a fever dream in divine distaste

the sky is an off putting shade of gray with an unseemly reddish tint squirming static ridden fly larva writhing across an ocean of shit a malignancy of stuttered aches smothering down the out of time clanging chimes sound morosely the sputtering circling planes the skies are infected with disdain oozing down the wrinkled cheek […]

the vain and the arrogant

the vain and the arrogant parade about preening their feathers in a tragic display puffed up on self importance they blather constantly trying to sell a bill of goods that does not exist a fallible armor magnifying flaws thinking them hidden while lost in their own reflection believing themselves impervious tissue paper egos soaked through […]

quantum ejeculate

my belt encircles my waist a wasted attempt in mobius entanglement i waste away a sodden mess of flaccid aspirations left to twist in the cyclical winds blowing over the chasm of atomic discombobulations there is a black hole in the the center of my mass exodus hungrily spinning just beneath the sparrow in a […]


i lose sight to the idea that not only am i the pilot of this flesh vessel but also an unwilling prisoner trapped in this temple dedicated to a slow degradation locked in a dome a faery tale prince at the top of the tower encased in a prison of ivory bone unable to see […]

coaldust reveries

swimming perilously through disharmonics an incessant insistence in precipitous streams of filthy unconsciousness a coating of grime in every nook and crevice an oil slick glimmering inverted rainbows over stagnant pools of dream i am balanced on the edge of incoherence longing to fall downdowndown the swirling drain alpha numerics algebraic in tone a surge […]

helplessness in the key of exhaustion

he was a train of snot and vomit as i stood just outside my stomach clenched with every heave a glass of water ready along with paper towels as he threw up everything he has ever eaten snatching at the dreamlessness of momentary fits in almost sleeping hopeless in a cycle of helpless need each […]


it has become impossible to differentiate the mimics from the actual human beings gray people watching taking detailed notes copying emotion bland facsimiles background static in skin suits infiltrating circles of trust their muscles contort beneath plastic flesh a cold gleam of malicious intent blurred visages when witnessed from the corners of disbelieving eyes i […]

287 south

every other car is a cop car black and white red coupe black and white silver sedan blacl and white tell me you can see this too the universe is spawning cop cars at an alarming rate i can’t be the only one to notice an infection of reflective tape light bars angry scowls staring […]

6060 n central

a string a sequence of identical brunettes strolling bright cherubic smiles underneath pretty brown eyes nodding as i loop the floor the phone ringing no ine answering a series of identical office with no signs at all there is a stark fear inherent in manic shifts where sudden dissociation fracturing ny mind the headache pulses […]

1920 mckinney

i feel like a rabbit going from burrow to burrow ducking into the light momentarily shocked by my own shadow before driving into the next parking garage it may be the chemicals in my brain drifting in and out of functionality but it feels as if the sky is falling down as i await the […]

cardboard cityscape

the sunlight plays across the pollution giving the city a surrealistic cardboard facade as the steel and glass goes two dimensional in the dissociative herds crawling through the cold the failing organs of the cityscape reduced to a background where turmoil battles heartache one car length at a time down the clogged arteries of millions […]


an archetypicalmaniacally depressivesuicidal softlyserenading thedusky skies alone lamenting the lackof coffee, hope, and dreamkilling timeas well as all the thingshe clutches too tightlyto his aching chest we all make an impacteven if it is onlya six foot holeamong the other lost soulsin an ashen decline

the foolish chickens

i was sitting alone under dismal skies in a parking lot on hold with a church in a perpetual loop trying to reach someone but every option brought me back to the beginning again until i hit inquiries for donation and suddenly as if the clouds parted the phone rang i didn’t busy myself with […]

quicksilver lament

dip me headfirst into a vat of quicksilver let the liquid seep into my pores the cold fingers bond to receptors madness in sublime metallurgy buffering my synaptic flaws in mercurial reflections mirroring all these supple miseries defying basic newtonian law submerge my shivering flesh in silvered demise a puckered insanity in ripples of frantic […]

