a smileas each blood vessel burstwith every last kisslingering dischargeacross deadened skinfaint whiffs of perfumesthe taste of salty tearsmaybe […]

false cures

insipid imitatations inspired immolations these vapid insistent instigators puffed up on self importance crows acting as ravens watching from the stands as they fumble using collanders to catch the rain not understanding what they manufacture in generic throes she simply breaths through supple prose trying to catch lightning huddled in bunkers unable to grasp beauty […]

oil slicks and webbing

there is anoil slickon the coffeefractalsthat prevent my lipsfrom crackingthe amorphous shellbetween wakinginto another hellor strugglingto find solacein five minuteintervallicsleepwitherswhere dreamis an elastic bandaround rusty valvesin cardiac distress i wokelooked for yourealized exactlywhat new fuckerywas being imposedby realitythen stubbornlydrank coffeewhile glaring atthe ever brightening skyintermittentpalpatationsheartshivers tremblingover the invisiblesilken webthat connectsher wonderto my sense of awe

the details

the devil’s in the details and baby, you are in my every dream how about we make the heavenly choir blush tinge those pretty halos a sultry shade of pink ’cause if the devil’s in the details and my tongue is deep inside of you then hell sounds like a slice of heaven blanketed in […]

fool’s gold

the only outstanding thing about him was the warrants he ran from across the country one step ahead of bondsman debt collectors a trail of broken hearts because empty promises were all he had to give as the bounty hunters search seedy motel parking lots on the bad side of whatever one horse town he […]


iris glidesdownthe prismatic infusionto fill her clay potfrom the seasher wingsno more thanscarred stubsstill try to flutteras sherefills the cloudsto bring aboutthe rainsher sorrow tingedlaughterin the dissipatingflourish ofthe arching rainbow

chain smoking siren stares miserably over a concrete sea

once a day the asian lady that lives above me goes out onto her balcony she sings words i do not understand in a soft partially broken tone like a siren that smokes heavily nicotine stained fingers her scales losing their luster singing out over the(waves) parking lot to lure a lost love home i […]

pangaea subtlety

she excites a feeling of unknowing nakedness across the heartspatters that frame my willing desires of petulant flame casting off the multi-hued dispersions of aches before dancing shadows on the quiet cave walls of painted dream a momentarily [motionless sea on which we float in stasis] swept upon lingering tides of calcified lustshivers carved from […]

coffee and the last dream vestiges of her

the last dregs of dream cling tendrils of foggy unwaking adding a hint of her held tightly to my chest in every absent thought as the coffee brews and the sky lightens outside half rapturous half agonizing wildflower petals softly spoken declarations in a haze of dreamslurry the sparrows line up to watch me watch […]

baran potato with a side of sylvia

damn you damn you damn you damn you and your (egregious dreamstallionry) vociferous viper lying wait in the cool grass for a wary traveler such as i oh, yes such as i indeed for i am on to you(temptress) vapid unconcern ladled by voluptuous nymphs with moonkissed breasts swollen with promise the mistress screams from […]

the imaginary queen checkmates herself in the end

shefancied herselfa queencarvingan imaginarykingdom a toxic spillblurringthe checkered board so blindedby her owninsecuritesshe sawpeopleas pieceswith nounderstandingof the mechanicsassuming anybeneath herwere all pawnseven as shepretended totreat themlike knights shefancied herselfa queenunaware historycan always tellbenevolent from bully a paper machétiaraover sad lonely eyes

vernacular over emotion

they judge honest reactions because they don’t feel anything but a need to be praised for their own cleverness at the expense of saying anything at all i feel the urge to speak torn away screaming to nothing while they blather endlessly felating themselves for lack of toothpicks so desperate to be seen little more […]

the taste (gray)

this morning the taste of poetry on my tongue is muted in the coffee and empty lines constructed by so called poets who barely manage to mimic the movement spasmodically arranging letters without ever touching the words dripping false sincerity in vapid lines this morning the taste of poetry on my tongue is of drowning […]


when all is said and done my life’s works spread across the table like the legs of a dead whore i hope to be seen as ansel adams through the lens of zdzisław beksiński pure emotion strung tight in a sadists corset of sorrow’s twine not a poor man’s bukowksi with sylvia’s heart on his […]


seeking to pour myself into her padlocked heart to coalesce around the rusted tumblers seeking the right combination to unlock the love within her that screams to me in the silence between thunderous heartshivers an amateur locksmith locked out of his own perpetual longing out all night helping others escape the darkness inherent in a […]


