leathery flutters

in dream, the waxy rivulets
merrily run down the candle;
a tiny flame, expected only
to illuminate these remains;
lost in the velvet darkness
a wicked soul is smoldering;
hushed cries settle, silent
fluttering of leathery wing.

i search for you
in these winding
corridors bathed
by the wasteland
slowly simmering
beneath my pulse

every time the phone
rings, my quiet plea
it is you calling to
finally save me from
this hell, inside me
that craves only you

in dream, the water drips
an ominous tone; along my
secret heartspasm, in the
echo chamber of soulflood
a sanctum in vacant dream
where her lovely soulfire
shines my way vanquishing
the leathery wing flutter

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