quiet mourning contemplating fallacy

when we are children we see adults as mountains standing tall against the mysteries of life we cannot quite comprehend yet as we age we discover the effects of the elemental state as entropy affects these implacable giants the weather worn guardians granite complexions slowly fading as they begin to hunch over the weight of […]


i tried to write a grocery list but even then the words failed me i sputter disconnected couldn’t find myself in the static settled on coffee and waited patient as a spider in a web for the words to come they never did some days i dip into the pool poetica other days i drown

wobbly cuts

wobbly cuts a three foot saw bowing in the center jaggedly tearing its way through cartilage and bone inexorably slow rusted teeth caught in strands of sinew as i lay fully awake in the magician’s box before an adoring crowd bloodthirsty for more as the assistant’s smile blankly trying not to show the exertion in […]


i place my lips upon the acorns breathing a prayer of love before burying each into the soil as the ground swells a forest of dedications sprouts a sea of green patiently waiting for the sun to rise running my hands along the rough bark each knotted whorl an oath of adoration reaching towards the […]

of coyotes and fools

the goddamned dog trumpets incessantly three piercing yips on loop for hours on end it gets to the point when it stops all i sense is something missing then as if i woke the slumbering little ankle biting yipping bastard it begins again trying to quell this seemingly endless cycle of clusterbombs fireworks flashing behind […]


we are nearly the exact same carrying millennia of broken code creating a false sense of self bits of static longing for the embrace of the hive we have scattered so far away from fireflies glowing desperately trying to attract a similar pulsation to vibrate through our incidental existences so we can feel as if […]


cluttered table, half drawn sketches, graphite dust, eraser shavings, coffee rings gleam in the nascent dawn among the assorted half emptied bottles of pills with white caps askew the dishwasher plays an ambient death knell, recreating the womb in frigid disdain a lone cockroach darts through the darkness, antennae twitching, slowly starving to death with […]

another one about dying

the chill air swirling lethargically through the living room biting at my nose coalescing around my hands as i shakily ponder another useless string of words it isn’t the incessant pain that kills you i remarked, grinning ruefully it is the goddamned living the seemingly bottomles font we sip from uncaring until we eventually drain […]

black cat

black kitty stalks up to my car moving with a sinuous grace along to the best of dope lemon as i watch curiously it watches me as i watch it the gleaming white spot in the field of deep onyx fur we sit locked in a battle of uncertainty i half expect it to race […]

an unending surplus of clustered pains

standing solemn at the brink of dissolution a forfeiture of hope in a flurry of tear stained sheets ripped carelessly from dream journals death by a thousand paper cuts flaying tender flesh from ligament red smears and broken bone a callous callus on the edge of certain self destructions the rigors of virtue sandblasting serenity […]

a venn diagram

old man hank was a womanizer a drunkard a gambler and a poet i am a loose collection of semi-literate emotional redundancies a faulty motherboard on a nuclear missile and baby, i am ready to blow hank made art dirty and real i make good people feel as terrible as i do and your girl […]

bukkake muckbang

vibrating in time with sodden fluctuations in the displaced spaces between incoherent rationalities strained beauty interlaced with thrumming disgust a bukkake muckbang projected on slient loop in black and white against a field of blood red poppies a random solar flare igniting greenhouse gases low in the atmosphere black blood in the silver moonlight playing […]

lazy days locked in longing

a discordant cloud of frantic sparrows blots the fiery skies as sol glares in petulance disseminating daydream in a dissolution of sanctimonious disdain a flurry of impossible hues dappled along the straining chest of winsome imaginings lost in the fluttering wings where cautious wonder bleeds a sorrowful malignancy a schismatic solitude where sing-song subterfuge in […]