i am tired, sitting outside the laundromat, of the indifference so causually given just exhausted from vagueries, as the line forms for the tapatia, my stomach grumbles the air is too thick with unspoken words, as i cannot navigate the ones actually spoken an empty bottle of cognac sits, a mist forming, i am not […]


it is exhausting this inexhaustible fire sucking the oxygen from the room still i burn from within the dying ember of the very first star to simply stop when i say i don’t understand, sometimes that means everything, the metaphors make it impossible to see anything but the mud caked across my tongue, i am […]

hidden moon whispers, madly

some evenings i feel too earnestlike i could spill my every secretacross the milky way in gentleprose tucked in breathy whispersto the hidden moon high abovethe clouds there is nothing to stop the floodbuilding behind the hastilyerected levees and baby, i am waybelow sea level in the absence ofyour lips upon mine and i need […]

silver clouds of sorrowful recompense

the sky is neon gray the sun infusing the clouds with that radioactive glow that promises just less than you want need or deserve the love of a mother filtered through stinging rebukes or material possessions that leave the scars aching in the early morning chill these days sitting at the edge of a full […]

a second

i could not tell if it was her [eyelashes] my [heart] or the very [ground beneath me] that fluttered when she made eye contact across the crowded street but for a second briefly then gone there was a mystery /a wonder/ that seemed to suffuse the still world in the(golden nimbus)of dream as if nothing […]

dreary days

on dreary days like this the thought travels with every stinging lash of ache maybe i died expired just a spectre of promises dashed malingering in this too big bed staring up at an uncaring ceiling for eternity the ache an anchor keeping me tethered to a plane where i never truly existed outside sirens […]

a late waking for day draped in dread

i added gingerfreshly shavedto the coffee groundsthis morningan agonized skullthrobbing alongto the piteous whineof valves half rustedin my chestmy gutsfeel like an empty nettrailing behinda trawleron an ocean ofinsipid deathpullingpartially dreamt dreamsto the harborwhere all poetseventually end upon a benchas their ink flakesinto the seaof salty indignationfor words never read

an ache

there is anache it seemsto beginin my leftshoulder bladewhere it knotsalong my neckbefore stabbingdirectlyinto my brain a red hot bladethrough the butterygelatinspiked withchemicalsdelusionsand other sundry things but it begins withan ache somewherein that gapwhereif i werea real boymy heart wouldhangin an ivory cageinstead of thissawdust sackfeebly spinningin condemnation

al(i)en daydream

crystal leavessway beneaththe lavenderbinary sunsrefracting the raysinto a monochromaticarray of inverseprismatic dismayas shadows spawnin triplicateover sulfuric streams


listen as the sheep bleat in the caref ully mani cured pen hark your newest(silver haired)messiah more familiar with /burningbush/ than bible”quotes” chase chase chase that american gleam in the eyes of the worm chewing slowly through the fetid core the nightmare in the rotted corpse of flatulentdream so begins the[latest]chapter of unraveling constitutional comeuppance […]

by his own hand

it cannot be considered drowning if it is his own hands holding him under the surface is it suicide he insists if you can’t recall having lived the sky is always fucking gray and he cannot tell if it is following him or if he is causing it in the simple sin of existing in […]

to edgar

i listenin the silencefor thattelltale hearthis glass eyestaring at mein dreamwhile he beggedme to not placethe last brickbefore the housesplit asunderand all that remainedwas the windcalling her namethe ravens peckingat the dooras the nobles burncovered in pitchbeneath the chandelierof gold bugsand apescommiting crimesmasques and amontilladoall swirlin the madnessthat itchesthe back of my brainin poem and […]


she held a string that impossibly wound itself around the knot at the bottom of the moon i looked admiringly at the gossamer thread seemingly woven of platinum dreamwhisper that held the satellite far above dream or heaven or any other man made lie

not very good

today was not a very good day for being human exhaustedballofmiserableanxiety hitting the fuck off switch on a terrible day


he walked in with an aquarium in his hands set it on the bar ordered a draft reached in his pocket pulled out a small can which he tapped carefully over the fishbowl likely there is a story there but i find my interest diminish as the idiotic thing chases the multicolored flakes i’d talk […]

general custer

it seems to me general custer was an average looking man with an exceptionally extravagant mustache but incompetence is a poor look for even the finest coiffed of would be perpetuators of genocide now a half remembered punchline dead as gravedirt but a damn fine mustache indeed

the field

each dandelionhas an evil eyesurroundedby soft petalscrying pollenatedbrimstone tearsunblinkingas the windblows throughthe nightmare fieldof fetid daydream