i bleedinvisible spraysmaking it sowhen i spill outmy heart intothe aetherit remainswillfullyignored by the world i writemy best linesin invisible inknever questioninghow all of thestrained effortgoes unnoticedamong the avalancheof talented souls a deaf mutewishing to beblinded as wellincapable of anyoutside stimulito quench the knowledgeof everythingi will never havefrom floatingin front of my eyesto become invisiblenot […]


barely intelligible rancidity in pedantic prose a wrinkled old man needing validation insecurities on full display simply seeking reactions all while he flails desperately unable to see the caustic failures keeping him alone ignorant to his own narcissistic tendencies growing out of control pretending to be anything but a human stain tainting the world as […]

a rebuttal to a contradiction

it is easy to get lulled into a stupor with the confidence Camus oozes even as he contradicts himself. he makes you believe every word to be indisputable while extolling the virtues of contradiction. look too closely and the snake oil salesman leers back through the print. but isn’t that the point in absurdism? to […]

elegaic, she passes

there was a directdialectical elegancein her effortlesselegaic decadencethat even the leavesrustled mournfullyin the wake of hermalicious passing sharp and angularan albino jungle catin perilously high heelsblank ferocity blurredwith utter mortal disdainin her cold flat starea sharp chill sweptin her ling dark shadow oh, sweet mistress deathcontemptuous vixenstrutting vacuouslyin streams of ebon silkdevoid of empathy forthe […]


if i could find the words to explain what a single thought of you does to my heart i would never need to scribble another poem again but capturing this groundswell of devotion is as impossible as describing the sunrise to a weary mole some emotions are best kept fluttering in my ribcage far from […]

nothing poetic this morning

i woke hollow knowing definitions but misunderstanding the jumble of letters an aching gap where beauty rested lost in the tumble of broken sleep i sit on the couch as the sky lightens languidly searching casting frayed nets into an ocean of ugliness seeking plastic bits of beauty bobbing on the placid waters uncertain as […]

a blizzard of razored petals

the past is a rose bush as seen from a rolling hill beneath clear skies on a summer afternoon a gentle breeze dandelion dander dancing in ticklish tufts as you admire the crimson buds the faint sweet scent plays softly with every deep inhalation it is upon closer inspection that we find the thorns gleaming […]

st paul and elm

row upon row identical black hoodies they stand bouncing on their heels their breath forming cumulous above unshaven faces every car is white on the roads in the garages a sea of white cars a mass of black hoodies snarling mouths mistrustful eyes the sparrows dart brown streaks moving from branch to branch as the […]

statues of dirty angels

tangential crossings an inception of insurrection in intersecting onset inertias send fissures racing down the supple spine of scoliosis sentimentalities all while the oroboros mindlessly eats itself into an eternity of enlongated angst it looks as if it could snow as i sit staring at the cemetery with filthy angels watching over the broken teeth […]

frozen immolations

a swelling of moonbeam melancholia drenching the still frigidity in a swarm of pinprick denials demure in maleficence impregnating the permafrost with desperate tendrils grasping the tattered edge of heartshatter soliloquies i sputter through chattering teeth these half frozen lines icicles jagged and obscene to stab into the true form of beauty ravaging innocence a […]


there are no answers when sorrows fill the night an intensity of longing left undisturbed as the universe hides itself behind the steely clouds just the emptiness within scratching tender miseries a cursive scrawl carved deep into the corpse of wonder in swirls and loops etching undefinable acts of heartache there are no answers to […]

commerce east to downtown

the cop has his hand resting on his pistol as he asks for license and registration it feels gratuitous as i watch from between clear rainbows as the wipers sway to human cannonball i wonder if today is the day a stray slug does what i am too stubborn to do myself hating the excitement […]


broken glass glitters on the side of the road diamonds spread to commemorate careless collisions ribbons sway from the wooden cross planted sadly in the brown grass a memorial to the fleeting seconds separating the sorrows above from the sorrows below on the seventh day god rested put her phone on silent and lounged far […]

we sit

she watches me i feel her eyes run along my flesh as i sit silent reading another impossible tale of absurdity in argentinian prose there is no coffee no food in the pantries just dried out husks the sound of acidic churning rumbling through the dying night we sit alone together as the sirens sing […]

cyclical psychosis

the days are fits and starts broken words fall from maggoty lips a concoction of failed convictions laid bare along the blurred delusions of a city going by too fast spinning in place the evenings succumb to stillness fevered wishes in hushed apparel a fashion show of sundered reticence bedazzled in rhinestones of hope catch […]


the wind chimes are all that break the silence clanging metal phalanges trying to catch the playful wind i long to tear them down to let the piteous jumble fall to the leaf strewn ground as i relish in the heavy quiet yet i know they are my only connection to the world outside missives […]


thinking feels like pulling a rickety old rake through loose gravel but the tines bend over the stones doing nothing in repetitive motions to the surprise of none settling into a quicksand retirement sinking low beneath the sludge waiting for the dark to swallow the light as bands of agonies seize sensually until everything is […]

of bells and pennies

neon pink alight upon a bed of cerulean silk stretching across the eastern sky a penny weatherworn dulled and flat glaring up from the sidewalk no face no markings a slug of copper useless forgotten tired feet dragging over broken roads a penumbra of exhaustion grips tightly to a sullen scene too little coached as […]

lunar longing

i have to resist the urge to peel the sticker of the moon from the brightening sky of mourning to run my fingernail around the edge and extract the perfect sphere of sallow sun’s reflection to place it whole upon my ceiling holding the tides hostage between moments of my broken sleep to awaken in […]

what doesn’t kill us, lingers

lavender blossoms incite resplendence in wilted remorse heavy blooms hang along turbulent schisms carving tender flesh from marrow leaking hollow boned denials lost in dysmorphia myopic heartshatter in glittering hail a rusted switchblade in aortic trembling an intrusion of terror as kiss shaped scars pulsate sultry reminders relating to a sorrowful relapse while lavender bursts […]

decadent angels

we sit together in our loneliness penning letters to the disenfranchised the lost lovers the sorrowful souls that feel the silence hanging between ticks as the second hand stutters in place the broken howl of a choir of decadent angels in bondage gear with chromium halos leather studded wings and flaming sex toys brandished against […]

brittle coral

a brief flash in plasticized reality a ribbon of emotion in a world of false reactionary events threads the needle between vulgar sobriety and inebriated wonder as the salt swollen boards shift dynamically beneath bare feet a thunder blizzard over a dead patch a plastic flotilla rocking over brittle coral a graveyard of dream each […]

blue (color of delusion)

amidst the humorless prose the hallmark verses around lines stolen from the poets he clearly stalks lies the tragedy of a midlife crisis that took away the wife he found no value in the children left better off without a father’s lies the pathetic heart of a failed accountant incapable of any meaningfulness leaving a […]


i attach meaning to the random song of the windchimes and the rustle of fallen leaves dragging across the causeway just outside finding hidden portents omens in the silvery diffusion in starbursts through the glass and the chatter of the spoon against the coffee mug as i tremble lethargically in the silent cold alone what […]

tonal in tune with the apathetic moon

seventy five degrees under gray skies that promise the forty degree shift expected to happen any moment now times like this make me wonder if god or gaea or whomever fucked up a perfectly fine void with the worst punchline ever conceived is just as bipolar as me maybe i am perfection in shattered repose […]

talons and dander

i can feel the talons gripping hard around my flailing heart i want to fight to silence the voice seductively whispering saline sorrows i am weak collapsing inward as the waves batter me with incessant static happiness is back masked along the ridge of scars crisscrossing my itching stumps silver bells coated in dripping pitch […]