the world demandsits pound of fleshbut i am badat conversionsso i setmy heart on the scalein time for sobekto snap me updeemed unworthyas the sands swirlbeneath thisphotonegative delusion


don’t wish upon me i am nothing more than an obsolete satellite burning up upon re-entry just a sad excuse for real crying while listening to sad songs sitting miserably at the corner of anxious weariness and charging windmills

i am normal, just not traditionally or technically

being different is something to be respected to be channeled embracing thinking angularly rather than shunning what is not understood it can take shape as a myriad of mental maladies excused by chemical imbalances brought on by trauma regulated medicated encouraged to try and just be normal but maybe through a different medium the miswired […]

brink of dream

every night the neighbor drops something the same something i assume it is his phone but sometimes in the middle of sleepless nights i wait to hear it fall to know i am not sleeping seconds tick by in strange dilation when the world outside is silent the tocks do not seem to equal the […]


i have lain still unmoving unbreathing through an evening where fhe world went completely silent no traffic no planes no wind through the chimes just my pulse in my ears i thought at first have i gone deaf am i asleep merely dreaming i lie awake blanketed in quiet i go outside it is cold […]

wesley willis, chicago poet

wesley was fromanother plane of existencea schizophrenicthat madesimplestrange songsyou couldn’t helpbut smile duringand he wouldheadbutt his fansso there wasnothingnot to loveabout the earnest poettelling storiesabout urge overkill showsor rock and roll mcdonaldsscream, dracula, screambeguiling simplicityhiding the geniustrapped behindhis madness rock over londonrock on chicagowesley willis, chicago’s secret poet

between heartbeats

we occupythe momentsbetween notesas ryo playsin the silencebetween heartbeatsthe instant beforethe synapse sparks slow dancingwith youas the worldstares at the high-hatshiverunaware of anythingbut you andthe wildflowers in your smile

ojos vacíos

went to the palm reader in the barrio searching for a bit of direction in a rudderless world she looked startled as i entered the room as if i was the one thing she hadn’t expected to see the candle flames fluttered in the chill breeze as she gestured me to the open seat across […]

naked (the koi)

i strip back so much i wonder at my own insubstantiality the breeze rustles through my ribcage making my dessicated lungs flutter like wooden chimes against my stillheart silt and dreamshards scattered in a rough approximation of where a fool once sat my skin spins on the breeze like trash on the side of the […]


goose feathers fill my stomach (pickled lies) sit fully formed behind {my maggot lips truffled denials in my [snout] nothing behind my \charcoal\ stare but simmering incompetence elephant ears frame acro-magnonbrow the incredible melting manroasted on the flames of living up to his actual potential as a stain on the carpet on the waiting room […]


i watched as he stumbled unsure what was happening it seemed he grappled with spirits beyond the scope of my reckoning then he fell his head striking the concrete his scalp cracking like an eggshell i watched the lines race over his face frozen in fear before the first piece of porcelain fell unleashing a […]


agitatedtoday easilyfrustrated start stopstutter thoughtsflightyas a caged bird i see the wordsbut the lossin translationcomes in the disconnectbetweenbrainheartandquill

the ceiling is heavy and i am tired

another feat of self medication in an effort to drown out the voices reminders of every failure every fallen tear down cheeks i only ever intended to kiss the light fragments off each slowly sliding droplet encapsulating the unintentional hurt torn through the pumice of passions extinguished another feat of pained dedication to the smiles […]

coffee in hell

it was the horn soundingthat finally took mefrom holding you closeback into the cold roomalone and dejected the battery half deadthe sound distortinginto a mocking squawksounding out through the quietstretched into anguish the pillow clutched closeno longer my lovejust a rapidly cooling reminderof the oblong natureas dream fades to reality no matter how i positioneven […]


eels in my chest wriggling unrestrained wreaking havoc on internal dismays a moray lurking behind ivory ribs drenched in decedent sin coiled around the wheezing poetic heart inscribed with every word she ever wrote in dream

reasons to avoid eye contact

the lone bee of winter sorrow sluggishly flies barely able to hover over the brown stalks of summer promise unfulfilled the air smells of rain that heavy ozone scent of impending storms it has been this way for days never quite letting loose the flood impending a sail boat on the gray waves buffeted by […]

two middle fingers aren’t nearly enough

four thousand five hundred darts thrown at a swaying board on the backside of a braying incontinent jackass at times i wonder at when the well will dry when thewindchimesthebirds thewildflowersthefool thedevilthemoonthecoffee thesquirrelsthevoid will just go silent will my madness eventually reach a point where it becomes indecipherable has it already i will write one […]


empty parking lots across the once bustling city nothing remains but stray fools spilling their guts across the broken pavement as plastic bags hover in silent judgment if i can find a way to tune the satellite array attached to my aorta i can beam this signal across the aether to find your perfect heart […]