amateur geologist

he was an amateur geologist seeking reserves of gemstones hiding in the randomness of strata comprising the gravel where hope once blossomed in spectacular geodes untouched by the light of day his heart packed in pumice jagged fissures from tectonic dismay erupting magma seering passions the immense pressures forming diamonds fron internal distresses an amateur […]


worn shoes sitting placid the holes in the soles of a souless wonderment leaking muddy water to soak through threadbare socks squishing down broken sidewalks seeking sanctity in solemn culpabilities a trail of sodden footprints leading farther from the hallowed halls of hollow homesteads long reclaimed by the unnatural nurturings of matronly nature in vapid […]

six hours

i did not expect to fall so fully into dreamless sleep after days of chiseling mere seconds from the long silent nights my typical routine is to lay awake for hours dipping my cerebellum into the shallow end of sleep only for my mind to drag me screaming back to an awake world of exhausting […]


sometimes dreams are just that we wake they fade away eventually all that remains is a feeling something has gone missing we can’t quite point a finger at what it is just feel this loss where something once was it’s why i am so consumed with dreams the best parts of me seem to die […]

a modern day achilles

perhaps the issues i face are simply a facet of how i have been dipped dangled as an infant by the ankle a modern day achilles yet instead of the sluggish waters of the styx granting me nigh invulnerability it was a dip into a vat of mercurial two way glass cursing me to see […]

a glandular failing

carve my blackened tongue from this mouth of ill intent before it cuts across your pretty soul an infection in unfettered adoration gone gangrenous these bile soaked verses of acrid dejection splat wetly on the dirty sidewalk as my heart wheezes vapidly with every dart that pierces dream of insomniac despair pluck these pineal longings […]

drowning: chapter forever

lost in another over busy morning, where all i can seem to do is chase heartaches down the crowded one ways winding through downtown dallas a pained smile pinned carelessly to my scruffy cheeks as the cowbirds circle and a fool longs for the icy waves of forever to drown these various spoiled thoughts as […]

dreamless oblivions

fingers twitch tapping the table a nervous tune of discordant notes flitting anxieties into the hungry maw of silent mornings hanging heavily as sirens wail out in the distance after having lived off of coffee and the boiling nothingness collapsing my guts for far too long the sound of percolation turns my burgeoning hunger into […]

fuzzy lines in atomic turmoil

ny view is a distortion of fuzzy lines under an awkward prepubescent dawn fillied with undefined meanings in a storm bitter, yet beguiling as i squint to find my focus as the coffee steams my lenses these days begin with an accrual of past due notices angry red lettering stamped menacingly on every sheet flaccidly […]

you can’t make me do a goddamned thing

i don’t feellike writingit is cold in here, seems as ifcrystalstwinkle suspendeda thousand flecksbeckoningin the eerie glow of the television i amhungrya bit tired from the headache thatflogged me awakeindifferentto the idea of writinginstead i shall curl upin a pajamaed ballreading asryo plays low in the back a thousand thousandi love yousin serene fractalscrystalize upon […]

faux doors (no exits)

i watch him he acts very nearly convincingly almost human homo sapien adjacent until you see that there is nothing inside but his need to control spouting off semi-poetic nonsense while desperately seeking any interaction he needs to be recognized for his staggering (lack of) genius as he seeks his newest victim he is a […]


i bathe in the (chalkdust)showers underneath the wan (dejection)reflection of the midday moon sloshing awkwardly across the warped boards swollen with unshedtearsoflonging exsanguinate this vapid darkness from collapsing vanity circumnavigate potential obscurities in (saline)dreamshivers until all that remains is (chalkdust)choking the tallow rejection inherit in the midday moon

feeling my own ugliness bloom

a perseverance in bleach fumes scrubbing until raw flesh sloughs to the floor open sores burn as disinfectants eradicate disillusion leaving a trail of tear shaped red to stain the otherwise immaculate halls of misery a human blight corrupting the sanctity of this frozen hell a vegetable laying on a vestibule of best intended sins […]


i am unable to differentiate this dark morning from the hundreds of mirrored days where i sit combing through the night prior seeing the same pleas gone unanswered being a god must be the same as a bird you create then push the spawn from the nest the ones that do not slam into the […]

eyes closed, heart racing

in dreamstasis an eliptical contusion dressed in optical delusion sending shimmering effervescence to shiver upside down into inverted conical receptors stigmatically bonding fully upon defective opioid deceptions to traipse along this pervading cardiac nervousness when i close my eyes and picture you my brain is flooded my mouth goes dry and my heart palpatates leaving […]


i tremble as i fall into the abyss undulating in my chest snapping back dissolving only to reform a lesser shade of myself until i am as indistinct as a propeller circling in a disarming illusion of solidity in separated malignancies


leaving fingerprints in fresh paint smears from decorating this new paper maché mask already soaked through with frustrated tears as the universe mocks my every attempt at heartfelt sincerity i drift alone on the currents of the river styx another lost soul bobbing on the brackish waves can anyone hear me as i bemoan existing […]

three notes (one suicide)

the bird is stuck looping three notes i cannot tell if i am trapped in a temporal anomaly which would explain more than a few of the conundrums dusted in doldrums making every day feel roughly and inexplicably the fucking same or if it is an alarm a last ditch measure to warn me of […]

dreamkissed turmoils

the gravel slides as the ground shudders sluggishly an impending avalanche shifting into a full sprint to coat everything in shards of shattered serenity i stand with an umbrella infective against tumbling stones squinting at the sun bleeding through the coalescing gray seeking salvation in the impending burial shroud embroidered with cursive calamities side stepping […]


she sits on the onyx heart of forever with blasphemy trailing gently behind her a sorrowful smile haunts the scene before her afterimage fades away i am nothing but a splinter wedged in her dreamchasm a slow flowing crimson running down her perfect smile a demon perched upon her shoulder whispering madness into her ear […]

radial dissonance

a slowdance at the edge of anxietal bliss arms wrapped gently around dreamwisp demise as the symphony of agonies plays a dirgeful lament low humming chords vibrating in sullen disbeliefs a shower of skinflake disdain falling from the shaking jowls of stagnant divinity in the static of irradiated sins whispered screams bounce ineffectually on the […]

ebony depths

bubbles warble in the rigidity of soundlessness permeating these vast ebony depths a jellyfish alight with bioluminescent tentacles hangs motionless a lantern entangled with writhing fish a dream of mermaids with black eyes and shark tooth smiles long hair waving kelp in the perpetual flowing currents sprays of black blood drawing in predators as bubbles […]

bloodied and sore

i am intimately in tune with my cycles oscillating between included and insubstantial and i went quite a long time without shifting back and forth until the last epic spiral that lasted months and now i feel the sullen pull once more my knuckles carry the scars of the war i wage daily and every […]

driftwood satellite

he was a satellite knocked off course by computational errors sending him spiralling deeper into the dark as he desperately tries to reestablish a connection he had never severed only receiving pieces of garbled signals as he found himself transitioning from a world he had been so happily a part of to unceremoniously now being […]


as i drove a million ideas percolated through the swiss cheese in my skull i whispered to the lone hawks and the various murders of crows even one poor cold horse standing miserably in a woolen coat munching on hay in a metal rack her breath in an anxious cloud as she listened to me […]

a rusted train carrying frozen bulbs

haunted throughout the night dreaming of flowers blooming beneath the ice waking only to smell the pollen floating in my mind tossing and turning unable to find a moment of rest numb fingers from digging deeper trying to bring the blossoms out of the inescapable tortured hellscape of ice to thrive in the light where […]

the more things change, the more i fade away

when i was a kid i would sit outside on a big rock and watch for my father to come home after a long day at work i knew the sound of the rusted exhaust on the old green hornet sitting peacefully listening for the rumble of his approach i talk a lot likely too […]