(n)aked midnight

i dont have mucha kiltand a wilted chrysanthemuman open hearta tangled mindand the sunshinein her smile too many milestraveledthe scarsof a thousand fightshidden in hazeldisambiguationalong a pitch stained soul an ocean of wordsto drown youthe center pedestalin a pantheonto worshipin raptureon bended knee i dont have mucha couple pairs of vansanxietyan open minda poet’s heartand […]


achilles’s tendonis that historyforgetshis lover patroclusso impressedby his battle prowessand being dippedin the river styxthey ignore the heartof his tragic tale


swaying with a simian gaitthe pockmarked yellow orangutanpulls itself over the eastern skyto clamber uproariouslyover the incidental frictionssparking in incessant moonlustallegorically acrossthe impudent sadnessencroaching on pentacular fieldsof viridescent vitriol ransack the outhousesdressed in rustic business attirestrutting idiotically a studwith swollen blackened testiclescocksure yet insolently shallowstrike down the bloodlust inthe nascent dreamslurryripened with irrigated trauma passed […]


the breakdown begins at the atomic level the nucleic fabric unravels a random surge of quarks spinning off into the absence between rationalities treading the edge of self destruction as seen from the vantage of the incredible molecular catastrophe wrapped in parchment skin penning the most pedantic odes in a solemn plea to the entropy […]


if blood is thicker than water and i have kerosene in my veins rushing towards the embers floating around my steam powered heart making me nothing but a knee-jerk reactionary in the garb of foolish incomprehensibilities half as clever as he is loveable which leaves him a fraction of the nothing swelling inside waiting for […]

brown broken in hazel dismay

i see the silent call for help in the deep brown eyes of childhood fear the madness fractured his eyes into greens and yellow as the innocence was taken with every lash in every incumbent sorrow cast


i had finally found a position, head just so, body angled, foot tapping along with the stabbing in my skull, my body tuned to the exact shape needed to lessen the agony that sweeps in waves with every accidental breath too heavy or impatient blink of the eye if i believed it would help i […]

mortuary blues

parked next tothe cemeterywhere the dead leavesswirlpoltergeistsmoaning throughthe rusted iron fenceas the chill of winterthe touch of the graveand the lingeringscent of formaldehydeplaysa subtle tuneover my fleshcutting throughmy clothesto curl aroundmy indecent sins the sun isa wan reflectionof itselfas if shining withthe captured raysreflectedby the moonredirected in itsabsent malaiseas the sparrows songmocksthe squeaking wheelsof the […]

means to an ending

he returned to the pawn shop five days in a row he never spoke just stood at the counter staring down at the rings the silence stabbed at his ache on the sixth day he simply pointed at the silver band with a demure diamond chip and six feet of rope coiled above the door […]


i am coiledwoundtighter and tighteras the brass gearsin my mindkeep turningone clickat a timemy heart isbeating outsideof my chest the thoughtsturnwith the gearstarnishingthe brassuntil everydarknessfeels magnifiedi cannotfind my centeri cannotfind my calm i am atime bomband the timeris counting downand i needsomeoneto cutthe red wirebefore iexplode

self inscribed cosmos

he would run his fingers along the trackmarks on her arm, ignoring the scars of addiction, lost in the hidden design, forming new constellations on her pale night sky sketching daydreams upon her countenance of self inscribed cosmos she was floating in the warm waves, awash with pollutants that beguiled the insolence in every weighted […]

leathery flutters

in dream, the waxy rivulets merrily run down the candle; a tiny flame, expected only to illuminate these remains; lost in the velvet darkness a wicked soul is smoldering; hushed cries settle, silent fluttering of leathery wing. i search for you in these winding corridors bathed by the wasteland slowly simmering beneath my pulse every […]

mood ring eyes

she always knewwithin momentswhat i was feelingeven thoughi neverspoke the wordsaloudshe would walk overand put her handto my cheekwhile staring deepinto my eyesbefore knowingexactlywhether to meltinto my armsor furiouslypress her lipsto mineone leadingto the othernine timesout of tenbut it wasthe knowingof whichto lead withthat alwaysamazed me onceafter we hadfinishedwhat our lipshad startedi asked herhow she […]


carve your passion along my tender ache so the world can see that i am yours sink your teeth into my surrender as my fingers find every nuance in your inferno until my blackened hands have cleansed you of every sinful thought in the perdition of my all consuming desire to be drowned in your […]