stephenville blues

there is a layer of pure dysfunction permeating every aspect of this day a disconnect between common and sense leaving a parade of jackasses baying at the midday moon chalkdust soliloquies where angels cavort drunkenly in silence as i try on different funeral shrouds dancing awkwardly on the cold asphalt running through this ghost town […]


fanning the flames in the cold hearth where the dormant embers of hope once burned with violet tongues of flickering fiery dreamshit serenades to those desperate lovers clinging to abstract visions of civility the crumbs of desire once heaping spoonfuls now just a trail of listless dander self consumed comets blistering the emptiness of spatial […]

hell awaits every sleepy dreamer

i woke an ugly pheonix rising from the ashes of all the bridges burnt to survey the salted fields where happiness cannot take root less magical creature more bat winged demonic hellspawn screeching another verse to the empty heavens feeling the fresh wounds from navigating clusters of dreamthistle reliving rebirth yet aware that there is […]

stories (left untold)

every cell screams for sleep except my neurons which thrive on anxiety and exhaustion little sleep hours on the road physical exertion all the ingredients for a night’s rest spoiled by a brain that insists on picking apart each atom of dismay leaving a cat’s cradle of depression tangled around my brain inhibiting my abilty […]


i can be oblivious while the ants in my brain collect all the scraps i seem to have missed a long drive in the middle of nowhere watching as the hawks circle the brown fields lets the kernels bloom in the forefront of my gelatinous goo clarifying all the hints into aching truth someone once […]

her’s (n)ow

try as you may yoy will never be able to forget the taste of my lips the feel of my fingers or my masterful tongue you will forever ne haunted by what you that slip away knowing every kiss belongs to her now that all the things you loved about me belong to someone else […]


can you feel my phantom heart as it resonates with yours through the long sleepless nights where i send my love across the ceiling pulsating with the twinkling stars to illuminate the skies can you hear my adulations of pure adoration the flutter of my phantom heart that beats just for you as the miles […]

panning for gold

the words are there just within reach but a tenebrae of sweet sadness keeps them elusively aloof a fast week where i managed to actually form a corporeal form and frolic as if i were a real boy for once no crushing silences or undue anxieties just a peaceful pace existing in time with the […]


i can see my breath hanging heavy with sighs and apologies vapor filled with warmth from my steam powered heart steadily pumping brackish sludge through failing organs breathing out these accumulated cumulus a tempest rising in frozen effigy icicles jutting from tear streaming eyes stalactites grown in statistical anomalies to pierce deep with every forlorn […]


i whisper my thoughts soft, under my breath let them swirl briefly before catching them in a small glass jar with holes punched in the lid to let them breathe as i slowly suffocate from all of the things i am lacking rows of jars filled to overflowing with all of the things no one […]

winking out

i woke up fractured the spiderwebbed surface of a frozen lake each tentative new thought breaking me into smaller stabbing shards floating over frigid depths an abyssal polar plunge into degenerative doom spirals as the wind chimes clang endlessly signalling a new ignoble ending a firefly orgy winking out one by one a steady strobe […]

striving for just enough

it must be just as terrible having everything as it is when you have nothing exchanging need for the torture of finding reasons to keep going the same way retirement leads to falling apart we need to need to have routine a purpose to fight off the entropy a perpetual motion machine sitting idle is […]

wildflowers in spring

a pervading sense of compression a lack of space between angry molecules an atomic bombardment a chain reaction confined within a bird bone prison a haunting melody of hammers crashing into a xylophonic cage of atrophied ribs mistimed notes hovering in a registry of anxietal moaning triggering fight of flight fancies to dampen every crotch […]

a calendar maker’s conspiracy

nothing seems to be any different the birds singing the same simple songs as the sun hides behind fluffy gray the trees still bare tufts of brown grass poke from barren soil the truck still sat idling outside my bedroom window just long enough to ensure sleep was a dead thing fecundate with sores from […]