the ugly words reflect the author the beautiful words showcase the muse the sorrow shows the past while the uncertain hints at the future with every i love you i fear i poison the pot a lifetime of reminders that i never seem to be quite enough emotionally absent while silently screaming the words that […]


juniper berriesdeep blue againstthe ivory driftseach flakereflectsredirectsrefractsthe lightbuilding froma single beaminto anunfettered blindnessthat encapsulatesthe scenein pure whitenothing the juniper bushripe with berriesa snow ladenevergreen againstthe backgroundof blurredmisconceptionthe sparrowshop atopthe virgin snowuncaringthat the bountywas never fortheir greedy beaksyet imagining every sweetis theirs alone

curled up in a hell all of my own

soft motesof sorrowtwinklein the abeyancebetweentrue and false the puppybarksat every noisein the hopesthe masterhas cometo free itfrom the kennel there isan analogytherebut the tasteof amber burningon my tonguehas my mindin another placemy tonguedoingother things lost inthe pavlovian dystopiawe happily plantnever seeingthe bulbsare upside down maybe the coldhas mefeelingphilosophicalor maybethis feelingin my chestthat singsfor the chairto […]

darkness leading me to you

trapped in this four wall apartment lingering scents of her phantom perfume i lay in bed as the rains come down keeping the sky aloft with the tears that drown out the world sylvia and hank red faced screaming to wake me from this shattered dreamthistle as i never really figured out what this whole […]

the afterglow of everything falling apart

the pinatas are filled with maggots suckling on the unwrapped sweets tucked into papermache mementos the cards are filled with ink scratched reminders from another time when heroes and viilains were easily deciphered these faded photos bring back the memories when dreams were within reach and happily was ever after electrified desserts course along the […]

a venn diagram living in the overlay of hopeless and romantic

there is nospecific momentthat i canrecallwith any sort ofclaritywhen i becamea secondary characterin the storyof my own life at some pointthe wordsbecame the focusas i fell fartherfrom the stage lightsuntil i woke upand didn’t recognizethe collection of flawsstaring backuncomprehendingly now as istumble blindlysearching forthose thingsthe former occupantof this scarred massof ugly indignation soughtup to the […]

m is as empty as the poet

a misconception missed connections a misinterpretation in this misery of missing her misconstrued misremembered this misanthropic malady of misgiving misread in the meandering misuse of my misunderstood myopia igetlostintheundercurrents drowninginsyntax inpurposefulmistakes madebyaccidentaltruth it’scoldmyteethchatter asinconsequentialsfall

looking for you

i couldn’t figure out why i always felt a disconnect to the world around me until i found her and it all became clear my body is right here in texas my mind is lost in the words and my heart is beating two hours behind in west coast time while my eyes keep looking […]

in the quiet

in the quiet i can feel them course through my blood demons whispering soft lullabies i can hear her voice feel the crack across the supple skin of innocence in the quiet i can feel them writhe around my brain stem luxuriating in subtle despairs murmuring hatred into the lost waves of ego supplicating id […]


i hear the chorus sing your praises but no matter how beautiful the words we both know it is my words that constrict your lovely little scar shaped heart every tragedy written line by line down the yellowed papyrus of my soul spells a certain doom as yet untasted so savor the sweet songs they […]

hell is reflected in every shimmer of pain

the factories along the highway manufacturing clouds that billow over the grimy cityscape angry faces scowl trapped in single file morose lines of rumbling vehicles spitting noxious vapors horns gleaming in the dull red glow of rivers of lava as the skies open to let the tears of the damned smudge the filth of heartashes […]


i woke in the middle of the night to see the wispy image of a woman staring down at me from the ceiling her features were familiar her eyes rained pure hatred in waves that seemed to contort ferally as she whispered my every failing into the solemn dark the rust dried, a trail running […]

we all die alone, some of us just live that way as well

under the woeful stare of the bastard moon beneath malignancy in cratered tombs gray dust compacted ashes of fools that dared dream the incompetent wretches staring at the moon staring at them a degenerate pugilism in the blank faced denial in another world another place they would be launched into the vacuous arms stitched to […]

privacy fence

the privacy fence around my heart is not just to keep myself and those i love protected but to prevent the accidental affections from crushing each of us under the weight of false adorations frequently i cut myself on the jagged shards that once formed a real person now nothing but a collection of scars […]


every second she shares is a gift to be savored not a trifle to be squandered in the hours they become love means not being taken for granted but understanding that out of billions of souls two lights responded in harmony and that’s awfully fucking special